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Hypochondriasis, anxiety or terminal illness?

First I am a 21 year old male. who has been diagnosed with anxiety  by two doctors ok for me it all started on July just with tiredness and constant headaches like for 2-3 weeks (I thought I had a stroke, brain tumors, cancer, and I thought i wouldn't make it more than a month from then). Then around September i was good. In October dizziness came 24/7 with diarrhea and stomach pain (I thought i had pancreatic cancer[most of the time], stomach cancer, esophagus cancer). by that time i had already visited the doctor about 3 times and gone to hospital emergency room and they all sa

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Hypochondriasis - OCD Resource Center

Hypochondriasis Fear of Illness What is Health Anxiety? Health anxiety is a psychiatric disorder also called hypochondria orhypochondriasis. Health anxiety involves a ...
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Hypochondriasis - Wikipedia

Hypochondriasis, also known as hypochondria, health anxiety or illness anxiety disorder, refers to worry about having a serious illness. This debilitating condition ...
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Illness anxiety disorder Symptoms - Mayo Clinic

Illness anxiety disorder ... Starcevic V. Hypochondriasis and health anxiety: ... "Mayo," "Mayo Clinic," "," "Mayo Clinic Healthy Living ...
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Hypochondriasis - An Anxiety Type and Symptom

Hypochondriasis = Anxiety? Are you suffering from severe health anxiety? ... A Good Romance: Lady Gaga and Prince William’s Promotion of Mental Illness Awareness;
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... the underlying cognitive processes may be more consistent with an anxiety ... Is hypochondriasis an anxiety ... illness in hypochondriasis might ...
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Illness anxiety disorder: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

Illness anxiety disorder (IAD) is a preoccupation that physical symptoms are signs of a serious illness, ... Somatic symptom and related disorders; Hypochondriasis.
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Hypochondriasis | Center for Behavioral Health | Cleveland Clinic

Illness anxiety disorder (IAD) is a recent term for what used to be diagnosed as hypochondriasis, ...
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DSM-5 redefines hypochondriasis - Mayo Clinic

... hypochondriasis and several related conditions have been replaced ... somatic symptom disorder and illness anxiety disorder. ... of Mayo Clinic in ...
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Hypochondriasis | University of Maryland Medical Center

... even though health care providers can find no evidence of illness. People with hypochondriasis misinterpret normal ... severe health anxiety (hypochondriasis): ...
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Hypochondriasis, anxiety or terminal illness?

It sounds to me like maybe you should stop reading. lol. My best friend is a hypochondriac, and I am always talking her down. I would say, go to the doctors, give them your symptoms just to be on  the safe side, and if they find nothing, focus on that...Let health be your focus, and don't read any more about different problematic diagnosis'. You mind can play silly tricks on you. You can make yourself believe anything and manifest symptoms for's mind of mater here.. think positive and it will be positive...
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hell yeah your hypochondriasis is feeding your anxiety in a big way as in turn your anxiety is feeding your hypo, i too have hypo which is now termed as health ANXIETY both are so connected, what part of the body are focusing on? you must believe the doctor if your tests are good that is the first step forward
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The world of general anxiety

Hi Brendan, I have been on and off anti-anxiety/anti-depressant medication for quite a few years now. For me, I believe I have always been anxious, and still am. My anxiety started to become apparent when i began suffering from panic attacks at quite an early age (11/12) but they were not common, they began to worsen when I was 18, and at 21 I was suffering from constant panic and anxiety all day, until it got to the stage that i would avoid areas that I could not easily leave (lecture theatres at uni, public transport etc.) and needed medication after suffering a panic attack whilst driving, (I pulled into an empty carpark and had to call for help). This was the last straw and I was taken to the doctor and put on Paroxetine 20mg (I was on this for 6 months, and then began taking Escitalopram 20mg after another bout of severe depression and anxiety). I too had anxiety over my health, namely my heart, which I was overly sensitive to the feeling that it was skipping a beat. I was living alone and far from any support so I had the constant fear that, 1. I would have a panic attack in a public place, and 2. that no-one would be there if my heart were to stop - quite conflicting not wanting to be around people but not wanting to be alone. I believe the best thing that happened for me was being put on a cardiac monitor (when I was finally dragged to the doctor). When the results came back as 'fine' I realised that this was psychological rather than physiological. To this day, (4 years later), I still have the frightening sensation that my heart is skipping beats, I still hate the thought of being 'stuck' places (you can imagine how much I love London's tube), and I believe I will always suffer from anxiety and depression, but now it is something I feel somewhat in control of. It's a constant in my life, but I think it's something that I am stronger than. I'm sure you are too.
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Vertigo - Caused by Anxiety ?

I have been diagnosed with severe vertigo, mine is as a result of a fall. Dizziness could be brought on by anxiety but, you should know if you were having an anxiety attack when it happened. My dizziness/spins come on with no warning, when they initially happened, anxiety naturally followed. I had no clue at the time, what was going on with my eyes, ears, or brain. Sometimes my eyes feel like they are pulling, other times they shake, When the spins happen I just look for the nearest safe thing to hold on to. My vision is overlapped but, used to be doubled. The concussion messed me up. I'm in the care of a good doctor, therapists, and a team of neuro-specialists. I would see a doctor about the vision problems, get diagnosed. ENT specialists may be in order but, many things could be causing the problem, don't rest until you find satisfying results. It could be the onset of vertigo and sometimes can clear with proper diagnosis & medication. Smiling on ahead! Daniel
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Wish I had the answer but I KNOW someone will be along shortly that has the answers you seek. I wanted to drop in and say CONGRATS on your 10days and encourage you to KEEP ON KEEPING ON! Anxiety can be hell to deal with. Ive been struggling with it myself. Im sorry about your daughter and sent up a prayer for you all.
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need advice!!

The OTC medication has not been approved by the FDA or any Euro body, so there is no review of the manufacturing methods or purity standards. It might even come from a run down polluted factory in China and be gel-capped in your country so they can legally call it a UK product. Some people believe this product works but I don't pass judgement on it. Your "symptoms" are classic anxiety driven reactions to the fear something is wrong and might not ever get right. If you look around this board you will see lots of people with claims of health disorders that their doctors say do not exist after testing them. Anxiety works on you and can make you depressed so it is hard to believe something is not a physical problem when you are plagued by anxiety and you feel an ouch, twinge or flutter here and there - however you probably felt all those before you had anxiety and paid no attention to them. Some doctors do over-prescribe anti-anxiety medication to get problem patients out of their office - my friend's wife doesn't speak English and is not overly bright, so when she and hubby asked doc for anti-anxiety meds the doc resisted for a few minutes then prescribed it - The woman claimed she was cured 2 days after taking the medication (which is impossible on an SSRI in that span of time and with the half dose she was on) but when she went back to doc, doc just said take it for 6 more months. Doc just wanted to get rid of her, but it is impossible for me to know what your doc's attitude is. Sometimes it takes a bit of trialing to find something that will work for you and your doc may be hoping that something will work - each person is different and reacts differently to the same med. You can try counselling. Meditation, self help books and volunteering are other options that might help you focus on other realities than what you are presently dwelling on - hypochondria in your words, however I prefer to call it lack of experience with the subject matter for now. Alternatively thinking, here is a cnn article explaining that some people just can't put anxiety to rest. I suggest thinking positively to see if solutions exist for you to do first though. I don't know much about hypochondria, but your first sentence indicates you believe that is your problem so you are not in denial. Have you done any reading on the subject to try to figure what it is that makes you that way? Write back.
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Heart Palpitations?

I have had this problem for the last year, I have had all tests done and I'm 100% healthy for my age (also 20) I take 40mgs celexa and 0.5mgs clonazepam a day and I rarely have palpitations. I bought a home blood pressure monitor and this helped ease my anxiety. I find the more you think about it the more it happens when i have a palpitation I just ignore it, everybody dies eventually and you might aswell not spend all your time living worrying.
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Hey Aaron, you're probably right about all of the symptoms relating to GAD. Good for you for doing your own research. My best advice is get all your blood tests done, which I'm sure you have. Then get a mood disorder specialist psychiatrist. You may need therapy or it may develop into something progressively worse in which medication would help (Wellbutrin is *good!). Take it from me, when mine started when I was 16. It got worse, and worse, the panic attacks got me so exhausted I failed university so don't let it get that far. PS Finding a psychiatrist is like shopping: I've gone through 5 counselors and 2 psychs before I found one who fit my style and could actually help me. I cannot stress the importance of getting the cause of your symptoms managed so it won't screw up your education / career. Best wishes & best luck!
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Hypochondriasis or OCD

I know that my headaches often are directly connected to my anxiety, and the same for minor stomach upset. Having said know the old saying "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not all out to get you"? Yes, your obsessing and I can speak freely, since I'm going through the same exact thing right now, (except for me its asthma instead of the stomach, and herpes instead of HIV) but if you have physical pain, there's something not working correctly. One thing I've been paying attention to is my sugar intake. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia 2 years ago, and totally ignored my doctor's instructions. I've been reading this past weekend, and I realized that all of our symptoms are associated with hypoglycemia (headaches, fatigue, digestive problems, anxiety, and allergies and asthma). I'm not saying you neccessarily have a low blood sugar problem, but you might want to consider having a glucose tolerance test. Who knows? It might actually be the cure you're looking for! That's for the headaches and lack of energy. The HIV fear is a whole other matter. You can't contract HIV from a toilet, even one at an STD clinic, and your test came back negative. Is there a reason you suspect your ex had HIV to begin with? Try to focus on it less. Every time you refuse to cooperate with that OCD voice in your head you weaken it's power (I used to have very severe OCD symptoms, and I've managed to be nearly symptom free - even during stressful times). Hope I've helped :)
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