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Change in Temp

I was wondering if anyone else experiences more anxiety as temperatures change outside. Such as when it gets hotter out or colder out  or even when the temperature bounces around between the two as it does in the Midwest state I live in. I can understand cloudy days make you feel bummed out and sunny perhaps happier. Please comment and let me know your thoughts. Thanks !

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How to Calculate the Change in Temperature | Sciencing

You can usually calculate the change in temperature by doing a simple subtraction problem--just subtract the original temperature from the new temperature to see how ...
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World of Change: Global Temperatures : Feature Articles

Since the year 2000, land temperature changes are 50 percent greater in the United States than ocean temperature changes; two to three times greater in Eurasia; and ...
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Changes in Temperature - Boundless

Changes in temperature shift the equilibrium state of chemical reactions; these changes can be predicted using Le Chatelier's Principle.
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Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet: Global Temperature

Jun 25, 2017 · This graph illustrates the change in global surface temperature relative to 1951-1980 average temperatures. Sixteen of the 17 warmest years in the 136-year ...
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Climate Change: Global Temperature | NOAA

Climate Change: Global Temperature. Author: LuAnn Dahlman. April 19, 2017. Temperatures measured on land and at sea for more than a century show that Earth's globally ...
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Temperature change - The Free Dictionary

Related WordsSynonymsLegend: Switch to new thesaurus Noun 1. temperature change - a process whereby the degree of hotness of a body (or medium) changes advection ...
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Heat Capacity Example Problem - Find Final Temperature

This worked example problem demonstrates how to calculate the final temperature of a substance when given the amount of energy used, the mass and initial temperature.
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Temperature - Wikipedia

For example, if the change is an increase in temperature at constant volume, with no phase change and no chemical change, ...
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change in temperature formula - [email protected]

The change in temperature depends on the amount of heat released or absorbed. The Temperature Formula is given by. Where, $\Delta$ T is the temperature difference,
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Climate Change Indicators: U.S. and Global Temperature ...

Climate Change Indicators: U.S. and Global Temperature. This indicator describes trends in average surface temperature for the United States and the world.
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Drop in body temp??

It is abnormal to check your temp unless you are running a fever. It changes throughout the day so it is purposeless to check it out of fear that you are overcooling your system. I have never checked mine, so using the Healthapp as you do is just something to make you worry which is unhealthy.
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Fentanyl withdrawal

I only know what I read about suboxone.  I've been on Fentanyl along with other meds.  I tried to go CT from the Fentanyl but couldn't. Tapering was hard for me too.  It takes longer than some of the other drugs to get out of your system.  I wouldn't use it again unless it was absolutely necessary. Your surgeon was managing your pain meds?  Did you only flush two of each?  Did you tell your surgeon in person or by phone.  Is this the first time anything like this has happened?  Do you have a primary doc that can give you some comfort meds?
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? About poop

It's common for breastfed babies bm schedule to change. Anywhere from once every 3 days to 5 times a day can be normal. Like the doc said if he starts running a fever or seems like he's in pain then I'd get him checked out.
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Do you notice a change in your body temp?

terry , I have started to get them since I stopped using buy I only have one O left so I might be hit premenopausal.
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sore throat caused by anxiety?

Do yourself and all of us a favor, RA, and JOIN this forum, OK? I'll give you the full commercial message at the end of this response, but for now: Every symptom you describe is personally familiar to me -every damn one. I experienced the sore throat more as a sort of "speaker's throat" then some kind of wicked infection, but it was plenty painful. What I think I think is that at night we go into teeth grinding mode, do a lot of muscle flexing, furrowing our brow -all the nervous **** we so know and love. I had no clue about the teeth grinding until my dentists noticed how much enamal I had sawed off. And that means jaw action -and that measn -well, you know what it means. And I still have some of that today. If I'm under a lot of stress, my mate reports that I get pretty wacky at night; talking, grinding teeth, throwing the cat out the window, etc. I'm not going to tell you not to worry, because that's why we're here -we'd rather not worry, thank you very much. But some of the worry is reduced because we know what we are going through is shared by others. All that said, if you've got a sore throat going on for more than a week -maybe its a good idea to get it checked. Now, as I mentioned about joining... One of the BEST ways to get the most out of this forum to work is to JOIN it - become a part of it. Its easy -just click the Join Link -enter some profile information about yourself -even a picture if you care to- and anything you think would help us get to know you faster and better, and you can change this material whenever you like. You will also be accessible to receive private messages when other members click the name you've given yourself -sort of a "push to talk" feature. After you've done that, spend some time just using various features of the forum. For example, to see all the posts or responses that someone has made, just click their handle, go to their profile, click Posts, and read to your heart's content. You may also enter search terms -including member names- in the search box at the upper right of your screen and the system will retrun everything matching the term(s) you entered. This INCLUDES a drug database that will give you both user posts about drugs as well as the medical information about the drug. A great way to get quick answers about therapeutic effect, side effects, interactions, etc. One of the profile categories is your mood, which you may change anytime you like. Along the right side of your screen is a section of Recent Activity, which not only alerts you to new posts, but new ANYTHING, including journal entries and mood. This is a way to telegraph the community at large without actually creating a separate post. Thus, if you see a friend's mood has changed while you are working on a response or post, it can alert you to send them a private message to learn more or simply let them know you're thinking of them. Likewise, if you are going to be "out," you could enter something like "off line for the night" as your mood, and people would know you're away from the forum for awhile. If you do this kind of exploring and experimenting right away, you'll be up-to-speed quickly. If you see the message you are reading now as part of a direct response I (or anyone) has made to one of your posts, it was probably copied and pasted from this journal. I hate form letters and auto-responses as much as anyone -but I also hate forgetting to tell people what they need to know, so this is my safety-net. Consider it as part of your "Welcome" kit. So -please join and try things out. You might also want to read my entries for the "Right Click Trick" and "When in Haste, Use Copy 'n Paste" for some other convenient time-savers. I'm glad you're with us!
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Hi jeanie. D3 and iron deficiencies are more than enough to explain your symptoms. It doesn't give your thyroid function a free pass though. You still need to get it ruled out or treated. They need to check TSH,T3, T4, Free T3, Free T4 and type 2 hypothyroid, which is best left to ...yourself (doctors don't know or don't bother with this). Here's some info I sent to another member today : (It's a day for thyroid queries.) Type 2 hypothyroidism or thyroid hormone resistance is caused by an intracellular calcium/potassium imbalance in all the cells of the body, caused by far too much calcium and far too little potassium inside these cells, neutralizing the effects of the thyroid hormones that are produced and making them ineffective in governing our bodies' metabolic functions. To find out you need a tissue minerals analysis. Also For hypothyroid 2 self-testing : The Barnes Basal temperature test is very simple to do. Just find an old type of thermometer and do it before you get up. Make sure it's ready so you don't need to shake it in the morning and if sleeping with your husband/partner and close enough, you may have a higher reading! You normally get blood work, but that will not reveal type 2. If your basal body temperature is 97.8 degrees Fahrenheit or less for a minimum of three consecutive days, it is almost certain that your thyroid function is low. For more info look into Dr. Mark Starr's work. I have the link for an extensive interview, somewhere. Should you be interested, I'll look for it and send it to you. Iron deficiency is hard to correct and supplements are problematic with most patients. Are you a meat eater? if yes, that simplifies things as you can eat some liver, one of the best sources for iron. How are your B complex levels? Do you know? Finally, you must have a strong suspicion here. Why are you taking Prilosec? Is it for too much stomach acid or not enough stomach acid? The symptoms are the same!! Prilosec is a Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) Low stomach acid, if indeed low,  with  contra-indicated anti-acids, PPIs & H2 blockers medicine, will take away your health, period! And if this has to do with an opinion of a doctor, normally treating GERD symptoms as Hyperclorhydria (high stomach acid), it must be corrected! Knowledge is power. Here's the scoop on low stomach acid (VERY IMPORTANT if indeed low stomach acid)                                                                1. PH 2 Very Acidic--------------PH 7 Neutral-------------- PH 10 Very Alkaline 2  Esophagous normal PH 7 3  Stomach environment normal PH 2-4 4  Duodenum normal PH 8 5  Pyloric Sphrinchter (at the bottom of the stomach) relaxes at PH 2-4 so  stomach contents move down to the duodenum. When acidity is PH 4+ then the Pyloric Sphincter constricts, not allowing the contents to go down, causing a back up and with pressure from the contracting stomach, moderately acidic food and liquids go UPWARDS into the esophagus causing GERD symptoms. The consequences of chronic low stomach acid are DIRE! I don't mean to alarm you unnecessarily, but please do confirm if low stomach acid, and then proceed with a safe protocol to correct the low acid and minimize the GERD symptoms, without compromising your health. If you need to self-test for low stomach acid let me know. Otherwise disregard the above information should you have confirmation for Hyperchlorhydria (high stomach acid). You posted pertinent information that I believe will bring the answers you are looking for to take care of your issues. Post again soon or pm me directly if you prefer. Wishing you well. Niko
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Body temp regulation is difficult

  The extra cortisol could have affected your thyroid, making it hypo. Are you also balancing your hormones with Thyroxine? Did you have a T4 level on your lab results?
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low body temperature

hi lisa! this could very well be related to nerve damage caused by your syrinx.  but it could also be caused by raynauds disease.  there is a lot of info on the web on it and see if it sounds like a fit for you.  it may be that you have developed raynauds because of the nerve damage?  you really should be seen by a cm specailist so you can get the best treatment available to you!  and yes, you should def. tell him about ALL of your symptoms!  good luck and keep us posted! elizabeth
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white blood cells

Just read, a week after post, I surely hope all has worked out and I do not understand why anyone would ignore a request for action by a medical expert.   Get well, don't worry about lack of insurance or some other financial reason make you not protect your health.
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