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HDPE and Polystyrene Include Two Types of Plastic that Can Be Recycled

During the construction project, the use of plastic is usually unavoidable. The dumpster rental party, one of which is dumpster rental Ashland KY often find plastic in a garbage disposal. One of the benefits of renting a dumpster is that we do not need to sort out which waste needs to be recycled and not. The rental party will sort it, then will recycle materials that can still be used again. This is why there are many construction or renovation projects that rent dumpsters, with the advantage of not having to worry about sorting out the garbage.

As is well known, plastic is known to be recyclable. This is because of its nature which is not easy to melt with the soil. But it turns out that there are only a few types that can be recycled, there are types of plastic that can be recycled:

High-Density Polyethylene or abbreviated as HDPE is the second type of plastic whose characteristics are original translucent and rigid. This type of plastic can be found in various chemical liquid, herbal, medicinal, milk, pesticide, fertilizer, oil, food ingredients, and other packaging products. This plastic is resistant to chemical properties, very hard, and not easily damaged when exposed to sunlight and extreme temperatures (both very hot and very cold). This plastic can be recycled and reused for health product packaging, buckets, pipes, pots, and other products.

– Polystyrene
Polystyrene has the characteristics of being cheap, lightweight, and easy to shape. This plastic is often used for various needs, such as soft drink bottles, egg cartons, food boxes, and wrapping materials that will be sent remotely. This plastic material is actually very dangerous when used for eating and drinking (styrofoam). Because PS contains Styrene which has a negative effect on the human brain and nervous system. This material can also trigger cancer and reproductive system disorders. PS recycling can be used for children’s toys, protective / safety foam, tables, and other products.