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feeling weird

Since I was 15 I been feeling like I'm in a dream or drunk high really weird cause im in a normal status started after I smoked weed and got paranoid it went away off and on they said it was anxiety but I doubt I'm 28 now still going through the same mostly happens at work in mid day I start feeling like I'm in a dream so I get paranoid cause I know I'm awake so I feel like Ima pass out or fall out cause my heart is beating fast I don't what to do anymore went to the doctors said they couldn't find anything wrong like high or low pressure diabetes I thought that was cau

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Please anyone with ANY suggestions.

I cannot take morphine for exactly that reason. It is a very strong medication and I believe it can cause such hallucinations. My husband after surgery was on it and he literally went crazy. It took a week to get it out of his system but he was fine after. Is your doctor aware of the meds? If he/she is I would let Dr. know and perhaps a different pain medication more appropriate can be given...Good luck
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ne1 feel weird all the time???

i forgot to add that i have really weird, crazy dreams that sometimes feel so real.. ne1 else????
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Would my doctors have found something if something was wrong?? I feel so crazy!

What you describe seems quite typical for anxiety/depressive disorder. Tranquilizers don't help you with the anxiety and panic?  Do you see a psychiatrist? FEAR is a dominant feature with anxiety and's what make it a real hell. It's very difficult to believe that anxiety and depression can have the severe physical effects that they do.. We all have normal anxiety and get depressed so that's all we have to relate to so when we're told we have those 'disorders' we don't realize it's something totally different then that.  You don't have to have something to be anxious or depressed about to be suffering the symptoms of the illness. I don't know much of your medication experience but frequently people are given meds by a GP and when they don't work, another is tried, and you eventually get fed up with effects you have from them.   Some people need to be started off on much smaller doses then the standard dose and build up gradually.  Taking too much at the beginning can steer you from a medication that may well be the best one for you and you never get the chance to find out. SSRI's are frequently the drug of first choice these days.  None of them ever worked for me and I gave them a good trial.  I know how frustrating that can be but there are a lot of medcations out there and we frequently have to go thru a few to get the right combination. Why is it that this illness has to be the one that is such an inexact science to get relief for? Our nervous systems are so poorly understood.  These medciations have been around for decades and their action is hardly understood.  Yet they can and do provide relief for the symptoms if they are administered in the proper fashion.   Only you can determine what the proper course of action is for you.   My recommendation would be to find a psychiatrist (or new one).  Let him know exactly what you are going thru, what meds you tried, their dosages and length of time you tried them, what therapy you have had and how that went.  DONT give up in finding some help.  You don't have to accept living with the symptoms you have unless YOU choose to.  You deserve to be better able to enjoy the blessings you have. Sorry for being so long winded!!
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weird feelings in my left breast

The symptoms you describe could very well be due to anxiety. I don't know why type of Dr.s you have been seeing but a good Physical exam by an Internest might be a good idea at this point.  In any event I don't see any connection between your complaints and breast cancer. You might ck. the list of Communities that are available here and select one that may be more appropriate to your situation.    Kindest regards ....
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Yes there is a solution but you will need to talk to a therapist.  It is more like you have a sex addiction at this point.  When I am manic I may experience some hyper-sexuality but I try to at least maintain enough discipline to not do it all the time. If you are masterbating to cartoons and doing this often you are naturally going to lose interest in your partner and in turn you are going to start having more problems from that.  I would say to stop the porn and seek help so that you can have desires that are healthy.
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Feeling extremely weird mentally. Lasts for 10 or more days

Hey Jen. Well well! I think I might come up with an answer in regards to your issues. First things first though. I need you to give me some answers before, I attempt to put it together. 1.  IBS is catch all G/I syndrome of symptoms. Can you elaborate? Details regarding symptoms, severity, frequency etc. 2. Any symptoms in the "off" cycle at all? 3.Diet,drink and lifestyle-what's a typical day like? What are your favourite foods and drinks? 4.Have you had any tissue analysis for minerals and B12 (not blood work for B12) 5.Have you ever been diagnosed with or checked for Leaky Gut? 6.Have you been checked for Mycotoxins? 7.Have you ever done a full body cleanse (detox)? 8.Have you ever had a Functional metabolic test? 9.Have you ever done any breathing tests? 10.Have you ever checked your PH saliva and PH urine levels? Sorry for all these questions, but take your time to answer, at your own pace. Take care. Niko
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why do i feel like this all the time

you sound just like me, and yes, im always scared too. i read your post to my friend and she thought i had written it.. its all too familiar, im tired of it, i want my life back soooo bad. i feel like something really is weighing my brain down. and light bothers my eyes also. and my neck and back of my head hurt all the time. i feel alone to, and so weak and i used to be full of life and so happy all the time, it all came on so suddenly 2 weeks ago, nothing makes me happy anymore, cuz i always feel weird
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What could be causing this weird feeling on my head? help I'm scared of brain tumor

You have hypochondria and this is just another episode. I also suffer with sinusitis and I know that it can cause a great many symptoms that don't seem related to our sinuses at all. My ENT said that when our sinuses are inflammed, the pressure that results radiates throughout our entire head. It can cause headaches, earaches, eye pain and a feeling that our eyes are bulging, watery eyes, sharp, shooting pains that can feel almost like migraine pain from the vasoconstriction of blood vessels, a feeling that it's difficut to swallow..........well, his list of woes went on and on. I have, in the past 30+ years experienced most of them. No brain tumors, no cancer......just a lousy "SDS." (Snot Disposal System) I've had X-rays and two MRIs which confirms my sinus cavities are too small and don't drain well. I've also had my sinuses "rotor rooted" a few times and I hope you never have to have that done! Imagine sticking a garden hose up your snout and turning it on full pressure. I wear a nose plug when I shower now thanks to that experience. A Netti Pot is great, but recent newpaper articles have scared most of to death about using them. Apparently some people were getting infected with brain eating bacteria. Cool, eh? They say now that it's perfectly OK to use them as long as you use distilled water. Anyway, perhaps a visit to an ENT will help you with your sinus problems, and you may want to give some serious thought to getting into some therapy to deal with your hypochondria. It's a really crappy way to live your life..........wasting so much time worrying about all your aches and pains and that's time you will never get back. Besides, if something is going to happen, it's going to happen whether you worry about it or not, so why not worry about it when (and if) it actually happens? Did you also know that the things we worry the most about never happen? It's true. Just a tip, stay OFF the symptom sites on the Net. Bad, bad place for hypochondriacs to hang out. Not good. No siree bob.   Don't lose any more time to hypochondriacal fear. Be the master of your own domaine! LOL Peace Greenlydia  
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Yes, many of us with anxiety get those weird feelings. We can also have weakness, headaches and back and shoulder pain. There is a very long list of anxiety symptoms. If your not feeling better soon go back to see your Dr and ask for more testing. It does sound like anxiety to me, but I am not a Dr and can not diagnose you.  
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fear of impending doom

I have a similar problem, I feel deathly afraid to fall asleep. I currently don't take any medications, but am looking into it to see what I can do. I'm just short of going in to get a Brain Scan done to see if it is something serious.
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