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Is it possible to feel anxiety symptoms 24/7 without being anxious?

I feel like I am constantly feeling anxiety symptoms....according to my doctor the tense muscles, weird body pains, dizziness are all related to anxiety. I have had every test under the sun including an MRI...all completely normal. Maybe it's depression. I just don't understand how something like "anxiety" can wreak all of this havoc. I'm tired of looking at other people and wondering how they're so "normal". I have had a  bottle of lexapro sitting in my purse for 3 weeks now because of course I have anxiety about taking something that could potent

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? for anxiety sufferers

Dude its stress trust me im going throw it right now
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Symptoms of anxiety

it can
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Can there be anxiety, without anxious thoughts?

I have experienced the foggy headed sensation it sounds like you're talking about and yes it can be a symptom of anxiety. I don't think any of us experience a "set" group of symptoms at any given time.  I have anxiety but have never really had a fast heart rate from it or sweating. If you have had a good physical with your GP and everything is coming back normal then there is a good chance it is anxiety. What certain times or events trigger the feeling?
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Is it possible to feel anxiety symptoms 24/7 without being anxious?

I'm not sure I'm clear on this, but you seem to be saying you have an anxiety problem.  If you have an anxiety problem, it can cause symptoms because of the stress on the system that you notice even when you might not be feeling anxious.  However, they could also indicate something else -- we often attribute everything to anxiety and doctors tend to attribute what they don't understand and don't want to bother with to anxiety as well.  But given you've had all these tests and you do have enough of an anxiety problem to have gotten an RX for Lexapro, and enough anxiety not to take it (which I take for prudence, not blind anxiety), let's say it is anxiety.  Have you tried therapy?  Have you tried relaxation techniques to deal with some of these symptoms, such as yoga, breathing exercises, meditation?  Drugs aren't the only place to seek relief.
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Hello again! You have reassured me about my own situation, so let me attempt to reassure you. I am quite certain that what you are feeling is very normal for somebody suffering from anxiety. When my anxiety was at its worst, I would feel it in my legs and feet as well. I wouldn't feel burning as much as tingling, along with aches and shooting pains. I would also have weakness in my legs and experience the constant need to sit down. Sometimes, even when I was sitting down, my legs would feel so weak that I would be certain that they would give out if I tried to stand up. For the longest time, I believed that these symptoms were unrelated to my anxiety, because they would happen even at times when I felt calm. However, I came to learn that if you suffer from chronic anxiety, it will take its toll on your body even when it is not being experienced consciously. Even from the subconscious parts of the brain, anxiety has the power to wreak havoc on all parts of our anatomy. And then we start to worry that there is something physically wrong with us, which makes the anxiety even worse, which makes the physical symptoms worse, which causes us to worry even more. It's a vicious cycle. I don't know how extreme your case is, but maybe you should consider taking medication to lessen your anxious thoughts? I believe that this would be much more effective than attempting to treat your symptoms, because it really does sound like your symptoms originate from your state of mind. Good luck and keep in touch!
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is it possible to feel anxiety symptoms all the time??

Yes, i have have what i call mini panic attacks all day from when i wake up til i sleep, until you figure out whats causing it and understand it, it can continue. im not big on recomending meds of any kind to deal with anxiety, but im not a doctor.
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Why am i suffering anxiety when i dnt feel anxious??

Hi, I have exactly the same thing.  5 years ago I had anxiety for good reason, the death of a close relative, a divorce, and a crappy job.  The doctor put me on zoloft and klonopin and started feeling great after about 6 weeks.  As time went by 5 years, he took me off the zoloft.  I had been happy and worry free for about 4 months and then wham it hit me.  Tried to figure out why.  I didn't have a problem in the world.  Also had a panic attack in the middle of the night with burning feelings in my body and head which sent me straight to the ER.  Physically nothing was wrong.  They said anxiety.  So called my therapist who said sometimes anxiety just creeps up on you from the sub-conscious mind.  Put me back on klonopin and zoloft. This time it has helped me feel better but its not working 100%.  It's been about 6 weeks.  He said I'm too apprehensive about my anxiety because I wake up in the morning thinking if I'm going to have it and yep sure enough the nerves start rattling and then I start shaking.  But why?  I've have never been happier. Yet this anxiety (which really *****) is back.   And yes thinking about it makes it worse.  I'm not really scared about it but I hate the feeling.  Are you on any meds?  How long have you been feeling this.  Maybe we can figure this out together.   Lizzy
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Y do I have anxiety symptoms without feeling anxious

And for got to add a burning feeling in head
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Anxiety without anxious thoughts

I believe you can have the feelings associated with anxiety without having any current anxious thoughts. My situation is not like yours in that it doesn't affect my ability to perform a task, such as driving, but there are some mornings I wake up and my heart is racing and I feel the panic coming on...and I cannot explain why. It even happens during times when I am feeling that my life couldn't get any better. Did you have a bad experience in a car, either as a driver or a passenger in the past that might be affecting you subconciously? What type of anti-anxiety drugs have you tried?
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anxiety symptoms but do not feel anxious

Yes deffinatly 100% as i get them like this myself i have also had many blood tests and ECGs i get vertigo nausea and headaches but everybody with anixety can have unique symptoms and frequences ,it may be that you have been liveing this way for so long that the anixety feels normal to you ,but yes you can still get them and quite debilatateing aswell I know they can be very scary and i often wonder if they are caused by a serious or life theating disease Even though i know that there is nothing wrong with me which often makes things worse ,hope you get over this !
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