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Am I being irriational?

So July 3rd (a week ago today) I ended up hitting a Racoon, about 20 or more minutes after I got home around (4:30 am)I went outside and pulled a piece of my car off to see damage. I feel so stupid now because I think maybe there was blood on it? It could've been dew as it was quite foggy out and my windshield was soaked when I began to drive home from my friends. But A few hours later when my sister and I drove past it it looked like it was fine and probably had some bad internal bleeding. I'm scared because I'm convinced I have contracted rabies and I am going to die soon. And th

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Am I being irrational? ... Last night I finished my last shift in the pub I was working in. I am planning on it being the last shift I work for somebody else.
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Am I being irrational about wanting to move away from the United States? My apologies about this being very long. ... Am I being irrational about all of this?
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Am I overreacting? Report 0 Reply to Post. Re: Am I being irrational? MrsPBNJ0220. February 2012. I would be more ticked that they did not oksy it with me.
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Debt Am I being irrational? (self.personalfinance) ... I am terrified of being in debt, to put it mildly. I am afraid of going to jail. These things are not related.
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Am I being irrational? First time poster here looking for some advice..apologies in advance for the length! ... Furthermore I am struggling to trust my MIL.
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Mood Swings Is it Really Bi Polar

You'd have to check it with a doctor, but it sounds to me like bipolar.  The main criteria for bipolar is that you have some elevated mood swings that last a long time (rage or happiness - in your case rage).  The racing thoughts and strange impulsive behaviour would be part of that.  Drinking doesn't help any mental disorder, and yes it can cause blackouts, which usually aren't part of bipolar disorder.  And then you'd have to have depressed episodes of at least two weeks, which it sounds like you've had.  All this sounds like classic Bipolar disorder Type I (the kind that's more manic than depressive).   What's atypical for bipolar is this extreme anxiety.  Yes anxiety can be part of the elevated part of your mood swings, but those attacks when you feel like you're going to do - those are panic attacks, and are usually part of an anxiety disorder (bipolar is a mood disorder).  So is the fear to leave the house.  Having said that, bipolar doesn't usually settle until the early 20s, and before that people's symptoms can be all over the place.  I have some kind of mood or psychotic disorder, and I've got panic attacks and all that, but I'm not old enough that it's settled yet, so my shrink won't diagnose me yet.   That doctor that gave you Prozac when you were younger may have really messed things up for you.  If you give young people anti-depressants, it can trigger latent bipolar disorder, affecting you for the rest of your life.  So maybe you just had Social Anxiety Disorder (which would explain the panic attacks and other anxiety symptoms) with some mood issues, and then that Prozac intensified the mood swings to the point of bipolar.   Prozac in 27-year-olds won't do any lasting damage though, but since you have mood swings, you shouldn't take it unless you're taking it with a mood stabiliser as well, or else it'll probably make your mood swings worse.   I think you should probably go to a psychiatrist (maybe your doctor could refer you) - not a psychologist, because they don't prescribe things, and if it's bipolar you'll need drugs - and tell them all about this.  They should probably try you on some mood-stabilisers, like lithium or sodium valproate or something like that.  
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Can someone get bariatric surgery with IBS?

I am interested in the same issue (IBS) and the affect on success of bariatric surgery w/o complications.  I am Type 2 diabetic (brought on by overweight and under-exercised).   My main concern with regard to bariatric surgery is the possibility of exacerbation of IBS symptoms.
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skin irriation after lumpectomy

I would certainly have this ck.d out if you haven't already. The skin on the breast is the same as skin on any other part of the body and subject to the same problems. Can't speculate on the internet as to the cause but it's something that needs some Medical attention so please ck. with your Physician soon.   Regards ...
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Bipolar, to this website!

The changes during pregnancy and afterwards such as post partum depression can often create mood changes. Also the lithium might not be working for you as well as the Lamictal did and Xanax can sometimes cause personality changes as a side effect but each person reacts differently to each medication but it would be worthwhile to speak to your psychiatrist about all this.
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Am I being irriational?

It could be anything. I'm no doctor so I can't tell. Sounds like anxiety. But it could also be hypochondria or paranoia or agoraphobia. A doc can tell better. find a good doc or therapist and listen to him/her.
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