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Anxiety & High Blood Pressure

I am 27 years old Asian male. I have anxiety. I am taking seroxat cr 25mg two tabs and rivotril 0.5mg 1 tab at night. I have high blood pressure which on average is 130/100 sometimes 140/100. My psychiatrist says that 130 is not a big problem but 100 is. I want to ask you people is that is seroxat cr 25mg two tabs and rivotril 0.5mg causing the blood pressure to rise ? Is anxiety making it rise? What is making it rise and what treatment options do I have?

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Pressure type pain around my left ear & anxiety?

I think it's your anxiety, and it can cause muscle tension in that temoral area as well as many other areas.  It may be this and not blood pressure at all, but you could get this checked out easily at your next doc visit. Hopefully, that helps you out.  GG
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Paxil & High Blood Pressure

People can react differently to different types of medication and blood pressure is affected by so many different factors.  For me, being on an SSRI like Paxil, it actually lowers my BP in the long run (I guess maybe it helps with my anxiety and thus lowers it).  Have you changed your diet?  Do you exercise?  Ageing can also play a role in it as well.  Another factor for me, is when I get it taken at a doc's office it is sky high because I am nervous about being there but at home it is normal.  What does your doctor say?
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does high blood pressure cause anxiety

It is possible that the high blood pressure is causing the Anxiety.  To be honest any disease, illness or disorder can cause anxiety to manifest.  Plus medications can cause anxiety to develop or become worse.  You really need to talk to your doctor regarding this and see if there is a way in which this problem can be solved. Also just to add, knowing that you have high blood pressure can cause anxiety within itself, the worry etc..... so maybe doing somekind of relaxation may be of benefit to you. Good-luck
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Anxiety and panic can definitely cause our BP to go up.  I actually have 'white coat' syndrome (or whatever you want to call it), when I go into the doc's office that he just shrugs it off and tells me to check it out of the doctor's office once a month or so or he waits until the end of the appointment, which at first also made me nervous.  My BP can be initially as high as 150-160/90-95 when I am really nervous but just a few minutes later it is down into the 120's/70's 10 minutes later.   What does your doctor think?  Have you been getting help for your anxiety?  
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Anxiety chest pains

Chest pains are very common with anxiety. Trust me, I am the poster child.  ;-)   Thank the Lord I have pretty much gotten over it. One important thing to know is that cardiac-related chest pain is not sharp, such as you describe. It's almost certainly muscle tension or a tender muscle. My cardiologist prescribed a beta blocker for my high blood pressure, and said it would help my anxiety too, which it did. For what it's worth, I take Coreg 20mg 2x/day. It has made a big difference for me. You might ask your doc about it. God bless you!
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Anxiety and high blood pressure?

Hi there; These symptoms you are feeling are possibly from the anxiety and depression. It can feel very upsetting to hear your doctor tell you that you are suffering from them and it's hard to deal with. I also suffer with anxiety , depression and high blood pressure. I also went to the doctor last week complaining of chest pain, palpitations, headache and dizziness. I swore it was my heart but the doctor said my heart was fine. She took my blood pressure and that was fine too but I had been getting high readings at home and thought my medication was not working. I have therapy every week and  was feeling out of balance and headachy.The therapist placed a probe on my hand to measure anxiety levels and she said it was off the scale. I did some deep breathing exercises and relaxation and it came down, so I think that proves that anxiety can cause all the above symptoms. These symptoms are real and can make you feel very ill. I have been told it's down to the 'fight or flight 'reflex thst we have within us when we are anxious. It causes adrenalin to be released into our system which can reach high levels and if we don't work it off then we get all the above symtoms. It takes a few days for the adrenalin to work its way out of your system. I think your anxiety is causing your blood pressure to rise and if you can control your breathing by just slowing it down your anxiety will lessen. You are not alone and it will not harm you. We all appreciate what you are going through. Take care, I know how bad it can make you feel.
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Anxiety & High Blood Pressure

You should try speaking this with your doctor. Are these measurements overtime? hbp isn't diagnosed unless more than 140/90  consistenly. Goodluck
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anxiety and optic nerve atrophy

130/90 is not high blood pressure in an adult.  Get your doctor to explain your blood pressure to you again.
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Normal to bordeline systolic with high diastolic blood pressure + Anxiety related?

i think its important to speak with a therapist.    It sounds like you have a full plate.    Keep with meditiation and deep breathing.....drink calming teas  ie chammomile.        You may want to get a prescription for anti anxiety.......sometimes, just having them with you is enough to keep you calm.     In time, your anxiety and associated problems are likely to decrease.
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