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Constant worry I feel ill please help ?

Hi guys I have always suffered from serious worrying and it's hard to explain , I try and overcome it and then one little thing can get me down and it takes over . I am getting married in a few weeks and so excited , but I have invited a few ppl in the evening that Naw I think I should t have for silly reasons but Naw I can't stop worrying I have made the wrong choice and it's making me ill I worry so much my eyes are blurry and feel sick , everyone has said I have made the correct choice please help with my stress ?

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Constant worry I feel ill please help ?

I'm really struggling and the worrying is taking over my life ease can anyone help with any advice
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help for daughter

Hold tight, more people will see your post and give u some very good advice. I'm not well aquainted w/ that particular med so i wouldn't know what to say, but i can tell u the people on this sight know their stuff!  You must be a pretty awesome mom if your daughter knew she could come to u. Your going to play a large role in helping, for sure! Keep posting.
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can any 1 help please im worried now,

I sent you an email....just want you to know there are people to help you...:)I know it's Friday night...get yourself some Seltzer and lemon or lime..skip the booze and drugs for the weekend..if not forever!..
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Constant State Of Fear I Cant Explain... Please Help

This sounds like generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder.  Talk to your doc about SSRI's or SNRI's, like prozac, paxil, zoloft, effexor, lexapro, etc.  They help tremendously.  If you try one, and after a month don't feel better, you can try a different one, or a stronger dose.  They all have similar mechanisms, but each is just different enough, that some will work better for some people depending on brain chemistry.  I think this stuff should be in the drinking water, and many doctors agree.  Also, regular cardio exercise is very beneficial--regulates brain chemistry, as does a healthy diet with no refined sugars or carbs.  Switch to wheat pastas and breads (NOT the "enriched" ****--shop at health food stores).  Take a multivitamin, and a magnesium supplement (magnesium has been shown to help anxiety).  Also, take Omega 3 fish oil supplements.  Of course, check with a doc before doing all of this, but I am sure he/she will agree (you may want to try a new doctor--yours doesn't sound very knowledgeable about anxiety).  You will feel like a new person in 4 weeks, guaranteed.
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Am i freaking out for nothing??

The "symptoms" are classic anxiety which many anxiety sufferers experience. If the Paxil isn't working why don't you see doc for a different med? But first, how long have you been on it? There are also short term meds you can use to get you through a panic attack so has doc discussed this with you? Why do you fear dying - do you have a diagnosed health condition?
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Scared i have a brain tumor

I'm not a doctor but have sufferered from anxiety. These do not sound like symptoms of a brain tumour. They sound like anxiety. Dizziness is a classic symptom and your anxious breathing causes the odd sensations in your hands. The shaking is adrenaline due to your anxiety and everyone twiches sometimes. Please talk to your parents or someone you trust about your anxiety though. Take care.
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Somebody please help :(

Hi, I'm new to the forum & anxiety is my issue also. The problem with anxiety is it's all in your head. I won't tell you my issue, as you'll only convince yourself that you have that issue also ;-) Don't read into side effects with medication unless you truly feel unwell after taking it. They give you this to treat you, not kill you :-D All of the doctors tests so far give you a clean bill of health,  which is great. Try and concentrate on something to take your mind off. Something that keeps your hands & mind busy. The only other solace I can offer is that your not the only one going through your problem. I know it feels like it. If it's not killed you yet then it's likely not going to! :-)
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Please help!!

Alright, stop smoking weed.  It's not helping.  And this could be related to hormonal changes whioch are normal at your age.  Try staying very busy so you don't think about it.  If that doesn't work, then go to your parents again to see a doctor.  Blessings - Blu
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