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Anxiety question

can anxiety make you itch and prickly all over, on and off all day long? Everyone says this is anxiety, and I don't know how to stop doing this to myself. I had so much blood work in the past 6 months everything comes back normal. Even exstensive blood work. I just had my thyroid tested again because it has always been enlarged, but that always comes back normal. I have all the symptoms of a thyroid disorder, but nothing. This prickly feeling comes and goes. I'll be good for a few weeks then its back for a few weeks. I am so ready to give up. I cry all the time because I am so scared t

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2 Questions

I Need help! by Jeroen Apr 01, 2009 02:42PM Tags: chest, heartbeat ____________________________ Jereon, as you can see, you asked these same questions about a week ago. I would suggest you go back and reread the advice that was given to you at that time. Since you are obviously STILL concerned, I believe the advice I gave you at that time is even more relevant today. Nobody on this forum is a cardiologist and none of us can tell you, FOR SURE, what is going on with your heart. You need to talk to your doctor! And FYI............if you want or need more advice or support, you only need to go to your original post, no matter what page it's on, write your question and repost. It will automatically go back to the top of the list. Peace Greenlydia  
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On Lexapro for sevevre anxiety.....question for ex anti depressant users..

in addition... i was on lamictal for a month which made everything worse.... although it was 25 mg i had hard time coping so doctor just took me off cold turkey and it was really ..really bad so currently im on lexapro but i am just really scared...
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A few questions about Anxiety

All three of your questions could be answered as yes. Stress is a major cause of anxiety and if it continues, so does the anxiety. If it keeps up perhaps you should talk to a doctor. They have ways to reduce anxiety that are very safe these days. Best wishes!
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non anxiety question, but could still use the help

I understand about some of the other forums not being as busy as this one. Since it's making your anxiety flare up why don't you see your primary care Dr about this? Would your insurance cover seeing him/her? You might want to try the mens health forum and even the sexual health forum. Hope this helps some. Take care. Remar
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Anxiety over Hiv positive person.

HIV CANNOT be transmitted casually, through a hand shake, hug, by sharing glasses or utensils....none of those ways. HIV requires a set of near perfect circumstances to allow for transmission, and it has to occur INSIDE the body, as in unprotected sex.  The only way a "blood to blood" exposure would pose a threat would be in the instance of iv drug users sharing needles.  This is because the blood of the infected person stays preserved inside the bore of the needle because it is not exposed to the elements...and then it is injected directly into  the blood stream. If you click on my profile, you'll see that I wrote a journal called "HIV The Facts"...I think reading that would be a good idea for you to help you better understand how the virus works. NO, you absolutely CANNOT get HIV from shaking an infected person's hand, even if there were cuts, abrasions, etc.  End of story.  You do NOT require any kind of testing based on a handshake.
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Antidepressants in General

i don't know what antideprssants work but i do know that citroplam dosen't work. so whatever you do don't use that one.
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couple questions for my fellow anxiety sufferers

Yes first of all STAY AWAY FROM GOOGLE!!! It is the worst thing for people like us. I actually had to uninstall the google tool bar so I wouldn't be tempted lol. As far as your symptoms, I haven't noticed any change in bowel movements with my anxiety..thats pretty much the only symptoms I don't have. But I'm sure others will tell you they do. Driving around, or doing anything for that matter gives me relief for the most part. When I was younger I use to take long drives to think and reflect, so it is only natural for that to be helpful to me now. (as long as it doesn't involve being stuck in traffic, cause thats a whole other story) And yes my anxiety in the beginning seemed to not be as bad at night. Now however, its just the opposite. Its different for everyone, and a long uphill battle. But you aren't alone. We are all floating in the same little boat with you. Good Luck Crystal
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Anxiety & Depression -- do they walk hand-in-hand?

For me, it does. I get depressed feelings  because I am never sure when my anxiety will come out. I think it is somewhat common to feel both.
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For People Who Got Over Anxiety, I Have a Question For You

I had anxiety for 10 yrs an I tried meds. but not long at all cuz it didnt help...Im anxiety free for 1 yr now an im doin great....Wat works for me is keepin myself busy an walkin everyday for 30 min. That helped me.... write down everythng is botherin u that helped me to....1 thng this anxiety forum they helped me out alot to...good support here....hope this help ...wish u luck
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Celexa Questions

Hi there, I'm no expert but my first advice would be to talk to your doctor.   Just to share a bit of info with you....i've been on Celexa 20mg since May/09.  I had been on them before and had weaned myself off because i hate beeing on meds. but within a few months my panic attacks would come back.  The last attack i had was the very worst of them all.  I had a little bit of stress for about 1 week and a few days later the panic attack was the end result of the stress i had went through.  I started shaking, feeling like i was going to stop breathing and die, my chest was pounding, couldn't eat, slept for almost 3 days straight.  My loving spouse would wake me up to have something to drink so that i wouldn't dehydrate and he'd stay by my side all the way (I'm so lucky to have him in my life).  When i saw my doctor i was put back on the Celexa and the first week was hell of course with all the side effects...but eventually it did some good and i feel much better now.  Like yourself I also have shortness of breath occasionally still but the pills do help control the attack from going out of control. I believe the shortness of breath stems from situations that i use to have major attacks in but now only experience one effect (the shortness of breath).  It's as though one place or situation triggers in my brain that i use to have attacks during those specific situations. Because of my last attack i've now decided to stay on the meds since they seem to work, until my doctor advises me to go off or switch to something else. So my advise is to talk to your doctor and see what you both can come up with...but in the end only you know what makes you feel better. Good luck.
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