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random anxiety? substance induced anxiety disorder? lsd? my story plus advice

Hey people i just want to share my story with you because i only found 2 story's online similar to what i was going through and they helped me so much.. plus i have some questions if anybody can answer them :) nearly 4 months ago (1st jan 2012) i began feeling feeling anxious and had extreme difficulty concentrating, then on the 3rd of jan everything began and got REALLY bad. This came out of no where, i didn't understand what was happening. I had to stay in my room because i couldn't concentrate on anything! when i was out walking the street i was in my own world mixed with hor

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random anxiety? substance induced anxiety disorder? lsd? my story plus advice

2) Retrain your subconscious (which you can feel as your body's reaction) to trust your conscious again. The other night I felt a dialogue within me that had my conscious say to my subconscious "Hey, you can trust me. We don't have anything to worry about." My subconscious responded, "No, you were an idiot, and you took these drugs, and worried for so long, and now its MY job to make sure you don't do that to us again." My conscious responded, "I know, I made a mistake, but it won't happen again. I promise. It's MY job to worry. Trust me." And THAT has REALLY helped. -TALK TO A PSYCHOLOGIST. They know a lot about managing anxiety. And even though you feel like it might be anxiety plus something else hard to define because it involves dealing with other realities, it is actually just anxiety. -You can fight off flashbacks, and you don't need to worry about them. Flashbacks, from my experience, only occur when you admit to yourself that you're having one. You find yourself in an extenuating circumstance where you feel like you might be on acid again, and your mind goes "Hey, this kinda reminds me of acid. Whoa, this really reminds me of acid. Am I flashing back? I think so. Yes, I am." And that is when the flashback occurs. If you disrupt this long thought process, it won't happen (I'm two for two in fighting off flashbacks already). Avoid caffeine because it speeds you up and LSD is often laced with amphetamines. It was largely responsible for my first flashback, and wholly responsible for my second. There’s caffeine in chocolate by the way so don’t have too much. -Anxiety sets it when your body doesn't understand what its going through (much like it did when you tripped).  It’s almost as if you’re doing things for the first time again. If you can identify the change, whatever it may be, whether its being in a new place, being in a humid room, being dehydrated, being tired, then you can separate the feeling completely from the trip, the anxiety will subside a little. -Take LSD out of the equation! You are not on LSD anymore. You have always felt feelings. You have always thought thoughts. They are not related to LSD. Feeling depressed and off? You're just depressed and off, the acid trip doesn't have to reinforce those feelings. Overanalyzing by saying "What am I feeling? Is it LSD related? Why do I feel this way?" are not only unanswerable questions but are clearly something to give someone anxiety over. -No more LSD, shrooms, I’m guessing no E, Weed, or heavy drinking. The elimination of weed can be a paradox because no longer smoking can cause more anxiety. But as you get used to not having THC in your system, that will go away, too. And it feels good to be clean! To get back in touch with reality you can’t be distorting it again! It will also give your subconscious less reason to trust you! -I often felt stuck and that the anxiety might last forever. It’s okay to think that for a little bit! -ACCEPT REALITY. This is normal life! Don’t doubt your feelings or perceptions and attribute your questioning to LSD. A good motto is, “everything is normal, everything is fine.” The only thing to fear is fear itself. Worrying about worry makes it multiply and you lose control. YOU WILL BEAT THIS THING. I never thought i was going to get out of it and i HAVE. And that's all I got! If anyone has any questions or anything please post, I’ll be revisiting the forum. Life is Good.
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hello everyone

Yes.  I have experienced symptoms of anxiety for weeks at a time before.  You get yourself stuck in a vicious cycle with the thoughts, symptoms and worries.  You have a "symptom" then you obsess over it and it escalates from there and it is extremely hard to break that cycle. Try keeping  a journal that really might help you.  Sometimes when you write down how you are feeling it gets some of the things out and you begin to feel better.   Being pregnant your hormones are all over the place so you are right that is probably adding to the situation.   Are you currently seeing a therapist to help you deal with your anxiety?  If not I would suggest that you consider seeing someone.  Honestly it is nice to have someone to talk too.   Good luck I hope you feel better soon.  Lots of luck with the new baby!!!
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Advice and support i need to change

o and i am sorry i forgot to spell check before i posted so sorry about that
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Mild Generalized Anxiety Disorder (ativan)

Another thing to add to this ,  i get the most anxiety + Focused breathing when im at home alone. If i have friends over,  its alot better so maybe i have a bit of depression or loniness. I live at home with my family, but i live in the basement garage.... so im alone, my sister lives beside me in the apartment  but when im out for a wlk , biking, or just out with friends, my anxiety is usually a lil better... but certain situations in public will make me run home quickly. What does this mean about my anxiety.?
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Severe Anxiety with Brain Fog after Xanax .25 mg for 2+ months Please Help

Hi Gustav85.. I was wondering, at the end you said "because a week ago I was normal"... did you mean your stomach was not hurting/severe pain? When did your anxiety begin? When I started experiencing anxiety..mostly focusing on every SINGLE thought that I had that would scare me, I knew what my initial thought was that I overfocused on/analyzed, and from there just kept focusing /self-evaluating every thought after that, and lilterally scared myself all the time..over many things... It wasn't until a little later , (about a year or so) that I started to look at WHY I was having the anxiety....(it was caused by thoughts, but why was I trying to scare myself...what was the ROOT of this ...?) Do you (I used to do this occasionally)/ can you pinpoint perhaps a trigger/experience/thought that may be a connection to WHY you feel brain fogs/anxiety all day? That is when I started to find out my thinking was distorted a bit...I had been used to a lot of "trying" in my life, but then being shut down/criticized very often , even when what I did/was doing was led to me being very, very critical of EVERY thing I did, said, thought......yikes!!!!!!! way too much for us to be constantly looking /picking apart every thing single little thing we do,  say, or def. leads to anxiety/fear....that what you are doing/thinking/ saying not "good enough"....BUT it is......we learn all the time..we are not perfect..absolutely no one is. We can learn from mistakes..not dwell on them!!!!! Or dwell on anything.. And same for surroundings too. i also used to look around my surroundings and over exaggerate what was going on, my place/role etc...with that feeling of "is this right? how am i doing here? " almost like you are trying to control things that are going on, so things don't get chaotic/etc....its I think then that we almost get a mind fog (i used to occasionally if I was overfocusing on my surroundings..or the outcome of what was going on) When we just let whatever it is, no matter WHAT, be, we just simply look at it , just see it, and do not def. has helped me clear my mind sometimes.... So if you can see a pattern or trigger of the anxiety (the root), I think that may help to then begin to heal this ...I think I had to come down to , " I trust myself. I am capable." and truly , truly know helps eliminate fear when you know "hmmm..I am a great person /human being , and am capable, no matter what has gone on in my matter what." I cannot comment too much on the meds, for I have not taken them, but trying to get a new "script" in your head; reasonable, forgiving , loving of yourself, and just acceptance of yourself, and practice this w/any area of your life, could help... Not sure if this helped at all, but its just some things i've learned that have helped me...keep us posted though.. take care=)
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random panic attacks!

The symptoms and seeming randomness are all part of the package, but if you are worried about other causes at work, you'll need a thorough work up to find the other suspects, if there are any. I would also get a referral to a psychiatrist, ASAP, to be sure the meds are a good match to what you have and to consider a course of therapy to dig down into root causes -the meds help with symptoms -they don't make the problem "go away." Only your own brain can do that. See my journal entries for lots of material about all this, and welcome to the club. You've come to the right place.
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Whatever you know the Substance abuse isnt the problem?

tttrra- I should probably stop answering because this is getting frustrating. But, you are still here so I will try. Also, stay on ONE post, it's easier, and everyone will know your backstory. Why are you asking for help on a new post w/ the same questions? And those questions have already been answered several times over. You just have to walk into a meeting, that's life. Life can be scary. You won't die. But you will if you continue to make excuses and not change a thing. I'm not sure what you want. Do you want to just vent? That's the impression I'm getting.
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advice please

Hi and welcome from across the pond! I personally don't have experience with amphetamines but I can say good for you for finding us and posting and going to see your doctor. Asking for help and admitting you have a problem are the first steps. Stay around, others will offer their advice and support soon. Glad to meet you :)
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celexa please!!!

That is great that you are not having many side effects.  As with any SSRI like Celexa it can sometimes be trial and error before finding the right one for you.  I used to worry about side effects of any medication, but I also tend to find that 'side effects' can often worsten when we think about them.  It usually took me about 3-4 weeks to get over the initial side effects, but it is a useful tool as long as it is combined with talk therapy to learn about the anixiety/panic cycle.  Keep us posted!
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Eye Problems Induced by Anxiety? Scared D:

I've had anxiety and panic off and on for 20 years now and dizziness, headaches and various eye problems have been some of my most common symtoms. With a good normal retinal/eye exam, I'd give it a bit longer and if it doesn't clear up, then, make an appointment with a Neurologist. Dizziness, tension like headaches and flashes of light can be caused by different kinds of migraines and stress. I know it's easy said then done, but try to think of the most common and probable diagnosis first.....MS and braintumors are the last things on the list.
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