This Is a Better Reason to Use a Travel Agent for Umrah Than Backpacker Umrah

Umrah is indeed more economical and flexible than the Hajj. because of that, this little Hajj is in great demand. In fact, the current trend is backpacker umrah more help . Backpacker Umrah is an independent Umrah without following a package from a travel agent, so pilgrims can organize things themselves more freely and efficiently. For example, the cost is far more economical. Even though it would be better if you use a travel agent with the package offered, one of them can be visited at

If you are one of those people who want to do Umrah backpacker, better consider the following consequences, who knows after this you will use a travel agent for the convenience of your worship:

– Consequences take longer
The consequence of backpacker Umrah trips is that the time needed is longer. Because the pilgrims do not go directly to Saudi Arabia but must transit in several countries even for hours. This is done in order to save on airline ticket costs.

– Visas that are not easily issued
The rigorous issuance of visas from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia makes some people then depart backpacker Umrah using educational or work visas. Even though there are some who can have an Umrah visa with assistance from travel.

– Affected by problems during Umrah
Nobody knows when problems arise right? While you are in the Holy Land, you can be hurt, or lose important documents. Then the help that you can expect becomes more minimal compared to Umrah through a travel agent.

– Lack of focus on worship
Because all backpacker umrah needs are done independently, meaning you really have to take care of yourself to the smallest thing. For those who are not experienced, certainly taking care of things like this will be difficult. Like taking care of lodging, tickets, and visas as mentioned above. The impact, if you are tired of bothering to take care of all that, worship can become less focused.