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In Panic- Some Reassurenace For A Sensitive Mind?

ok I try to keep a level head about stuff but im in a bit of a panic attack at the mo...Ok a BIG one and its totally just because of me being an idiot. Basically ive got severe health anxiety and moderate asthma. Now ive always taken paracetamol with headaches etc and never noticed any major problems. Now I read on a pack the other day that most Paracetamol contains E223: Sodium Metabisulfite (see wikipedia) and that that can occasionaly cause bad reactions in asthmatics. Now like I said, unless this has JUST been put into paracetamol or ive been to stupid to draw a link between episodes of as

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In Panic- Some Reassurenace For A Sensitive Mind?

Oh and also...The biggest help I could get (and I know this should go on the asthma page but Im in too much of a panic to care) does a peak-flow reading ALWAYS tell you about your could it ever have a high reading saying your asthma is good and you still be having an attack....Just cause I think if I know that as long as my peak flow says im ok I am...I wont worry so much. Thank you.
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Feeling different leads to panicking?

If if helps, I have the same super sensitivity to my body sensations. I understand that it is just one of the ways that anxiety can manifest in people. After suffering my first panic attack, which was dizziness, shortness of breath, tingling in arms and legs, head fogginess or floating sensation, etc, I now start to freak out anytime my body feels any one of these things. If I stand up to fast and get a little dizzy, I begin to think about panic..If my arm falls asleep my automatic reaction is that its all starting, or something like that. I dont know why this happens, but I know it is really hard to change your course of thought. Thats what I do..I try as hard as I can to tell myself its  lie down if I feel dizzy until it passes, to shake my arms and legs out until the tingling stops..tell myself this is normal, this is from my arm falling asleep or whatever it is. As far as smoking pot, I dont know about how that affects anxiety, but I would imagine that any drug use would aggravate it. I wouldnt want to do anything mind altering and make my anxiety worse. I do know that they tell you not to drink alcohol or smoke becuase they can make anxiety worse. Myself, I cant even drink caffeine without it making me shaky and starts the anxious feelings.
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Advice on Meds

Dear Vicky, the people on this site are a support system.  There aren't any doctors on this site answering questions...however, I think the mental health (depression) forum has doctors that answer questions so please post your question there.  I don't think any of us are qualified, although there are some very "well-read" people who may be able to give you some advice.  Best to you.
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Panic attack while driving

Take your meds, hon.  If you have this issue, you have it, and the faster you nip it in the bud, the less likely you are to get permanent neural channels carved that cause you to be fearful when driving.  What you're saying is akin to saying "I have diabetes but I'm afraid to take insulin."  Anxiety problems are about as much a physical issue as diabetes, not a moral issue or a mental state.  Take your meds and talk to your counselor, and do it sooner not later, so you don't get nailed into this reactive pattern.  If you don't have a counselor, get one tomorrow.  The combination of meds, talk therapy and exercise is the 1-2-3 punch for anxiety, and gives you your life back.  Good luck!
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help me im scared

Situational panic can be controlled in many ways.  There is no need to suffer.  Visit your doctor and discuss your options. For the time being, practice breathing.  Deep breath in through your nose, hold, then exhale through your mouth.  You can even put your hand on your stomach to feel it rise and fall.  You can even count as a distraction.   I hope you feel better soon.  
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scared of losing my mind

Well when you've done a drug like marijuana feelings of paranoia or anxiety can arise. You have to mentally talk to yourself and say that you know you've taken something that has caused this feelings and instead of fighting the drug and freaking out about it you just gotta ride it out until its over. I have a family history of depression and anxiety and I've been dealing with it since high school. I have been placed on many different drugs and have found that the one thing that helps me the most is myself. Telling myself I'll be okay; this too shall pass and if I keep telling myself that the anxiety will take over my life and cause me to lose my mind eventually thats what's gonna happen. I know how hard it can get with the feeling of your slipping into madness but you need to know as long as you not only tell yourself but you start to believe it. If you need someone to talk to or just vent about how you feel you can hit me up anytime.Take care;))
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panic and exhaustion - Desperate for help

Be kind to yourself. Exhaustion - the body needs TIME to recover. Sometimes that takes awhile. Panic/anxiety - these are very real issues - but the WORST thing is isolation. You really HAVE to find at least 1 thing to do weekly where you HAVE to get out of the house and amongst people (grocery shopping does not count). Do you have PTSD? Post traumas can sometimes put people in their own prisons life-wise. You need someone to talk too that can help sort things out for you or just a good friend to repeatedly say the same things over and over until you can process and put things 'away' and get relief. As for brain function - if you are on Facebook - try Mahjong. There are a few different kinds on it so play around with them until you find one you like best. Basically - you match things up. It exercises both sides of the brain at the same time. My Dr makes me do at least 2 of those and 2 sodukos daily.
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lsd and after effects

You're just feeling the effects of a bad trip. Lsd is known to trigger these kinds of feelings in people who already have a psychological condition. Never take psychedelic drugs if you aren't in the right state of mind, as this is what will happen. Never take drugs in general....hahah, but in all honesty, if you're not ready for a profound, life altering experience like that, don't do it. They're powerful on your thoughts and emotions. You'll be fine. If it gets worse, see a doctor about the anxiety. But lsd is virtually harmless, in every aspect other than your brain and mentality. So be careful!
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