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Bystolic for Anxiety

I am currently taking 2.5mg Bystolic, my cardiologist prescribed them to me to help control my heart rate. I was having lots of panic attacks and my pulse would get really high. I am on day 7 of the beta, I do feel a huge difference, a lot less anxiety, all my physical symptoms of anxiety are gone. However, I am noticing some effects of the beta blocker, such as heavy legs, really tired, tightness in chest. Some people are telling me this can't be the beta blocker, and that I should stick out my 30 day regiment. Has anyone experienced this medication for anxiety before? I am debating if I

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Bystolic is not approved for the treatment of heart failure. ... Causes and Risk Factors of High Blood Pressure What causes high blood pressure?
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Bystolic for Anxiety

Medication definitely affects us all in different ways, but there are side effects to any medication that we take.  The question that I ask myself is do the benefits I get from something outweigh negatives?  If they do, I tend to stay on it.  However, if you are not comfortable with it there are different classes of medicaitons that are prescribed specifically for anxiety.  Also, we are already nervous and can tend to focus on the potential side effects much more intently, in my experience with anxiety.  Keep us posted!
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I need some advice pls

Hi there, You are a warrior.  A good thing. Suffering from an anxiety disorder with no help from meds requires a strong will.   But as you have said: when life hands you an abundance of challenges what is the best course of action?  Think you know the answer. Take the medicine.  If you have learned techniques for dealing with panic use them too.  But I believe you want to stay focused on your goal: getting through a stressful week.  You need to be strong for those who are counting on you and whom you love.  Being the matron of honor @ sister's wedding is the biggie.  I don't want to put any more anxiety in your head, but let me just say that you really will need to take something to make it through the wedding: ask doctor about this.  I think a bit of klonopin should avert panic. Anxiety gallops through our family, and my youngest nephew wasn't diagnosed until he passed out at his best friend's wedding.  It didn't need to happen.  It won't happen to you if you take your medicine.  This is an event you want to remember with happiness: so go for it!   Last Sunday one of my recently deceased son's girl friends stopped by and surprised me by showing me a beautiful picture of me with him @ our high school's 50th anniversary of a football game.  I was glowing/pom pom and all and he was beaming with pride. Someone has just asked his girl friend who I was as I didn't look old enough to be his mom. I well remember the horrible anxiety I had that night....and finally getting up the courage to take my klonopin and go to a highly lit stadium and pretend to be a cheerleader again in front of about a thousand spectators. The picture brought it all back.  The pride in my son's eyes is such a gift to me now.  I did it for him and my other three children.  So do it for the people you love!  
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Panic attacks...

Some of us can gain weight, lose weight, or stay the same on these meds. It's really hard to say how we'll do on any of them unless we give them a try. Anxiety can make your BP go up. I've always had the same problem when I see my Dr. The white coat hypertension. I take my BP at home on a regular basis and it's always normal. So, I take those numbers to my Dr. Of course I still have it checked in the office too. Have you thought about therapy along with the meds to help your anxiety?
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Mitral Valve Prolapse with anxiety/panic attack

There is a very stong correlation between MVP and anxiety.  Sometimes,simply treating the MVP will improve the anxiety symptoms.  The good news is, you are already getting relief from your current regimen, and you've already booked an appt to address the anxiety. There are many treatment options.  Everyone is different in what they need, and how they tolerate different meds.  Personally, I have had a great deal of success with SSRI antidepressants, specifically Zoloft, Prozac, and Lexapro (not all together).  All of those meds helped me tremendously. Before those meds kicked in and did their thing, I was practically housebound at times.  After the meds, I was fuly functional and anxiety-free.  I also used a short-acting benzo, Ativan, while I was waiting for the meds to do their help combat some of the anxiety symptoms.  That was very helpful as well. You and your doc will be able to formulate a plan that is right for YOU, taking into consideration the MVP and the other meds you take. Let us know how you're doing!
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Having anxiety about having anxiety?

I understand what you're talking about. You are so right about it being a vicious cycle and I do believe many of us that have anxiety do this.
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Is this the point of anxiety medication?

The answer is: It depends. If the cause of anxiety either goes away or loses its ability to freak the victim out, then no need for meds -just as you would not take aspirin for a headache you don't have. Frequently, therapy helps resolve the underlying panic and anxiety issues. But if the anxiety is still there, then so will the meds be there -especially if the anxiety is not pervasive; that is, itm occurs only in particular cases -such as flying, pubglic speaking, etc. Does the doctor plan on removing. Depends on the doc and depends on how the doc sees the situation: ask the doc. I was an anxiety sufferer for 40+ years, for the last 3 of which I took meds and therapy. The therapy resloved the panic/anxiety. I have been free of the panic and free of the meds for the past 8 or so years, and expect no recurrence. Your mileage will vary, dee doctor for details.
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Anxiety relapses...

I also know how awful relapses can be. I had my first panic attack one year ago this April. I'd just like to say that, from my perspective, you're a very lucky person in that you know it's anxiety that's causing your symptoms. For almost six months after my initial panic attack, I had every medical test in the book done, trying to figure out what this mysterious dizziness / faintness / nausea / and muscle tension was being caused by. So, I think you're already a step ahead of most people, which is crucial in that you can begin coping with it earlier.           As for the relapses, I know how frustrating they can be. During them, you feel just as bad sometimes as you did during the initial attack. What I find helpful is believing that there's value in the struggle. In other words, I know that I'm a stronger person now than I was a year ago because I was forced to be. You either crawl up into a ball and feel sorry for yourself or you find a way to live that makes the condition most bearable. I have more respect for myself now than I ever have only because I've been put to the test as they say, and yet, despite how lousy I feel some days, I continue to go to school, have an active social life, and hold down a full-time job. I know you'll be alright. Just hang in there and keep posting on this site. It's helped me so much over the past year. Good luck.
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