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Dialted pupils?

anyone have dilated pupils that comes with their anxiety? im not taking any daily meds for anxiety, but i am on zofran as needed for nausea, and i am on a steriod pack (medrol) and im on the last day..... any ideas? anyone else get HUGE pupils with anxiety? just wondering cuz its scaring me a bit.... any input would be great! thanks!

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Mydriasis; Pupil dilated for examination by ophthalmologist: ... By blocking these receptors, the pupils are no longer capable of constriction and dilation results.
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Pupillary response is a ... from an involuntary reflex reaction to exposure or inexposure to light — in low light conditions a dilated pupil ... The pupils contract ...
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Dialted pupils?

Maybe your pharmacist can advise you until you see your doctor.
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Right pupil always more dialted than left, sometimes severe and blurry, dim vision left eye. Please help me i have no insurance.

I went to an ophthalmologist 2 weeks ago and he said both of my eyes were normal and my optic nerve didn't show anything abnormal as well.  Although when I went my left eyes vision was not dim or blurry.. I just saw flashes and sparkles.
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pupils different sizes, side effect from meds?

hey i had this about 5 yrs ago i was convinced it was a brain tumour even made the doc give me a brain scan i was that worried....the doc told me i was fine and i was lol its jus a thing people some people have pls don get in the standing in the mirror checking dilation zone, i do apologize cause i cant remember what the medical term for it was if i remember i`ll let u kknow
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cymbalta huge pupils-when does it go away?

Call your prescribing doctor ASAP, this is not normal.
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Dilated pupils.... Go away!!

Stop focusing....You're day 5... that's GREAT...
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My boyfriend says he has quit heroin

hello.  I'm not sure about the pupils dilating and staying that way for a week..lots of people here know more, its early though, so please be patient.  I do know that addicts are great liars and are good at hiding things.  Heroin is a very powerful drug, and not easy to just cold turkey off of.  He needs help with it.   Other people will reply.  Good luck to you!
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Unable to have MRI

The CT and MRI are different yes but often CTs are used as a first scan. CTs use radiation - more of a 3D x-ray and MRIs use magnets to get pictures. They use different contrasts as well. I have seen it where they want both as they show different things but I would not fret - unless the lesion is super small, it should show up fine in a CT. I get MRIs as my tumors are on the pituitary and those are tiny and do not show up well on the CT. But I have had many of both. I see a neuro-optho as well and I have a difference in my pupils at times - but 1mm is not considered significant. Depending on the location of your tumor, you may have to get visual field tests. That is important if they suspect a tumor - to see if it is pressing on the optic nerves at all. Keep us posted on the CT. Have you seen an ENT to rule out other causes?
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Dilated pupils from Lexapro 5mg

Serotonin syndrome is a very rare condition, and I don't think you'll find cases in people taking one antidepressant.  This happens, in the rare instances when it does, either in people who have a problem in their systems in handling serotonin, which antidepressants don't affect, they just affect how serotonin is used in the body, not how much is there, or in people who stupid doctors put on more than one antidepressant at a time or at too high of doses.  I wouldn't worry about this.
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Diffrent sized pupils from anxiety meds. Please Read and comment

Hello there, I don't know when you are saying ''eye doctor'' you mean neurologist but it is a neurologist that you must see to rule out any medical condition. Uneven pupil size (anisocoria) might also be related to stress and anxiety once you rule out any neurological issue. One reason might be that perceptual information from the eyes, ears, and rest of the body is sent to the right hemisphere therefore perceived stress can increase the left pupil size. I know i said right hemisphere and we are talking about the left eye but the brain's hemisphere work in a way that the left part of the brain control the right part of your body and the right part of the brain controls the left part of the body. I know emotions are processed bilaterally but it can be a whole different story when talking about stress and one part of your brain might be under more perceived stress resulting in anisocoria. Saying that your anisocoria is med related might right too and it have been observed in people taking anti-depressants but the underlying cause is not understood but here above you can have a clue about one underlying cause. Maybe try switching Effexor to Cymbalta ( same class of drug ) of Lexapro ( different class of drug ) to see if it goes away. Anyway please consider that I'm not a doctor and those are issues that must be discussed with your doctor. Best regards, M4
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Pinpoint pupils

"For some drugs and some addicts, the signs of intoxication are very obvious; this is not always the case with opiates . . . . Because an opiate addict's body eventually develops a tolerance to the effects of opiates, someone who is abusing this class of drug may not appear obviously intoxicated." Article goes on to say that the top three signs of opiate abuse are: 1) pinpoint pupils; 2) nodding; and 3) withdrawal. see, on the www, CATUF 2440
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