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Can't stay awake after a panic attack?!

So, lately I will have a panic attack, but then I can't stay awake afterward. No matter what I try I just can't stay awake. Does this happen to anyone else? And if so, what do you do to stay awake?

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Jul 08, 2017 · after effects of panic attack. ... 39 AM (GMT -6) Yes, I ... Your base line anxiety may stay high for some time. Panic attacks can also cause you to start ...
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panic attacks upon waking: ... I am unable to wake up without a panic attack. ... I thought I was going to be able to stay on these drugs forever.
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Oct 19, 2011 · UPDATE: Don't get me wrong, I have ... I can hardly stay awake, ... my face. i am in a full blown nasty panic attack that i have never suffered from before ...
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Can an anxiety attack bring ... it can - panic attacks are ... Ofcourse the vomiting and fever wouldresolve but we'd let him stay home. THen after him being ...
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I want to deal with anxiety naturally.

Hiya.  I'm so sorry to hear you have been going through such a hard time. I can appreciate how hellish your experience has been, ive also been there. There is a lot that you can do for yourself naturally, so that is the good news.  Anxiety and panic attacks is one of the conditions that allows for great flexibitity in the way it is treated. The first thing i would say to you is to start reading up about anxiety and panic.  Go to your local library or bookstore (if you can afford it) and get books on anxiety/panic attacks, look for books that both explain how anxiety works, effects your body and also gives you techniques on how to control them.  Find books about CBT for anxiety also, CBT is Cognitive behavioural Therapy and will expalin numerous ways of how to change your behaviour when anxious and panicking. Some good books that i have that have really helped are 'The Mood Cure' by Julia Ross, M.A.... It is a four step program to changing your emotional state.  She covers imbalances within the body and how to rebalance using vitamins/minerals and other supplements such as herbal.  She covers the diet and what foods to eat to help anxiety.  She also uses techniques to help panic attacks etc.... so this book is def one to get your hands on.  Another is a 3 book program called 'Overcoming Panic and Agoraphobia Self Help Course' by Derrick Silcove & Vijaya Manicasagar.  Part 1 expalins what anxiety is and how it effects the body, Part two then goes into techniques on how to overcome panic attacks and part three also.  Another very good sorce. So the first book covers panic from more of a nutritional point of view and the second, self help series looks more from an active, doing exercises such as breathing exercises, distracton etc..... it also makes you look at to why you suffer panic attacks.... it makes you take a look at yourself.  If you dont have these at your local library you can find them for a very reasonable price on amazon.   Also have you ever considered having therapy?  I actually think it would be a great idea to use both the books with a professional psychologist, the two combined would make an excellent therapy base.  The psychologist may be able to advise you also on supplements to use.   For now, you could use herbal supplements such as valerian, hops, camomile, passionflower that come as a combined supplement or as individual in tea or capsule form that will help you with the panic attacks.  valerian is a wonderful herb that will help with sleep as well as anxiety adn panic.  You can choose to have valerian as a tea, but be warned it smells like stinky however tastes nothing like them..thank goodness.  A couple of cups before bed will help you drift off like a baby.  But experiement, try different forms and see what works for you.  I would recommend going to your local health food shop and having a chat with a member of staff, they will be able to put you on the right road. Anyway i think that is enough for now, there is a lot there to get you started. Hope it has been of help.  Good-luck
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Anxiety medication with prescribed stimulants?

Before assuming this is medicine related, see your doctor and tell him about the heaviness in your chest, and all your other symptoms.  This medication obviously is not a good one for you, but don't stop it abruptly, go back to your doctor and discuss all this with him.
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panic attack or mini stroke???

It is quite possible to develop cardiac issues if you overdose on so-called energy-stimulants. They can cause ventricular irritability and cardiac irregularities. People have, in fact died from inappropriate use of "energy pills".
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effexor xr withdrawls how soon will it go away along with xanax

Hi Vickie. I'm sorry you are having such a rough time.  Effexor side effects (or adjustment of Effexor dosing) and/or the withdraw from it can be very frightening. Both the medication and withdraw can cause the symptoms you have described. It can be horrifying for some. And of course, the removal of one of your ovaries, too, can also play havoc on your emotions. The Xanax should help with the intense anxiety.  Are you also taking it in the daytime (or just in the morning?) The side effects / or withdraw from Effexor is variable, meaning some don't experience any sides or withdraw syndrome, while others can experience terrible symptoms for days or weeks (and some longer.)  Effexor can also cause drowsiness and lethergy  (and ironically, hyperactivity and insommina.)   You can become exhausted because you aren't sleeping good, and you can experience insomnia at night because you are napping or sleeping in the daytime.   The good news about Effexor side effects / withdraw is - once a patient who is experiencing these symptoms is totally off the drug, the terribly unpleasant symptoms eventually DO go away, and they report a great improvemenet in their quality of life.  How long this might take is different from patient to patient, but it is usually not too long for most patients.   Do you have anyone you can call (a friend, a neighbor, a family member who might be home during the day) who you can talk to or you might be willing to come over to your house and stay with you if you begin having these panic attacks?  Just telling someone and having someone available if you need them can help ease some anxiety.  If you don't have someone you can call (or even if you do yet feel like you cannot do this with them available OR alone), by all means - I think you should call the doctor's office before your next appointment and tell them you feel terrible, that you are having panic attacks, and that you feel like you cannot do this alone. Ask to be seen sooner than the 29th.   Best of luck to you.  
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While you have been on these meds have you also been talking this through with a therapist?  I have taken Klonopin in the past and I have found it effective as long as it is combined with talk therapy.  Also, please do not self adjust medications; as long as you do it in consultation with your doctor, it can really help minimize the side effects of dosage increases and decreases.  Tapering from benzos can take a long time and must be done very slowly.  
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Day 17 - Back to Work Yesterday

Hey Dude you go you got this this time around  keep pushing forward  things will contue to get better and better  work the aftercare and you will not have to do this again  look forward to seeing you more often with big clean time to report im so happy to see you beating your demond here good luck and God bless...............Gnarly
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Constant Anxiety

Hi Breathe. Hey, you are not alone. I think every single person with anxiety has spent time monitoring their breathing. I still do at times. I have a friend that deals with it all the time, and she is a riot. She and I have totally different lifestyles and beliefs, but she will tease me and swears my fear of crowds will be cured if only I go to a packed nightclub with her. However, if I feel anxious and say I feel like I can't breath, that will send her over the edge. Instantly she will turn red and take lots of deep breaths and fan herself and say "dont say that, I can't breathe, why did you say that" I have to remind her that she is breathing and sometimes it takes her days to not be in a fog due to the constant shallow breathing or over inhaling because of her paying attention to it so much. Try not to worry, the good thing is that you are absolutely fine. I wish I had great advice for you but I don't. however, I do care.
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help with panic attack symptoms?

Josh,  why do you think these are panic attacks,  instead of seizures?   This doesn't sound the least bit like a panic attack to me.   During a panic attack you PANIC.  And feel HORRIBLE FEAR.  You're not describing this at all.
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Can you help?! I NEED encouragement for panic attacks PLEASE

I know it's discouraging but don't allow this one setback stop you from moving forward.  They can and do hit out of the blue, often with no reason that we can see.  It sounds like whatever you've been doing has been working, so keep this up.  Worrying about having one will most likely create one, so try to not dwell on it, instead look at how well you've been doing!  Although they are very scary, always remember that it is a normal response coming at the wrong time, it's our "fight or flight" mode kicking in when we're not in a dangerous situation.  Our body is flooded with extra adrenaline to give us the ability fight or run, but since we're not in that situation, the adrenaline has nothing to work on.  This results in a panic attack, with the heart pounding, feeling scared, and dizziness, etc. During an attack it's good to exercise if you can to give the adrenaline something to work on, and try to get your mind on to something else, knowing it WILL pass.  Regular, daily exercise helps a lot with anxiety and preventing panic attacks, you are constantly burning up any extra adrenaline that is in your body.  Also, make sure your breathing isn't shallow which tends to happen when these occur out of fear. Breathe slowly and deeply in thru your nose and slowly out of your mouth.  You can do this throughout the day anytime your start to feel anxious. I know we feel like we are going to die or pass out, but we don't and they always pass. Just very scary.  Sounds like you're doing a great job, so stay focused on that and not that you had a panic attack.  Less worry = less anxiety.  I wish you all the best and take care!
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