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Prescribed antidepressant after just one session

Hello all, This is my first post. I have experienced some variety of anxiety and depression, along with some kind of eating disorder (restrictive type) and a slough of other symptoms-- panic attacks, dissociation, derealization/depersonalization, self-harm etc.--  for several years now. I attended sessions with a school therapist while I was in college, but as I had to drop out in December, I had to stop those. I looked for a psychologist who was taking new patients in my area for a long time, but to no avail, so I finally just scheduled an appointment with a medical doctor to see i

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Prescribed antidepressant after just one session

No, you shouldn't take it, in my opinion.  Smart of you to notice that doctors aren't the best people to see for these problems -- drug prescribing is all they know how to do and they don't understand the complications of drugs very well.  Seeing a psychologist is your best step, as you thought.  You might have to work to find that person, but that's where you should go first.  Now, if you should become so disable by your problems and therapy doesn't work, that's the time to consider medication.  But not now.  Good luck.
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Bipolar women should not take antidepressants?????

That's interesting. I wonder if AD's cause men to rapid cycle? Anyone? I know they did for me, and I am female.
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Cymbalta = major insomnia, help i have no psychiatrist!

Cymbalta can be more of the stimulating antidepressants. In my opinion, I think it can work great for people that have major depression with little anxiety. They say to give these meds around 6 weeks to see if they work. If you did not stay on the other meds that long you really did'nt give them a chance. You're Dr is right about sometimes having to up the dose after awhile. Maybe you should call your Drs office to see if you can get in sooner. Or at least get on the cancellation list. Be ready to go that day though in case some cancels their appointment.
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WHEN will I feel better????

It's great at a time like this you have a psychiatrist appointment (do you get on well?) Tell them whatever is in your head. Absolutely you should tell them about using codeine. If you're asking here then of course it's a yes. Go and make the most of your session. You will get through this, I know it's really hurting for you right now, it will get better. Stay in touch. Let us know how you went with your appointment. Thinking of you.
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Help with recurring chest infections

I would recommend that you try to have the doctor do a sputum culture so that you know exactly what micr-organism is causing his infection and then choosing the antibiotic to target that organism.   I got sick in October of 2009 and had infection after infection.  I learned about Neutrophilic Asthma online and was treated for that.  I finished the targeted antibiotic for that last Sunday.  I have not felt this good or had these peak flows in over a year.  I have actually been setting new highs. I didn't have the sputum culture done, but that is the next step if I get sick again soon.  We went on educated guess as I do have a history that supports the possibility of Neutrophilic asthma.  I also have bronchiecstasis which prediposes one to chronic infections.  That could be the issue with your son as well.  That can only be diagnosed by CT or possibly bronchoscopy, but I don't think you would want to put your son through either of those if you had the choice.   I pray that you find answers soon.  It is not fun being sick, but when your child is sick that is even worse.
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Help in seattle???

Any psychiatrist can help with this. Be sure to let him know all the medications you have tried and haven't worked.  Normally, an antidepressant is prescribed along with an anxiety medication.  See what the doctor has to say, Klonopin is widely used for anxiety and has sure helped me!  Good luck.
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Lexapro, Anxiety, Suicidal thoughts

All medications come with side effects and if we researched every one we took, nobody would take medication....for anything.  We all respond differently to these types of medications, and what one experiences another may not.  There are so many people on these types of meds and if only one reports a side effect, they have to list it.  Suicidal thoughts are more common in teens taking these types of medications.  Lexapro is widely used with excellent results, I've taken it myself with no problems.  There is an adjustment period of 1-2 weeks when you start your medication, but if you experience any side effects, always contact your doctor right away as there are others which may be better suited for your needs.  Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing how we will do on any of these types of medications until we take them.  Just know that if you start to gain weight (I didn't) or experience anything that concerns you, call your doctor and he will know what to do.  All antidepressants are pretty much the same, it's just finding the one that works best for us individually.  I hope this helps and take care.
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Getting of you hate how it makes you feel??

HI....I spent 16 1/2 yrs on pain meds so I can relate your absolutely right about what they are doing to you also....and im here to tell you if I can kick anyone can my last detox was off 150ml of methadone.....lets just say it wasn't pritty....once you get to a certain point and your feed up or should I say sick of being can give it up....fentynal is  not an ez withdrawal but nether was methadone but it was necessary...the # 1 thing you need is a positive attitude....this is 1/3 physical and 2/3 mental be ready to fight on both fronts look on the lower right of the screen and look up the thomas recipe pick up the stuff it suggests this will make you a little bit more comfortable get comfortable with the saying ''you just got to be ok without being ok for a will understand this as you go threw this...lots of hot baths....they really do eaze the symptoms pick up some movies to watch your probably not going to sleep the post and post often for support fentynal is no fun detoxing but we have had several members make it to the other side good luck and God bless.....Gnarly    
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Wish I could help! I don't have any experience with those. I feel your pain! :(
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