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Is Chiropractic dangerous?

“In chiropractic, there is the term ‘subluxation’, which is a condition in which there is a motion dysfunction in the joints when alignment or alignment, motion integrity, and physiological functions change, although there is still a complete relationship between the joints,” explained Dr. Anna Steven, who also studied chiropractic. As an easy illustration, there are joints that should make bones move in two directions, but they can only move in one direction. Or, when the joints allow the bone to bend up to 90 degrees, it turns out that it can only bend a little. On the other hand, check out the recommended chiropractor santa monica near your area.

In the state of subluxation, what we find is less optimal movement, so that the body’s system does not work optimally. “Manipulation is done if as indicated by the correct technique, it will be safe, effective and relieve pain and improve the biomechanical problems of the spine,” added Dr. Anna.

Kiropraction became more popular after the Palmer College of Chiropractic was founded in 1905. Although the public demand for this therapy was quite high, it was only in 1974 that it obtained official permission. In fact, in the 1950s-60s, it was not uncommon for a chiropractor to be imprisoned. However, along with the development of science, the collaboration between medical and chiropractic therapy has been found. In this case, chiropractic is a complementary treatment. “Chiropractic also began to be accepted by the wider community including medical, legal, and community because of its benefits,” said Dr. Anna. The interdisciplinary approach also brings chiropractic as part of the sports team, rehabilitation team, occupational therapy, and others.

Then when do we need chiropractic? “You could say, everyone who uses his body. Only, most people are just looking for help after the pain arises, “said Dr. Anna. Lumbago, aches, headaches, are common conditions that are effectively treated with chiropractic.

However, of course, you have to go through a physical examination and be confirmed by a checkup whether the problem is from the spine or not. “Manipulation must be done in areas that really need movement, not in areas that have moved a lot (hypermobile) or are not stable. “The habit of ringing joints, for example, includes moving joints that are already hypermobile,” explained Dr. Anna is at length.