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Please help :( is this REALLY anxiety??

So Im a 19 year old girl and I feel like Im too young to be feeling like this.. It started out with a slight pain on the right side of my head kind of near my ear.. Thought I was about to get an ear infection, but I ignored the pain anyway. Then the pain went into my right cheekbone, it was so bad I couldnt even chew or open my mouth.. That went away but then I started to feel weird tingling sensations in my head and face, the feeling would even go to my nose too. When I first expierenced this I was so freaked out. I was pacing back and forth, i felt like i was going to fall to the floor, my h

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"one move technique"

Hi I don`t know this technique, but I can assure you I feel your pain since I have severe anxiety disorders and EXTREMELY  violent panic attacks, actually its estreme;y hard to type these words right now because now I feel AWFUL...this is so painful! Well if you wanna share your experience with me, msg me.  :-)
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Remeron 30mg please help

and i will also like to mention that when the "anxiety" first started it only lasted for 5 months, the next 7 months were really well! i wasnt taking anything for it and i was doing really well, and all of a sudden 2 weeks ago i got a ''panic attack'' (which i hope it is a panic attack) and today again...really please help, i feel really bad right now
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Having a panic/anxiety attack please help really scared

im sorry to hear what your going through,i no exactly how you feel,i have the same anxiety and i also have health anxiety.Firstly i would suggest you go and see a doctor and maybe just have a chat about some meds,they can start you on a low dose and get to find out which suit you,secondly i would try and get in with another therapist or a cbt ( they are especially good with anxiety) when you feel a panic coming on try not to just dash off,try some breathing techniques in through your nose for 5 and out through your mouth slow also try distractions like looking at whats going on around you,try not to concentrate on your bodily symptoms because thats when all the others kick in and it makes it worse when you pay attention to it,i understand its hard hope i helped let us no how you get on :-)
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can meds really help advice please??

For me, they did.  In the beginning, I was against any forms of medications because I thought of them as a crutch and I probably had a little too much pride.  But, after going on them, I think it was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made, however, remember that there is no 'magic pill' that can cure you of this.  I believe that this combined with talk therapy is the best approach in my experience.  Gaining the long term knowledge about your depression and anxiety gives you the power to confront it and ultimately beat it...welcome to the forum and please keep us posted!
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public speaking with Anxiety HELP!!!

So, JESSiCA, we meet again! I'm glad to hear you're involved with a partner and a project, but I do understand your fear of public speaking. I'm positive the vast majority of us would rather streak through Wal Mart than get up in front of a group of people. (Would anybody notice us in Wal Mart? Somehow I think we'd just "blend!") I suppose there are a number of things you could try before it was your turn to be on stage. Deep breathing, relaxation techniques, visualization...............personally they don't work for me, but that doesn't mean they won't work for you. What I finally discovered helped me in overcoming MY fear was to be as well prepared as I  possibly could. To know my material inside and out and to plan out my speech and demonstration so there were no awkward pauses, no time or chance to flounder which just gets you so flustered and freaked, you lose your place and your thoughts and you start to sweat and the whole thing falls apart like a cake left out in the rain. Being prepared takes time and practice so if this presentation is tomorrow, put on the coffee pot and work on it. You're probably still going to be nervous, I think that's just human nature unless we do it all the time, which most of us don't. Something else I learned early on was to volunteer to go first. The class has no one else, at that point, to compare your presention to, so the first one(s) up usually look pretty good. The biggest bonus for doing this is that IT'S OVER! You do not have to sit the rest of the period in fear that you'll be called next. Let everyone in class go through that particular agony. YOU'RE home free. Time to relax and watch everyone else squirm! Guess that sounds kinda mean, but those two lessons helped make the next 4 years of my education just a little bit easier. Just remember that it is actually impossible to die of embarrassement, even though you might want to.................LOL Channel that fear to work for you, not against you. I think you'll do great! Wish I could be there cheer you on! Let us know how it went, OK? Peace Greenlydia
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Does Buspar really work for anxiety? Does it help with OCD?

Hi Airowe,Sorry to hear about your struggles with anxiety. Buspar is a psychoactive drugs used for general anxiety, and like most of these medications, they can take 2-3 weeks to notice a change in behaviour. Obsessive-compulsive thoughts and habits are frustrating and distressing, I know, and medications rarely fix the problem. As you've seen for yourself they may mask the problem or keep things under better control, but then you're forced to deal with the many side effects that come with it. It is no surprise that you want to be drug-free. My experiences have taught me the same.The good news is is that you know the root cause of your anxiety and obsessive tendencies. Many don't, or find it too painful to face. But this puts you in a very good position because you can look at alternative methods of healing. Hypnotherapy is a very powerful and effective method for post-traumatic stress and to diminish fears and phobias.Hypnotherapy is nothing to fear-- I had some training in this and the therapists are very empathetic and calming. They must be in order to be in that line of work. And it is common for clients to only need one session to overcome fears, addictions and stress.From what you've told me this seems like an excellent option for you and I strongly suggest you look into it.All the best,Brittany
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Please help me - zoloft question

Hi there. 2wks isn't enough time to decide if its working or not. Unless you're having really bad side effects. Give the Zoloft a few more weeks to see if your anxiety gets better. I'm on 50mg of Zoloft and it took about a month to fully work. Now I feel great as far as anxiety and depression. Things will get better. -lynnsee c:
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Need some encouragement please - doctor really scared me

Are you in therapy?  Medication just treats symptoms, not the underlying illness.  
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help please

I get this a lot.  Whenever i feel anxiety coming on strong, or panic, my body gets very weak.  My bad panick attacks I'll sweat, shake, etc. it's awful! It seems like anxiety to me....
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