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Can .25mg Ativan each AM be okay ?

I had an aniexty attact for the 1st time 2 months ago and have not been the same since.  i am 49 yo and Never had any aniexty problems my entire life.  When to Dr, , did all the tests,  everything came back okay, , told me it was GAD.  Perscribed .5MG ativan to take as needed.   I started to only take "as needed" for the 1st few week along with counceling and increased exersise and eating right.   Symptoms would seem to be gone 1 day and back the next, When they starting in the Morning the day was usually bad..  a

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PRESCRIBING INFORMATION ATIVAN ... 25. Ativan ® (lorazepam ... is contraindicated in patients with myasthenia gravis or acute narrow angle
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Can .25mg Ativan each AM be okay ?

Just know that if you take it regularly it will be much more difficult to stop taking -- you are making yourself dependent on an addictive drug.  If you truly need it, it's a risk many have to take.  However, I believe your diagnosis is incorrect (I'm not a doctor, but your doctor isn't a psychiatrist).  You can't possibly have GAD that quickly.  What you have is an anxiety attack that affected you in the way it does so many of us and you now expect everything to provoke another.  GAD is being afraid much of the time irrationally, but you have a reason -- the trauma of that first anxiety attack.  I'd stick to therapy with someone who is expert in treating anxiety before I got myself too attached to medication or this diagnosis.  People often are so shaken they rush for the magic pills, but you'll find that with regular use they're not so magic and should only be used when all else has failed, and you're at the beginning of this trial, not at that point yet.  The medication isn't going anywhere if you turn out to need it.
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how long does it take to get off Ativan?

Namaste, First of all, stopping any medication should be done under the direction of a healthcare provider. Your weanig schedule, however, appears to be in keeping with what a physician would have done. That said, I don't think you're suffering from any physical withdrawal symptoms, but perhaps a rebound effect that afflicts many people. Essentially, consider that you were taking a medication for migraine headaches for a period time, after you stop taking the medication you don't suffer from withdrawal symptoms, but from rebound effect which, in some cases, make the headaches worsr they were before. Unfortunately, this is just something you have to work through. The amount of time it takes varies from one individual to the next, but I'm sure your symptoms will subside without further action. If however, they fail to go away or are overly botherssome, contact your healthcare provider for assistance. Michael(Jikan)
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Ativan question

hey, i take ativan only when need, i take .25. ive been on it for 23 years , yes its very addicting, but i dont take it enought to get used to it, i might take once every 3 months or longer, if you need something more than once a day or more than twice a week you need to ask for the long term benz, like klonopin, your body will get use to that dose and after awhile need more ativan, if you take it everyday , but with klonopin it is made to take everyday twice a day and you should never need anymore ,thats what ive been told, i took klonopin for two weeks twice a day and its a great med i just needed it to get over hump i was in. ativan a great panic stoper and helps with anxiety but not a good long term med and harder to get off of, if your happy with it and think you will not need everyweek than sure take it , but if your going to need more than not talk to your dr. hope this helps.
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HELP why isn't ativan working now??

I guess I can't edit so I'll just add on here.....  I keep a daily diary of my progress or not. It looks like my best days are followed by taking my compazine.  10mg. pills. I've gone 7 days without any compazine, only ativan and I'm just getting worse.  My anxiety. Compazine works for me!  I can get by by taking one 10mg pill every 2-3 days. I'm thinking it wasn't the ativan helping me much it was the compazine. I see my doc again on the 1st of aug.  And I will discuss this with her.  I've talked with the pharmacist and he assures me that that low a dose of compazine is nothing and I will be fine with that.  If I was taking up to 75mg. a day,  that is a different story.  
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xanax to ativan crossover

1mg Ativan = 0.5mg Xanax. So Activian is twice as strong as Xanax. So the first switch your Dr made was wrong. The .25 xanax would equal .5 Activian. They seemed to have copped onto that later. But with all Benzos there is a way to make a change over. You were taking the Xanax 4 times a day. So you would feel some withdrawl as the Activian is dosed out 3 times a day. You may feel off when you used to take that fourth tablet for a start. Not exactly sure of the method for stepping over. No doubt the professor will see your post and give you a guided tour. That is Ryan. Knows his stuff inside out.
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klonopin and ativan together

I think you would best be served by calling your local pharmacist and asking  him/her these questions. You're on quite a "stew" of meds and you need to talk to someone who knows about the interactions. I will say that I don't understand your p-docs "preference" that you don't take an Ativan when you are having a really major anxiety attack. There are many people I know who are on, say Klonopin, and if they have a bad "breakthrough" attack, their p-doc advises them to take a dose of Xanax or Ativan or a sublingual Klonopin wafer. It's good that you will be seeing him soon so you can discuss this in greater detail. Peace Greenlydia
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Benzo taper

You want to taper as far down as you can with benzo's.  Take it slow so your body can used to the lower dose.  
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Ativan Valium Zoloft mangement

You really need a doctors help with all the med changes and dosing schedules.  My own experience with tapering is to taper down a little, level off and then go a little further.  If you are still shaky from the last cut you should stay at that dose until you feel more comfortable.  The next cut is going to leave you with a little more added withdrawal if you don't wait to level off a bit. The more execise or other activities you can involve yourself with, the better. Good luck and stay warm!
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I thought I beat anxiety!! :( encouragement please?

In December last year and January this year I felt so sick, nausea, extreme anxiety, fatigue, headaches- You name it, I felt it. It was a hard stage when I felt alone, and that mixed with my self diagnosed depression, it was a horrible time. I had felt ill for like a whole 2 months straight! And after like three weeks of continuous mystery illness I had convinced myself I was dying. I slept for like two hours a night, had anxiety fits every night just thinking of me shutting my eyes and never waking up. The mysytery illness had caused me to get so anxious I hardly left my home. I'm sort of trying to say that I'm still alive now, and the doc thinks that my illness was caused by a minor liver disease that I was born with called Gilberts Syndrome. (Nothing that can kill me unless I drink alcohol) I think that what you have or are feeling is probably made so much worse by your anxiety, if I was you I'd still get a blood test- But I was sure I was dying, I was convinced, so it could just be your anxiety... I'm sorry I rambled on and I wasn't that much help, but know that others have also experienced crazy anxiety :) You'll get through this! xx
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