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Constant State Of Fear I Cant Explain... Please Help

Ok, Im currently 19 years old, and have been having major fear/anxiety for quite some time. The major problem is, I cant even explain my symptoms. But here are some examples : I have a great fear of talking to people and keeping eye contact, I constantly must look away in what seems constant natural irritation? I constantly worry about little things, and cant seem to just sit and just be comfortable without an issue that bothers me...its basically a constant worry. Ive been to the doctor already for this issue, who only sent me to see a counselor, which did no help what so ever. I feel im rea

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Constant State Of Fear I Cant Explain... Please Help

This sounds like generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder.  Talk to your doc about SSRI's or SNRI's, like prozac, paxil, zoloft, effexor, lexapro, etc.  They help tremendously.  If you try one, and after a month don't feel better, you can try a different one, or a stronger dose.  They all have similar mechanisms, but each is just different enough, that some will work better for some people depending on brain chemistry.  I think this stuff should be in the drinking water, and many doctors agree.  Also, regular cardio exercise is very beneficial--regulates brain chemistry, as does a healthy diet with no refined sugars or carbs.  Switch to wheat pastas and breads (NOT the "enriched" ****--shop at health food stores).  Take a multivitamin, and a magnesium supplement (magnesium has been shown to help anxiety).  Also, take Omega 3 fish oil supplements.  Of course, check with a doc before doing all of this, but I am sure he/she will agree (you may want to try a new doctor--yours doesn't sound very knowledgeable about anxiety).  You will feel like a new person in 4 weeks, guaranteed.
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i need help!!!

Hi! I know what you're going through and I can totally sympathise - I was exactly the same as you when my anxiety first started.  I used to try and not think about it, but every time I was in a social situation, I would just sit there, all tense with my head down.  My fiance used to always ask me if I was ok (and of course, I said yes as I didn't want people to think I was mad or something!)  For me, it actually got so bad that I could barely hang out the washing in the back garden without feeling as if I would pass out or something bad would happen to me.  I even started taking days off work as I couldn't face the journey to work on the bus and I knew that as soon as I sat down at my desk, the feelings would just suddenly come!  I do know also that pregnancy can trigger anxiety and panic, so don't worry, you certainly aren't alone and I totally understand what you're going through! If you want to ask me anything, then please feel free to send me a PM. Shelley x
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Please help!!

Alright, stop smoking weed.  It's not helping.  And this could be related to hormonal changes whioch are normal at your age.  Try staying very busy so you don't think about it.  If that doesn't work, then go to your parents again to see a doctor.  Blessings - Blu
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please help

so sorry your going throught this, its very hard to deal with and so scarey, i have had many panic attacks and each one is just as scarey , its the unknown that scares us.   the pain in the arm can be from stress/anxiety but always safe to have it checked out if you have not. as you panic it will get worse i even thought i ws having heart attacks but 30 years later am still here and no heart attack as of yet. i had to take a pilll that would help me get over my attacks (ativan) it really helped me but when the next one came i was just as scared. i tried the ssri pills but i didnt like any of them , so i took ativan that would help me out for 6-8 hours, than i was on my own, i have not took anything in 3 years, i have also took klonopin its a great med to get you back on your feet and than come off as soon as you feel stronger . the fear will keep the attacks coming, i did same thing i would wait for the next one to happen so i made it much worse than it should been. but thats normal to be scared of the next one and i hated to go off scared it would happen while i was away from my home, i would not travel either because i thought i needed to be close to my dr in case. plz dont let it get that bad because if you give into it , it will take over your life, and can house bound you . so as they come try and work throught them. remember they will not kill you and have someone you can lean on that will be there for you no matter what time, that someone is my husband hes awesome and always there if i needed him. if you have not been to dr for this plz go, there is lots help out there dont suffer byself. always here if you need to talk . Barbara
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Newbie to Anxiety

I've had good results from intense excersize, accupressure, message, meditation, deep breathing excersizes, yoga/stretching etc. These ideas are all healthy for you and most are free, so try them out and see if they help. Good luck!
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Anxiety, OCD, intrusive thoughts..suggestions? Please help?

How often do you see your therapist? What do you do with your time each day?
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Whats wrong with me ?

Unwanted thoughts such as you describe are often a symptom of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Fear of contamination is a typical manifestation of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Here's a definition I found on the web: "OCD is a condition that is characterized by intrusive, unwanted, recurrent, and unpleasant thoughts (obsessions) that cause anxiety." OCD is a real medical disorder, and it can be treated with anti-depressant medication to reduce symptoms, and behavioral therapy. It was probably triggered by the stress you are under at the moment. I have a friend who developed OCD and is doing much better now. I hope you can call your doctor on Monday and get started with some treatment. Big hugs!
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so afraid that its cancer, please help..

Out of so many possible causes you think it's cancer. Try to think rationally. It could be nothing. Could be something mild. I know many people who had similar things and only one of them had cancer, and he got cured. Go see your doctor and stop worrying. PS. I myself have a lump I found on my arm, went to my doctor, he told me to watch if it is growing. It doesnt seem to be.
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