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I'm terrified

I think I developed a phobia. In my province there's over hundreds of wildfires right now and my community has been blanketed in smoke, thank God today it seemed to lift and I could breathe better, but I'm terrified it might come back. Just to explain, I've always hated fog, anything being in the air has always bothered me for some reason, I never liked to go outside when it was foggy out, and everyone thought that was weird but recently with all the smoke haze, which I've never experienced before, I've developed a huge overwhelming phobia.   I've never real

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Pregnant and terrified: It's maternity's biggest taboo, but antenatal depression is very real. By Lucy Taylor. Updated: 03:12 EDT, 28 June 2010
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Brantley Gilbert Unfiltered 39 I 39 M Terrified Of 39 mp3 Download. Brantley Gilbert's Tips For Happy Marriage. 192 Kbps 3:39 6,021 . PLAY. ... 192 Kbps 3:39 11,969 .
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39 weeks and terrified of giving birth :( I was wondering if anyone else is in the same position and would like some reassurance that I'm not on my own.
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Oh new one, I am so sorry your dealing with this. I don't want to comment on that dose as I have no experience. I was dependent on ativan 1.5 mg a day and had to wean down. It is not fun and at your dose a Dr. on board is a must. Hold tight, more will be along to give you more helpful advise. Stay calm, you'll get thru this. Does your Dr. know your struggling?
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You need to talk to your mother IMMEDIATELY about this! You had a terrifying experience with this man looking in your bedroom experience that would scare the living daylights out of people three times your age! Your mother may and/or should consider having you see a psychologist to deal with these very real fears. Seeing a psychologist does not mean there is something wrong with YOU, because there isn't. This person will be able to help you learn to cope with the fear so it won't mess you up when you get older. If your mother won't help, can you talk with your dad? Does he know what happened? I think you should let him know as he IS your father and he will want to protect you in any way he can. You can also talk with the counselors at your school who will help you. You cannot continue to live in fear and you can't get by on just a few hours of sleep at night. You are an incredibly bright young girl to reach out to an anxiety forum for help. But we can't be there to help you deal with this, so you gotta keep on being brave and keep on reaching out until you find some help. We are always here and you can always talk to us, but please tell your mother how you're feeling as soon as possible. She may not know how frightened you are. Please stay in touch with us, OK? Take care, Toots Greenlydia  
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No more Norco/ I'm TERRIFIED-help!!!!

yup its the end.HOPEFULLY the end of ur addiction.Crazy posting on CL&In thrilled u got ripped off.Also b happy it wasnt a cop cause the do post or answer adds like that.ur on day3which means ur n the worst of it.R u taking anything2ease w/d.U need to find aftercare(na meetings for example and go OFTEN
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NUBAIN, I need to stop but terrified of w/d can anyone please help me?

Can you see another doctor, not the one who prescribed them, or get to a clinic or something? Can you get into a treatment center that can detox you? Are these opiates? Why are you on them? Can you switch to codeine phospate? That's what I went to from oxycontin for my back, and i'm okay, but you can outrun wd/
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I'm terrified, can anyone help me ??

Hi madge23 Wow! I am so sorry to hear this. I have Tons of info regarding Addiction, and Addiction and the Brain and about many different drugs too.. I picked up a book here that is the National Practice Guidelines for the use of Medications in the Treatment of Addiction Involving Opioid use. It says that a person switching to Naltrexone from a short acting opiate should at least wait 6 days after the removal of there other drug. The Most common side affects in random order can include; insomnia, lack of energy/sedation, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain/cramps, headaches, cold symptoms, joint and muscle pain. WOW!! That sounds just like W/DS to me! Maybe it threw you into precipitated w/ds, as you had not yet got the other meds out of your system. Bummer!!! The Naltrexone can cause you to be really sick if you take another opiate with it. WE do have many ppl on here that have come of the Subs/Subutex but I have not seen them around..Maybe they will stop by and give you some more personal experience about this..Are you better now?? I sure would stay away from that one for sure. It is some powerful stuff, as I did have some experience with Buprenorphine way in the past.  Pray you are off of it now and working a program. You know we can not do it alone and it will take so many Behavior changes to stay clean..AA/NA are good for this. I am sure you have gone to a few. Wishing you the best and hope you are feeling better. So Sad! Sometimes we trust the Drs and we get even worse. Hug! Hope others with SUB experience will chime in! PS. We have Receptors in our Brain and Body. The Stomach is one place that gets hit, as those receptors are trying to clear up. Have a Merry Christmas! Vickie
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architectural distortion

Hi, You should relax and wait for the repeat mammogram to be done and the reports to come in. You could also schedule an appointment with your breast specialist to discus your doubts and the report. Have you noticed any abnormal features on breast self examination like a breast lump, nipple discharge , skin changes etc? Ask your doctor for a copy of the report and post it to us too. Let us know about how you are doing and about any other doubts that you have. Regards.
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Asperger's Syndrome: Extreme Social Phobia

i do feel socially ackward at times, but i have learned that it is my mind playing tricks on me, the aspergers wants me to think i am less than other people!!! so if i am not careful i can become isolated, some things that help me not be isolated i am a memeber of a group sport, i take my kids to the park every wed. and skating on friday, both places are real crowded, and i meet other moms, i usually let them do most of the talking, i also goto na and ea which you would not need na, but ea may help recently i have limited the amount of time i spend on my computer, and i do this activity where i drawl both of my hands on a piece of paper, on my right hand i list 5 people who i can call on a regular basis, people i lean on for support, and on my left i write down 5 people i know that are going through rough periods that i can help and be there for them i do believe that we were not ment to be alone, i have never been a "loner" but because of my strange response to people when i was younger it was really hard to make friends, i wanted friends, i just had to work harder at it, and before EA i did not know how to do that
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Terrified to take anxiety medication

Your fear is preventing you from getting the help you need.  I do not know the side effects of the meds, but I do know that most help and not hurt.  Also, people with adverse effects usually suffer from a headache or increased anxiety.  I am seizures are extrememly, extrememly rare.  I am sure that your doctor would not have given you this med if he thought you were at a higher risk than the average person.  give it a try.  best to you.
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I can't comment much on aplastic anemia. my understanding is your bone marrow was damaged from your leukemia treatment when you were younger and your doctors now want to reboot your bone marrow with your sister's donor stem cells? I had a stem cell transplant when I was 32  for something different, a  rare bone marrow cancer called multiple myeloma. I am pretty much back to normal now, but my cancer is in remission, not cured, so I will likely have another stem cell transplant in the future ( MM is a chronic cancer) In the present time peripheral blood stem cell transplant has mostly replaced the older bone marrow transplant procedure, though we still call it “bone marrow transplant”, it is much easier. Your sister is given a medication to stimulate her body to make extra stem cells; these are then collecting in a process similar to donating blood so she is not put under or anything. A transplant is more or less the same procedure, doesn't matter what they are treating.   You will have a central line into your chest, (done with a procedure with local anesthetic). This allows for you to get medications and for blood to be drawn for the lab.  You will be given a large dose of chemo, and then you get the stem cells back a few days later.  That is the whole “transplant”.  Then the waiting begins for them to start making new blood cells. If you had a blood transfusion before it is pretty similar to that. Many of the side effects are from the chemo (you loose your hair, nausea, mouth sores, diarhea) Then as you are waiting for the stem cells to start building up your immune system you have to be really careful about getting an infection (visitors must wear a mask, not come to the hospital sick) you will be on a special diet at the hospital (no raw fruits, no salad etc) and probably get frequent meds and fluids through the central line. There is a lot of blood work, and frequent vital sign checks for fever or blood pressure issue. I was able to be my own donor so I do not have to take the anti rejection drugs / steroids. I was really sick for a few weeks while I was in the hospital, but the nurses and doctors are there to look after you.  If you develop a symptom like nausea they have a lot of meds they can give you to try and deal with that.  The worse issue for me was the chemo irritated my kidney so it would not work properly so I had to have a lot of fluids all the time to deal with low blood pressure. I think it is important to ask your doctor to explain the procedure to you, ask about what ‘chemo’ you will be given, the side effects to expect, what you will need to do in your recovery etc. etc. Knowledge is power and it will help you feel empowered if you are involved in your own care, making decision etc. You were still considered a child when you had Leukemia so you will probably now be treated more like an adult and it is different. I have heard that from other young adult cancer patients I am friends with who moved from the Children’s hospital for treatment to our region’s adult cancer centre.
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A syrinx causes problems with the feeling on the skin of your shoulders, chest, back, arms and hands. For me it is like having some kind of barrier or covering in the affected area, like wearing surgical gloves and trying to feel things through them if that makes sense. I also have problems telling the difference between hot and cold. Burning like pain, pins & needles &  fasciculations (involuntary muscle twitching) cause a lot of discomfort. It will depend on the length, the spinal segments that are involved as much as the with of the Syrinx. Each segment has spinal nerve root's that supply different areas of the body,
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