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Please help worried about std

For months now I been worried about hiv and I can't stop being scared even though I taken several tests I took the antibody one/ antibody/antigen and RNA pcr after 9 months. Ever since I had he risk I feel sick kinda like I'm always hot and feel feverish I feel like there all false negatives. I don't want to post in the hiv board no more cause they did a great job already trying to help me but I don't wanna bother them. Can someone please try to write me back here on here anytihing will be appreciated. Someone that knows about  hiv.

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Please help I am scared and crying

Hello and welcome. I'm sorry you're in such emotional agony over this.  From what you described, you really didn't have much of a risk for any STD, and no risk at ALL for STDs like HIV.  Your encounter was pretty safe. When anxiety becomes severe and all consuming, it's hard to accept information as it is being presented.  You've visited the GUM clinic multiple times, and to date, all indications (INCLUDING very reliable tests) are that you're free of any STD, including herpes.  You must try to accept that information as factual. Being that this was your first real sexual encounter, you are most likely struggling with confusion, guilt, and regret, which is normal.  Are you openly gay?  If not, that could also be creating some turmoil for you as well, being that your experience was with a man. There's a few things you can do...ONE, you need to stop searching the internet, as that is only fueling your anxiety.  That's honestly the worst thing you could do.  Secondly, your anxiety is at crisis levels, with mention of suicidal thoughts.  That means it is time to seek some professional help, ASAP.  Normally, a small amount of anxiety over these kinds of situations would be expected to resolve, but yours is off the charts, causing you very high levels of stress and worry, to the point where thoughts of suicide have entered your mind.  That isn't good, and it isn't anything to mess with. From an STD standpoint, I don't see one thing of concern for you to still be worried about.  From an emotional standpoint, you are struggling and need to seek help soon.  You can ask your family doc for a referral to a psychiatrist, who can discuss various treatment options with you. You're young, and only just starting to explore the sexual arena.  With exploration comes negative feelings along with the positive ones, especially if you happen to be dealing with being homosexual, that's not an easy situation, and sadly it causes a lot of anxiety and worry in people, especially if you haven't come out yet.  Therapy would be great in that regard for you also, as you can discuss and explore your sexuality in more detail.  I would encourage you to embrace your new sexual experiences, it is a time when you can learn a lot about yourself...and you should be enjoying the new sensations you will experience.  As long as you stay committed to safe sex (condoms for any insertive sex, oral sex is personal preference), you will never have much to worry about as far as STDs are concerned. Best to you, hope you can start to relax about all of this...let us know when your first appt is to see either a psychiatrist, or therapist.  
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help for daughter

Hold tight, more people will see your post and give u some very good advice. I'm not well aquainted w/ that particular med so i wouldn't know what to say, but i can tell u the people on this sight know their stuff!  You must be a pretty awesome mom if your daughter knew she could come to u. Your going to play a large role in helping, for sure! Keep posting.
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Am i going mad??

Just to confirm my hiv fear comes from unprotected oral sex with a guy that i met im bi sexual male and there was no ejaculation just precum involved anf three weeks after i have mouth ulcers on tongue and burning feeling can u get these ulcers from stress or worrying?
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Anxiety or something else?

Well, no one here can diagnose you.  You've mentioned that you had std tests that were all negative, but maybe talk to your doc and get a thorough physical to rule out MS or ALS.  Also, having fatigue is not a defining symptom of MS or ALS to my knowledge.  If all tests are negative, then's anxiety.  Anxiety can cause several symptoms.  In my practice daily, I talk with people that have very real physical symptoms, but it's all caused by anxiety.  Have you tried different relaxation techniques...your local bookstore or the internet can offer several resources for anxiety...deep breathing is something that seems to help people quite a bit.  Also, yoga or something like that can also help out alot.  It's important that everyone have a way to relax...everyone has some anxiety at some times.  What I like to do after a very stressful day is soak in a tub with the lights out and light a couple of candles.  I take that time to gather my thoughts and try to focus on myself and the sensations around me.  It's a place where anything bad or stressful that may have happened that day has no place.  It's amazing, when i'm finished with my bath I feel as If i got an 8 hr. sleep and i'm totally relaxed and ready for my day tomorrow.  Try it...or something like it, you may be surprised to find that some of your symptoms diminsh.
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Dont know what is this...

Please repost your question to our STD Forum. We can understand your anxiety, but they understand STD's.
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Is this really anxiety PLEASE HELP ME

Bay the way i dont fell anxious any more but i have all those symphtoms and i spoke to this girl she said she fells totally fine so i dont know what that could be...
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OCD, Anxiety please help me about HIV

Absolutely nothing that happened at the clinic put you at any risk for HIV. NOTHING. And nothing that happened after you left the clinic put you at risk. I don't know why you were getting tested, I don't know what your exposure risk was, so I can't, in all honesty, say you have NO RISK for HIV. I can say you have NO RISK from the clinic. Are you getting any help for your OCD? If you have no insurance, call the DSHS and begin your search there for a therapist to help you. It is a very exhausting condition, but there is a lot of help and hope. Please give some thought to getting help for it. There is no reason you must continue to live with it. I also advocate getting educated about HIV. Once you learn about this virus, a great deal of your anxiety concerning it will go away. In fact, if you had that knowledge, you wouldn't have had to write this post. I wish you the very best Peace Greenlydia  
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help me please i have a lump under my arm pit. PLEASE HELP ME I'M SCARED TO DEATH

You really need to go see a doctor, and have this checked out. This was how my daughter had her Breast cancer detected. she is fine now. it was caught early. she like you did not have ins. But she applied for state medicare and she also got a grant,  for treatment. and of course i,am  not saying you have anything like that. just be safe and have it checked out. could be some type of infection. Brad
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