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Crazy Anxiety/Depression and Panic Attacks since New Job. Caused by suboxone?? PLEASE HELP!!

Ok guys, I've been around this forum in the drug addiction section in the past few years here and there, and I'm going to try to make this short. I'm coming to the Anxiety Forum because I've been having some of the worst panic attacks and anxiety ever, and I'm afraid I'm going to lose or quit my job over it. It's gotten to the point where I've broken down and started crying in front of my dad, begging him to find my a therapist and to forgive me if I lose/quit my job. My dad is very supportive and understanding, I have just disappointed him so much with my drug

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Crazy Anxiety/Depression and Panic Attacks since New Job. Caused by suboxone?? PLEASE HELP!!

I'm not used to working. I was hoping I would get used to it but it's been over a month since I started, 2 weeks since we opened and it seems to be just getting worse. But I don't want to be unemployed again I don't know what to do. When I'm off work sometimes the anxiety is the worst :( For example right now and since i've gotten out 5 hours ago, I'm freaking just hoping time goes by slow so I can relax more or something before I go into work tommorow morning at 5am, and time just flies when I'm out of work. But when I'm in work I'm just freaking out because time goes so slow and I'm just waiting to get out. ^^^This anxiety/panic from my job is driving me crazy and I've had anxiety before but never constant like this. I'm freaking out please somebody help me just say something ;( I feel like an idiot I just want to act/feel/be NORMAL!! PLEASE HELP ;(
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Help Please????

First, let me welcome you to the forum, you've come to the right place!  Also, let me say, congrats on your new baby!  If there has EVER been such a wonderful reason to address your is that, so you can truly enjoy your new miracle! The very best thing you can do is get yourself into some talk therapy and look into CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), which are both wonderful, non-pharmaceutical ways to address the anxiety and panic attacks.  The best place to start is a psychiatrist.  Ask your PCP for a referral to a p-doc who will be able to treat you in the ways you need...who will be able to give you an official diagnosis and formulate a plan. It sounds as though you already have found a little relief in the fish oil, which is great.  That, coupled with therapy, where you will learn coping techniques...will get you on the road to beating the anxiety.  It doesn't happen overnight, it takes time, patience, and hard work to be able to harness the anxiety, but it is doable.  Even if you were not nursing....and were able to take a medication, the therapy aspect is still very important...because it gives you the TOOLS to deal with anxiety and panic. Lastly, know that you are far from alone in this battle.  There are many of us who live with this every day, and there are millions of success stories.  Please share with us as much as you are comfortable with, this is a wonderful resource in addition to the just reading about others' experiences is priceless.   Glad you found your way here...hang in there, it will get better.
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New to the site and having some bad panic attacks lately

You should never abruptly quit a benzo if you've been taking it regularly -- the withdrawal can be fierce.  You should contact your old shrink and get a refill and wait to quit until you have a new psychiatrist who knows how to slowly and safely taper you off this med if you intend to quit it.  Primary docs are often not very good at this, as they treat a little of everything but not a lot of anything.  What you're suffering is probably a combination of your original condition and benzo withdrawal.  And have you ever in all this time tried a therapist who specializes in anxiety?
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Panic attacks feel like I'm not part of reality and losing my mind

Why did you stop the Zoloft?  And how abruptly did you quit?
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So confused please help me:(

Sorry you are going through a hard time right now.  I know how frustrating it can be to have all these horrible things going on with you and to not have any medical answers for them.   Please know you are not alone. Having said that it is good that your tests are negative.  Have you had a 24 hour heart monitor?  If not you might want to talk to your dr about having one.  I don't know that you would really need it but if it might help put your mind at ease it might be worth it. Are you seeing a psychatrist?  I think seeing one would be good for you.  They can help teach you coping skills and figure out a treatment plan for you.  Sometimes it is just nice to have someone to talk too.   You can also try keeping a journal.  Posting here is great too because everyone on this forum has been there in one way or another. Good luck.  I hope you feel better soon.
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Desperation. Am I crazy? Anxiety. Please help me.

The feelings of frustration and crying infer that there may be some depression along with the anxiety.  Prozac is a good SSRI.  Why do you think Cymbalta or Lexapro would work better?  Have you discussed your desire for a change in meds?  Diazepam is also a good med for your situation.  I guess you need some dose adjustment or med change if they just aren't working.  Once again this is all stuff you need to discuss with your doctor.  A brain injury can certainly throw off your chemical balance and worsen conditions.  Hopefully when the brain mends itself you will see a significant improvement in symptoms.  Good luck and keep us posted!
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In my experience, having panic and anxiety has a profound effect on your spouse.  I suffered my first panic attack 3 years ago and I went from being extremely social, active, etc. to literally being afraid to leave the house and spent hours depressed in bed.  I had a  very happy marriage and not only did it debilitate me it really threw my wife for a loop. As I learned to cope with this through therapy and some medication, my wife also went to a counselor to learn about why I thought the way I did and she learned the anxiety cycle.  We also went to marriage counseling together and both helped in ways I would never imagine.  The marriage counseling for me opened up my inward thinking (which we tend to do when someone suffers from anxiety and/or panic).  We got through this, and our marriage became even STRONGER than it was before.  Even though we did not realize it at the time, and we bottomed out, the experience has made us closer than ever. I was anxiety free for over two years and it has returned.  I went back to counseling and we even went back to marriage counseling to confront it as quickly as possible, but because she learned about it three years ago, she and I have the knowledge to deal with it.  She is extremely patient and caring, but it does have an impact on her; all problems do. I applaud you for admitting you have a problem in the marriage and are going to see a marriage counselor.  It also shows me that you care and love your spouse to do this.  After we did this, we saw improvement in a few weeks, and it only got better as time went on.  It really opens ones eyes and makes you so thankful for each other despite hardships, so I believe you are doing EXACTLY what you should be doing.  The only other thing I could advise is patience.  I know that is a hard to hear, it was for us, after suffering threw this for so long, but the mere fact that you both care to confront the issues speaks volumes about your relationship.   If you have any more questions or concerns do not hesitate to ask!
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Help pleasee !!!

It could be muscle pain from anxiety. It could also be stomach problems believe it or not. Many of us that have anxiety also have stomach problems. If you have GERD it can cause pain in the chest area. So, you may want to have some testing for any kind of stomach problems. Are you in therapy and or taking meds to help with your anxiety?
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Please help with my anxiety medication issues

If you read other posts here, and go through some of mine, you'll very likely find that many of us have discovered the most powerful medication is in us. I don't mean that manufactured medicine should not be taken -it can be an essential aprt of the recovery process, and, as you've discovered, darn hard to get the right combination. One thing you did not mention is therapy. Are you seeing someone to talk about the problem? A good psychiatrist will not only prescribe, but help you uncover and deal with emotional issues and maybe some trauma in your past. The real work is all yours, of course, but that's why it is effective. The studies have shown that drugs are effective, and talk therapy is effective, but in combination they're REAL effective. So, to have one without the other may not get it done. There may also be organic, physical causes at work. For example, did you have strep throat when you were a kid? See the post earlier today about PANDAS. You also said nothing about a thorugh mjedical work up to rule out the various "ailments" that can present panic. Even with therapy, there will be times (there were for me) when nothing seems to be working. At those times, be like a horse: LEAN into the problem. I'd like to hear more about your anxiety -when you get it, what the triggers are, and any therapy you've found helpful or interesting. Everyone here knows exactly what you're going through and stands behind you 110%. Count on it. Thanks for the post and for being a member.
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