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aching legs from paxil

does anyone get aching legs from taking paxil.  I am on 40 mg paxil for gad and depression. My legs only ache when I am laying down does anyone else out there have this.

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aching legs from paxil

All ssris and antidepressants in general can cause muscle cramping, which isn't exactly what you're describing but close.  I got cramps on Paxil.  Try taking a 2:1 magnesium citrate to calcium citrate supplement, as magnesium helps reduce muscle cramping, and see if it helps.  Solaray makes a good one, so does Bluebonnet.
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Out of body feeling

The same thing happened to me in college.  It started my panic disorder and after tons of tests, I was diagnosed with Hoshimoto's Thyroiditus.  It's an autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid.  Go to an Endocronolgist a get your thyroid function tested.  I never knew how much of your body is controlled by the elusive thyroid.  Once I was finally diagnosed and put on synthroid regiment, the balance/position problem went away.  That was a great way to describe it.  I never knew how to describe that "sort of out of body" thing.  I started with a neurologist too.  All was fine.  My panic started because it took almost 5 months to diagnose.  It's worth a check.
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Upper leg pain

. "Can it just be because of my weight, poor posture, being flat footed and stress?" Absolutely!  Heart problems do not cause aches in the legs but the things you listed above do.  Do you have special shoes, or shoe inlays, for your feet?  This might help. Also, poor posture can cause leg aches - do you have any back or neck pain too?  Poor posture suggests to me you may lack some self confidence and I presume being overweight may be contributing to the problem.  If this is the case, there are certain things that can help you but I wont suggest them unless I know I am not being presumptious here.
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arm/ leg/ lower back/ neck aches and pains in my bones and muscles especially when i sleep a minimal 6 hours and even worse when i sleep longer!

Hi there! Well, without a clinical evaluation it would be difficult to determine the cause of your symptoms. Likely possibilities that may need to be considered include structural and postural abnormalties, inflammations, nerve pressure/ impingement etc. It would be best to consult an orthopedician or a rheumatologist for a detailed evaluation and appropriate management. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
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Just started Loestrin 24, having dull ache in legs, but no other blood clot symptoms

also...I do generally feel achey all over which could be due to the infection. My back and arms have occasional dull pain too.
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What is this MS?

I'm sorry about the pain you are going through and I know it's extremely frustrating not to know what it is.  I have MS and fortunate not to have that much pain with it but I also have fibromyalgia which does cause a lot of muscle pain in different areas.  To find out if you have an autoimmune disease, I would highly suggest that you go to a neurologist.  You didn't say what type of doctor you were going to.  If the neurologist cannot pinpoint what is the cause of the pain and if he/she has a suspicion that it could be MS, he/she will order an MRI.  If you are going to a general practitioner and he doesn't suggest some type of specialist, then you should ask for one.  I have found in the many years that I've had this disease, you have to be your own advocate.  Definitely not easy, but necessary.  Good luck!
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Leg aches

Without knowing your age, your level of physical activity, if you have any other physical problems such as diabetes, any other meds you may be on, the exact nature of these "weird symptoms." it will be difficult for us to give you much. When the doctors told you there was nothing wrong with your legs, which tests did they use to rule out anything organically wrong? I can understand not wanting to go back to the doctor, but they are going to be the only ones who can diagnose the problem. Sorry, not what you wanted to hear, I know.
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How many horror nights like this??

Hey Suz, What were you taking and how many days are you out? Please hang in there. With each day your symptoms will lessen Treat your symptoms as best you can for comfort. Hot towells out of the dryer were a great comfort for me as well as hot baths all night long. Forget the sleep for now and just try to stay relaxed with sleepytime tea. Distract yourself with movies and music. Go for a walk as soon as you physically can,. I know it's hard to get motivated but this will speed up your brain and bodies healing. Are you taking a good supplement?
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Where to turn next Please help!

Neurontin is for nerve pain, are you having shooting and or burning pain down your legs? Tingling? Where is your back pain exactly, center, left, right, where at in terms of height? What type of pain is it, does it radiate or is it just localized. Have you seen these MRI results yourself?
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Leg Pain

I'm sorry you're having so much trouble with your arthritis - I, too, have severe osteo arthritis in all my joints, but most severe in my knees, ankles and right shoulder (I've already had that shoulder replaced). I do get the pain in my lower legs and the burning/aching feeling.  I believe, and so does my doctor (because they haven't determined anything else that is causing it) it's because, as a result of the arthritis, my gait has been involuntarily adjusted - you basically unconsiously change the way you're walking because of the pain/instability in your knee/s and that puts additional stress on other parts of your legs/hips/back, etc. the lack of strength is also something I have.  My doctor explained it to me the reason that this happens is because your joints are bone on bone and it hurts to walk/move, your muscles actually work harder to do the same job they used to do very easily, so therefore they get tired and weak much easier and don't have the chance to recouperate. Have you tried either cortisone injections in the knee or even the Synvisc or Euflexxa injections?  The cortisone might help reduce some of the inflammation and therefore, possibly reduce some of the pain.  The Synvisc or Euflexxa injections are injections of a naturally occuring substance that is found in our joints (hyleroinc acid I believe it's called) - it helps cushion the joint and therefore might help with the pain.  However, both of these types of injections are temporary helps, if they even work.  I've had both cortisone injections and the Euflexxa (I couldn't do Synvisc because it's an avian derivative and I'm allergic to feathers - the Euflexxa is the same type of medication but is made from non-avian things).  The cortisone helped me slightly for about a week - the Euflexxa I noticed absolutely no difference with. Unfortunately, the only permanent help for osteo arthritis pain, especially when it's at the point of bone on bone, is joint replacement.  As I said, I've aleady had my right shoulder replaced and have been told that I definitely need to have both knees done, but my doctor and I are TRYING to postpone doing those as long as possible because I'm only 46 and because I'm considered a "younger" patient, I more than likely would have to have them redone at a later time.  So we're hoping to wait and do them later on when I have a better chance of the initial surgery being the only ones I'll need. I agree that living in pain like this is no way to live.  Try to do as much as you can to alleviate some of your pain, including using aids such as a walker or cane to give you some additional support, resting with your legs elevated whenever posible (helps keep swelling down), ice or heat (whichever works best for you - ice will tend to reduce swelling better, but for me, I find that ice tends to make my pain worse, so I use heat more often).  Even possibly check with your doctor about getting some kind of brace/support that you could wear to give you more support/stability.  You very well may find that the better you're able to support your knee, the better your lower leg will feel also. Best of luck and please keep us informed as to how you're doing.
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