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Anxiety out of the blue

Im a 49yo healthy white male who never had any anxiety attacks or panick attacks my entire life.  2 months ago sitting on the couch i got light headed, , dizzy, , heart began racing, , sweating,  thought i was gonna pass out.  Called 911 and the took me to the ER.  Was able to calm myself down after some intervenious Ativan.  Other then elevated blood pressure, , everything came back normal.  It the weeks to follow, i had ever test done, blood work,  heart work, , ears, head , ect....but the anxiety is still lingering day to

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Anxiety out of the blue

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blue lips?

Anxiety doesn't have anything to do with lips or coloring. It gives you adrenaline to help you in a fight or flight situation, so you can perspire, heart beats a bit faster and stuff along those lines. Possibly your lips had that coloring before but you didn't notice. How old are you?
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Terrible morning anxiety.

I find that my anxiety is always worse in the mornings especially when I just wake up and have to get ready for work. I think I've read that other people experience this as well.
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Urgent or not?

All of the symptoms you describe are very typical for anxiety. I should know because I've experienced them all! Anxiety isn't really a "mental illness" but more of a condition that people generally bring on themselves through "stinking thinking." I strongly encourage you to ask your mom/dad to make an appointment for you to get some counseling. Don't start with medication -- try first to see if someone can help you identify what the issue is, and help you adjust your thinking on it. Anxiety is very treatable, but you want to grab the bull by the horns and move on with your life before it becomes deeply-entrenched. In the meantime, try this approach: whatever you're worried about, just let go and let it happen. Don't fight it. Say to yourself "Bring it on!" You'll very likely find nothing happens, and realize your worries and anxieties are unnecessary. You'll be better for it! I hope this helps.
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anxious about always feeling anxious

You said that you were feeling very overwhelmed at work and that this was the reason you began to feel anxious. It's kind of the "chicken or the egg" sort of question, but are you sure you weren't experiencing some anxiety first and that led you to feeling overwhelmed by your job? While the question has some merit, it's also rather moot. The point being that you are now suffering from anxiety. You said it yourself when you stated that you are "caught in a horrible cycle of logic that I can't break out of." Sorry to say this, but welcome to the very unpleasant merry-go-round ride of anxiety. SOMETHING caused you to begin to feel anxious and it has now spiraled into overtaking your whole life. You need to find out what that "something" was and deal with it. And you are doing exactly what I would advise anyone in your situation. You have made an appointment with a therapist and that is the smartest thing you could have done for yourself. I would also advise a visit with your doctor to rule out any physical reason for this "sudden" anxiety. There are quite a few medical reasons that can cause a person to feel anxious/anxiety/panic. Your therapist may recommend that you have your doctor prescribe an antianxiety medication to help you calm down, which is fine...........the combination of medication and therapy can be very effective. A word of caution, if your doctor wants to put you on Xanax, please ask for something else. Xanax is a very good drug, but you have to be extremely careful with it. I would instead request something like diazepam (Valium) which does not carry the same "dangers" of Xanax, but is very effective. Listen to your relaxation tape, see your doctor, begin your therapy, and I have a feeling it won't be long before you are back to your old self again. Meanwhile, do your best to not focus on yourself. Surround yourself with your friends or family, stay busy, do things you enjoy, don't "overthink" this. You'll be fine. Peace Greenlydia        
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Is this anxiety or bipolar?

I stayed up half the last night writting poetry, because Icouldn't sleep. I got about 5 hours of sleep. Woke up feeling like I wanted to run down the block again.
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To your question, Oh yes! Alot of us with anxiety have trouble breathing. Try taking long deep breaths when your feeling this way. Take care. Remar
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Anxiety during specific times of the day?

I'd get into therapy as soon as possible with a therapist who specializes in anxiety (a psychologist) if you want a non-medication approach.  CBT might be ideal for you, as you'll learn both about your thinking approach and some relaxation techniques.  If it works, you might actually find a cure; if it doesn't, well, you haven't lost anything.  By the way, OCD is just another form of anxiety.  Labels are useful for selling pharmaceutical products and getting insurance reimbursement, but in real life, anxious thinking is anxious thinking and it stinks.
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very sudden dizziness followed by anxiety attack

I have been experiencing something similar, I could be driving, or just sitting in class, and I just start getting this out-of-body feeling like I am going to pass out and I feel like a loss of balance and like my coordination is off.  It is really hard to describe.  I usually freak myself out after that because I start thinking about what could be wrong with me.
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Strange feeling in head

Didn't mean to post twice..
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