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Know Some of These So Your Backup Key Is Not Easily Damaged

As one valuable item, the house key must be stored properly so it is not easily lost. There are already many cases where the keys are lost or even damaged and you cannot go out or enter your own house. This is what makes the presence of locksmiths247 very much needed to help all those who experience this event. So, surely your home key is in a good condition so you can always use it.

Another thing you also need to know is there are backup keys. The backup key is really needed when the primary key is lost. However, how will the backup key be lost or damaged? That will be very difficult for you. The following are some of the things you need to know so that the backup key is not easily damaged and you cannot use it again.

1. For one key not to be confused with another key, give a name to each keychain, (for example the living room key, the kitchen key, the key to the room). In this way, it is hoped that we will not mistakenly put the key into the keyhole.

2. Give a key to each medium-sized key for ease of use, do not use a keychain that is too large because it will make it difficult when it will be stored in the pocket of clothes.

3. Do not force the key that is difficult to spin when used to open or close the door because it will result in the lock key can even result in a broken key. If the door is difficult to lock or open the door then try to move the door up or down by lifting and lowering the door leaf while turning the key, generally this event is caused by changes in the shape of the door to slightly curved due to weather which results in improper location of the hole in door frame with locking eyes on the door.