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Anxiety attacks.......take Ativan until Zoloft kicks in?

Hi, I was 150mg of Zoloft for over a decade for an anxiety disorder and it worked well for me.  Last year I went down to 50mg and have been having lots of near panic attacks lately.  There seems to be no trigger either.  It's happening multiple times every day for the past week/10 days.  I am now upping my Zoloft to 100mg but I worry it's not registering right away because it's been a week and still the anxiety attacks.  I'm even considering going to 125mg.  My doctor suggested Ativan but I declined out of worry of be

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I'm taking Zoloft for panic attacks but it's not helping ...

HI Migdaliarsd, zoloft is an antidepresent that can help anxiety too. But it doesn't do much for the panic attacks alone. I'm on klonopin for anxiety and it works ...
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Severe Anxiety about starting Zoloft/Sertraline? -

Severe Anxiety about starting Zoloft ... Take the Ativan about 1 hour before the Zoloft until you ... it may either induce or worsen panic attacks and anxiety. ...
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Apr 26, 2008 · I actually feel better 'before' I take the Zoloft in the morning and am ... I was having panic attacks and anxiety. ... Zoloft--How long before it kicks ...
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Ativan for Anxiety - Living With Anxiety

Ativan for Anxiety. ... quite helpful in treating panic attacks. However, Ativan has the potential to be even ... have a problem with Anxiety? Take the Self Test ...
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How Should Antidepressant-Associated Anxiety Be Managed?

How do you manage antidepressant-induced anxiety during initiation of therapy? ... Doses should be titrated slowly over a few weeks until efficacy is attained.
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Zoloft causing anxiety. ... He himself never have anxiety attacks or problems with anxiety until recently. ... I take Zoloft and Xanax at the moment, ...
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Anxiety attacks.......take Ativan until Zoloft kicks in?

I should mention that my anxiety/panic attack symptoms are probably typical:  lightheaded, chest tightness, sweating, sensation that I'm about to hyperventilate, rush of energy, and it even happens immediately after waking up from naps. I have been to the hospital for this and a stomach problem 3 times in the past week.  This pretty severe stomach inflammation, called Gastritis, is what I was diagnosed with it this week.  It seems to have corresponded exactly at the same time as the anxiety/panic attacks started.  My suspicion is, from what I've read, inflammation leads to a response from the body.  That response is a stress hormone called Cortisol.  And Cortisol can lead to anxiety & panic symptoms.   I'm having a gastro-intestinal scope/procedure done tomorrow.  
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New Med Side Effect

I am on sertraline but it is making me very sick. Nausea,runny tummy,headaches,palpations and my anxiety more than ever! Hard time sleeping or eating. Went back to the docter and told him how I felt,my symptoms. You know what he did???? Put me in a pchyciatry hospital because its all in my head! I know my body,i can feel its not working,its making me sicker. My thoart is red and my neck muscels stiff. but he blame it all on anxiety!!
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Feeling abandoned. Anxiety is off the charts, depressed.

I would recommend going back on meds for the time being and trying to get into a therapist ASAP. I know what you are going through, we are cut form the same cloth. You may not want to get back on meds but it is better then the alternative. The anxiety and panic attacks are so much more then just mental, they do damage to the body too.
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i dont know what to do anymore

I really feel for.. I also suffer from anxiety n depression.. Did u have a head injury in the car accident?? Maybe that what causing the dizziness and headaches?? I also suffer from dizziness from my anxiety,  the way I can explain it is I always feel off balanced.. The last 2 months has been really hard, can't shake the stupid "off balanced" feeling.. I hate it because I no stress and n anxiety can cause ALOT of physical symptoms.. Trust me I think I've felt them all.. Plz feel free to ask me anything or just message me to talk. It really helps when u no other ppl r dealing with the same thing..
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Zoloft & Ativan Question 35 wks pregnant (please read)

Congratulations on your baby, and I'm sorry you're struggling with this right now. I've never had a baby, but here's a few things I can tell you: - hormones can impact anxiety.  I have experienced an increase in symptoms sometimes when I'm PMSing and getting ready to start my period. - starting Zoloft: a side effect for some results in increased anxiety.  It stinks, but it does pass!  I've been on Zoloft for almost a year now, and have had a great deal of success. Are you seeing a counselor or therapist?  I would highly recommend it!  In the meantime, I have found journaling to be very therapeutic.  Just pound out anything and everything you're thinking & feeling.  Make sure you're taking good care of yourself - rest, good nutrition, lots of water, all these help.  If your ob/gyn has cleared you to do so, gentle exercise is great, too. Distraction is my best weapon for anxiety.  When you find yourself tempted to start over analyzing, get up and do something.  Turn on some music, go walk, call someone and talk it out, turn on a fave TV show.  And stay off Dr. Google!!!! Above all, make sure your ob/gyn is aware of what you're experiencing.  He or she can speak from a medical professional perspective Sending you good wishes - let us know how you're doing!
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what makes you think your gal bladder is involved,reason i asked i guess with my anxiety i think everything is wrong with me they tell me to try therapy i have only had a couple of panic attacks since this is been going on but i wonder if the pain i feel caused my anxiety or the meds did cause i felt ok 4 months ago just had some pain in my arm and tingling in my hand now its turned in to everything
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Not sure if I should wean of my Ativan

There is a nutrition forum you can look up. Alternative medicines here at MH. As for your medication. Strange type of medication to be given as needed. Never been on it. But I don't think it would kick in straight away if anxiety ever hit you. Never heard of it been given before to take as needed. But i am no doctor. Others might know a little different. 2 weeks is hardly any time taken medication like a benzo. But if it makes your mind feel at ease just half the dose and take that and half it again, which will be next to nothing of a dose. Just see how you feel on the lesser amount. I doubt you feel bad at all. Was only a short time you were on them.
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Zoloft 100mg with 1mg Ativan

psychiatric pills take time to build up and work for you everyone responds differently to the same meds you take ok :)
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zoloft help

I have another question.(I'm applying for FMLA right now) I don't sleep well enough at night, so about 3 hrs. after  getting up I'll go back to bed for a little while so I'm not so tired. I take a nap after lunch so I have more energy in the afternoon. I'll try to take a short nap around 5 so I have more energy for the evening. My fiancee' is not happy about me doing this. Am I wrong in doing this until I feel better?
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