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Long-term withdrawal effects from Effexor XR - HELP!

I have been off Effexor for about 5 months now. I stopped cold-turkey per my doctor's instruction (BIG mistake!). I thought once I was over the initial withdrawal, I would be fine; BUT I only had a couple weeks of feeling o.k. before I started experiencing all sorts of problems.  I started with muscle weakness and pain in my calves and stomach pain directly below my rib cage.  It then progressed to my arms and now my voice is even weak.  Everything is bilateral.  Has anyone else experienced these delayed, long-term withdrawal effects from Effexor?&nb

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Effexor XR ® Capsules (extended ... there are no known problems associated with long term use of venlafaxine. ... Venlafaxine may increase the effects of other ...
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Effexor XR Long Term Effects - After stopping the drug ...

Effexor XR Long Term Effects - After stopping the ... Effects Of Effexor Withdrawal ... to live with the deficits of long term use of effexor Xr.
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Early reports of antidepressant discontinuation syndrome made heavy use of the term “withdrawal” to ... during long-term ... Effexor XR ), paroxetine (Paxil ...
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Long-term withdrawal effects from Effexor XR - HELP!

Could any of the supplements you are taking also be having side effects coupled with a re- emergence of symptoms you had prior to taking the effexor??  I only ask because time has passed (did you say it has been several weeks now?) since you stopped cold turkey (can't believe the doctor recommended that!!  YIKES.  At this point, all know that tapering off slowly is the best course of action).  I am wondering if some of your anxiety isn't returning.   Certainly withdrawel side effects on any of these drugs are unpleasant and that could be part of it but there could be other things going on as well. I would definately put yourself back under a doctor's care to manage the situation even if it isn't the same one that instructed you to quit cold turkey (as you may have lost confidence in him/her).   Wishing you lots of luck dear and hope all of the uncomfortable things subside really soon or you find the root cause to treat it effectively.  Peace
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Effexor withdraws

Fish oil is said to help with the brain zaps.  Ginger can help with the upset stomach.  How long it lasts depends on the person.  If it gets really bad and lasts a while, you might have to go back on it and taper off more slowly.  Be most watchful for emotional problems you never had before -- if that happens, it's a strong signal you need to go back on and taper off more slowly.  But you know, some people just sail through or get a kind of flu for a couple weeks and then it's over.  Good luck.
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I would like to know about the long term side effects of chemo for breast cancer

I believe your question was answered quite well by one of the members earlier on this Community. I read her answer and it sounded like she was speaking from personal experience. If you are continuing to have side effects (and these sound like they are from the Tamoxifen) you should discuss this with your Oncologist and see if you could switch to one of the other drugs. All these drugs have side effects though and some experience them more severly than others. Before you try any type of medication it should be brought to the attention of your Oncologist --- this is VERY important as some drugs can cause even worse side effects than the original drug. Combinations can be dangerous and everyone is different as is their response to various drugs. Regards ....
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Subutex/Suboxone withdrawal after long term use, HELP!!!

welcome , the fourm is alittle slow on the weekends , people will post so hang in there . I think that it is going to be very much like the withdrawl from hydros...... I am hoping you will start feeling  better soon , my only concern is the half life is sooo much longer so it may take longer to go threw withdrawl. I am glad you are posting ,we have a few people here on sub that have been told they wont have much along the lines of withdrawl when they go off of it . If they taper .... I had heard withdrawl could be pretty bad . I have heard if you stay on it for no longer the 21 days you can bypass the withdrawl.......
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everyone's different, your method may not be right for evryone, you should probably mention that.
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Long term effects of numb fingers

Hi. Do you have other medical conditions at present? The numbness you are experiencing may or may not be secondary to the drugs you are taking, in particular estratest and levothroid.  Side effects profile may differ from person to person.  A possibility is another medical condition like vitamin deficiency, diabetes mellitus or autoimmune diseases should be ruled out. You should consult your doctor for evaluation.  Gabapentin might help relieve your symptom.   Take care.
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withdrawal symptoms of olanzapine

This is an antipsychotic class medication, and is normally used to treat bipolar and schizophrenia. I am not sure if many people in this anxiety forum would know all that much about it. If you are on the bipolar or schizophrenia forums you might have better luck there with questions about this medication. I also have bipolar so I am familiar with antipsychotics though. I have never been on Zyprexa, but have been on many other antipsychotics. I had a horrible experience with them. I have an extreme sensitivity to them and cannot take them at all. I have had some bizarre things happen to me since taking them. I quit taking them once suddenly because of side effects, and got this migraine tension headache that also made me hurt and tingle on the top of my head, back of my neck, shoulders, and my arms. Doctors acted like they didn't know what was wrong with me and did absolutely nothing to help me. I was like this for a week until they put me on another antipsychotic. Geodon and Latuda also gave me body aches while I was on them. I stopped taking the Latuda which is the last one I took, and within two days the body aches went away. I thought I was done with the body aches finally, but two months later I start rapid cycling (bipolar), and having an anxiety episode and the body aches came back. I asked the psychiatrist if it could be a permanent side effect of the antipsychotics, and she said no. I find it kind of odd though that I never had any body aches like this until I took them. I wasn't on them very long though about 10 months, but I tried 6 of them during that time. They would give me one, it would make me sick, then they would try me on a different one, then that one made me sick, and so on. I am probably one of those weird rare cases though...I don't know.... I suppose it could all be coincidental. I really have no way of knowing for sure one way or the other. When I get medical insurance coverage in July I am going to a Rheumatologist, and will probably end up with a diagnosis with Fibromyalgia or something like that. So that is my bizzarre story with antipsychotics, but like I said I am probably a weird rare case, and I really have no way of knowing for sure if the body aches I am having now after being off of them for two months is related to taking them or not. By the way where did you find the info about the skeletal problems with long term use? I think that might be something I would be interested in reading. I also had test come back clear for rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and hepatitis. After talking to my psychiatrist they put me on Gabapentin, for my bipolar, anxiety and pain. It has helped fairly well so far, but I still have a little anxiety, and pain sometimes. It hasn't been a super wonder drug, or a cure by any means, but so far it has alleviated my symptoms by 50-75%. I have only been on it three days now. I am very sorry about your pain, and I hope you get it figured out soon. Good luck to you hun.
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Tramadol withdrawal nightmare!

You are doing it right. You have to taper off this stuff. Taking a good multivitamin with all the b vitamins (b6 especially) Vitamin c 1000mg,  Calcium and magnesium,  and some  amino acids like L-Tyrosine will really help with the wd's while tapering , and when you stop completely. You will feel normal again when your endorphins start being produced again and return to normal, which takes a while. They return to 45-50% of normal in about a month. The amino acids and vitamins  with help until then
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