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xanax withdrawals / Emergency Room

I have been out of Xanax for a week now.  I have already been to the Emergency Room where I was given 10 Ativans.  That lasted for 5 days at 2 mg per day.  This is day one with no anti anxiety medications at all.  I was taking xanax for years at 3 mgs a day and moved to another state 2 months ago.  I have no money and no insurance yet and thought my body was going to give out yesterday as the withdrawals started again.  I feel like an animal that can get no help.  My blood pressure medication helps slightly (Clonidine), I fe

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Xanax-related ER visits double in 6 years – The Chart - CNN ...

May 21, 2014 · Alprazolam, the prescription sedative more commonly known by its brand name, Xanax, is being implicated in a spiraling number of emergency room visits ...
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Will Emergency Rooms Help Me Manage My Withdrawal Symptoms ...

Emergency rooms can manage withdrawal symptoms, but receiving treatment before an emergency occurs is a better option.
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what happens if you go to ER for opiate withdrawal -

I was wondering what the protocol is for emergency room visits for opiate withdrawal. What do they do? Do they try to put you into a detox program, or
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Xanax Withdrawal and Tapeing Help, Point of

Xanax Withdrawal and Tapering Help. WHY XANAX IS ... Cold-turkey withdrawals can cause ... and 2008 there was an 89% increase in emergency room visits due to Xanax ...
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Xanax and Emergency room - Reviews - Treato

Xanax Xanax and Emergency room; Experiences Side Effects & Concerns Compare Medications Drug ... " But I ran out of my Xanax, and that was when the withdrawals hit me
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Cut off Xanax; how to seek help for benzo withdrawal ...

The staff in the emergency room may be able to refer to a specialist to help ... and have changed the title to "Cut off Xanax; how to seek help for benzo withdrawal?".
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Learn about Xanax addiction side effects, causes, withdrawals, warning signs & symptoms of Xanax abuse. Park Royal Hospital in Fort Myers, Florida
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Learn about Xanax addiction signs, side effects, causes, symptoms & withdrawals from alprazolam abuse. Acadiana Addiction Center
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ER Visits Linked To Xanax Abuse ... of Americans being rushed to the emergency room due to abuse of Xanax — a sedative ... an addiction psychiatrist at ...
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xanax withdrawals / Emergency Room

Yes since no one is helping you that would probably be your best option. Don't let it get out of control. They can prescribe you what you need and then you can go home. If don't have any insurance you could then apply for emergency Medicaid which could then turn into straight Medicaid with the proper application process.
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Xanax withdrawal need some help really bad anyone

Are you saying you've only taken Xanax for fewer than 14 days total?  Because it would be very strange to get withdrawal symptoms from taking them for such as short amount of time.  Not to say it couldn't happen, but it's highly unlikely.  Is there more to this story?
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Just to add: klonopin carries a very high risk of "physical dependence" .  Weaning yourself off klonopin can be very tricky and  often is associated with withdrawal phenomena - just look over the last few days of postings in this forum for some examples.
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Klonopin not keeping me asleep long enough

Klonopin lasts a long time in the system, and mixing benzos isn't generally a good idea.  Nor are benzos a sleep remedy, which is how you're using them.  They are an anxiety remedy, with sedation an unwanted side effect.  Part of the problem is these are addictive drugs if you use them regularly, as you're doing.  Part of the problem is combining two drugs that target the same neurotransmitter might overdo it.  And these drugs, while sedating, can interfere with REM sleep and affect magnesium levels, and thus lead to worse long-term insomnia, if that's what you have.  What you ideally want to do is get to where you can sleep without drug aid, though I know that's easier said than done.  There are natural remedies that are not addictive that are gentler that might work, might not work.  Melatonin is one that often helps, at low dosages.  And are you combining therapy and relaxation techniques or just relying on medication?  I'd speak with your psychiatrist about this, and if you're not in therapy I'd give it a try.  I'd also look into exercise and meditation to see if they might not help you sleep better.  Good luck.
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Xanax use vs Sonata use

Benzos are a bad remedy for insomnia, as they interfere with the brain's ability to learn how to adapt to stress and interfere with REM sleep, and of course are addictive with quite a withdrawal kick.  Although you only used it for a short time, people are different in how they respond to quitting -- it should be done gradually even after short term use if that use was continuous as opposed to as-needed occasional use.  Don't know anything about Sonata, but all sleeping pills can be habit forming.  If you're looking for a cure, therapy to see if there's an underlying cause that can be dealt with, natural remedies if they work since they're not addictive such as melatonin or herbs or homeopathy -- much gentler than drugs, though nothing is consequence-free,  Keep in mind that doctors in general are ignorant of the drugs they prescribe and completely oblivious to their more unpalatable consequences -- they're taught by pharmaceutical companies, and it;s bad for business to admit you might harm someone and bad for the emotional state required to go on as well.  Very complicated stuff.
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why is xanax not working?

you would have to ask a doctor. are you taking any preventative meds? xanax really isn't for prevention. thats not to say you don't need it right now...but i'd talk to your doctor about a preventative med.
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Passed 2 kidney stones was given Dilaudid

I think you should be okay since it was only for a day. If you continue it then you will have withdrawals. This is my experience anyhow.
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Other Than meds

Well, I've been using Klonopin, which is a longer acting benzo.  However, it's not for everyone. Other than that, I write a lot.  Read a lot.  Try to be physically active.  More than anything else, though, I've rediscovered my creativity and have been making photographs and writing songs again.   Other than that, there's CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy).  You should look into that.
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Weaning off of clonazapem

I always found antidepressants as the overall solution to my anxiety. Tranquillizers would help with the anxiety 'bursts' but the AD's were the long term solution for me. It may very well be that until the lexapro is at a good theraputic level in your blood you have not yet gotten the full benefit from it. The symptoms of withdrawal from tranqs are often like the symptoms of anxiety they are meant to help, so it's hard to tell which is which. Give it some more time.  Perhaps try using the clonazapem on an 'as needed' basis.
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Psych dismissed because of patient red flagged .

Hi and welcome Stewardess, What kind of help are you looking for?  If it's help getting clean you've come to the right place.  
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