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Lightheadedness, Chronic Tension Headaches

I'm 33 Male Well this all started 3 years ago when I found out I had a winged scapula. I always had less range of motion on my left side. I have been to PT for upper Trap work, Seen Chiropractor for it as well still no relief. I tried Botox with first neurologist didn't help for it so now I'm back in PT as they have stated I have damage to Long thoracic nerve. Don't know how it happened however it did However these last 3 month have beeeeeen HELLLL!. I have Chronic Tension Headaches 24/7 (They started first) with Tinnutus, Light-Headness all day long on left side where wing

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Tension-type headache is a nonspecific headache, which is not vascular or migrainous, and is not related to organic disease.
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6 months of chronic muscle tension headaches (apex of the head)

  Hi...have either of ur Drs suggested a MRI of the cervical spine to look at the disks?   A fall, or a MVA yrs ago may  have weakened the area and just a hard cough could have been the last straw.... Do inquire about a MRI to make sure it is not something other then stress.
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Hypochondriasis or OCD

I know that my headaches often are directly connected to my anxiety, and the same for minor stomach upset. Having said know the old saying "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not all out to get you"? Yes, your obsessing and I can speak freely, since I'm going through the same exact thing right now, (except for me its asthma instead of the stomach, and herpes instead of HIV) but if you have physical pain, there's something not working correctly. One thing I've been paying attention to is my sugar intake. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia 2 years ago, and totally ignored my doctor's instructions. I've been reading this past weekend, and I realized that all of our symptoms are associated with hypoglycemia (headaches, fatigue, digestive problems, anxiety, and allergies and asthma). I'm not saying you neccessarily have a low blood sugar problem, but you might want to consider having a glucose tolerance test. Who knows? It might actually be the cure you're looking for! That's for the headaches and lack of energy. The HIV fear is a whole other matter. You can't contract HIV from a toilet, even one at an STD clinic, and your test came back negative. Is there a reason you suspect your ex had HIV to begin with? Try to focus on it less. Every time you refuse to cooperate with that OCD voice in your head you weaken it's power (I used to have very severe OCD symptoms, and I've managed to be nearly symptom free - even during stressful times). Hope I've helped :)
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Benzodiazipines cause permanent brain damage

There is no evidence at the present time to suggest that long-term administration of Benzodiazepines in therapeutic dosages results in permanent brain damage. You state that following discontinuance of Ativan, you had developed tension headaches, muscle tension and cognitive impairment involving short-term memory. The latter three are all symptoms of anxiety itself, which suggests rebound of the underlying "disorder" following discontinuance of Ativan. The million dollar question is...what symptoms were you experiencing PRIOR to starting the Ativan? Reemergence of the original "disorder" being treated (or a modest deterioration in it) is typical following Benzodiazepine abstinence. After all, benzos do not "cure" the underlying "disorder". They can only mask it. Thus when they are discontinued, the original issue is likely to reemerge. Ativan possesses potent amnesic properties. Other Benzodiazepines have less of an effect on cognition, albeit they all impair cognition to some degree. Perhaps inquire about trying one of the others until you find the one that provides the greatest benefit with the least amount of cognitive side effects. Regarding your last line, there is little financial incentive in the prescribing of Benzodiazepines. All of these drugs are off patent and have been for decades. There is NO incentive for the pharmaceutical industry to promote this class of drugs, as there is no money in it for them. All are available in generic form. Physicians prescribe this class of drugs because their efficacy can hardly be questioned. In short, they work, and with few trade-offs.
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Did she have a MRI of her neck and brain? She really needs to have brain,t-spine ,l-spine. They do have the advanced MRIs now you should get her in for those. If you have a advanced mri center were you live. You should have her checked by a nuerologist, and have primary doc check her for fybromyalgia, she has alot of symtoms but you never know. So you should get her into those docs, not just a plain md, they tend to let you go for years with these kinda problems. Sometimes a chiropractor will do the trick alone. But dont go to him alone , i would advise getting everything checked out...Keep me posted. Love Penny
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Possible RA, costochondritis, thyroid issues

Hi mis417. A few things that may help. Never underestimate your doctors' ability to mess-up patients' lives. It is possible you have a magnesium deficiency, food allergies and low thyroid function, all underlying causes of gallbladder pain and gall stone formation. 2.5% Magnesium Chloride hexahydrate (MgCl2-6H2O) solution, 125 ml taken twice daily and sipped very slowly ( mix 25 gr of magnesium chloride in 1 liter of water) not indicated in severe kidney insufficiency, tastes awful and might cause a little diarrhea initially. But it will help with depression and anxiety issues, regulating heart rhythm, boosting cardiovascular energy, aid thyroid function which by the way could be low, but the standard tests only show serum levels and not thyroid function!!! The positive antibodies indicate hashimoto's (autoimmune hypothyroidism) and some of the symptoms overlap magnesium deficiency symptoms. Ask for Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3 I would not be surprised if your Reverse T3 is elevated- due to prolonged stress levels which  cause high cortisol at first, but eventually becoming low, as the adrenals cannot sustain the high levels indefinitely. Reverse T3 lowers T3, which does not show in the standard tests.  if this is the case you need to treat the thyroid with the smallest starting doses of natural desiccated thyroid and cytomel which is only T3. This has to be monitored closely and adjust the dosing as needed. When you have low thyroid function, nothing seems to work in the body well, nothing heals properly either. Food allergies and sensitivities have to verified by doing an elimination diet, because they could have been the reason for your gallbladder issues all along, with magnesium and low thyroid function as co-factors. Allergy/sensitivity-caused obstruction  because of duct tissue swelling is a very valid and common presentation, yet stones get the blame-exclusively! You also need to rule out low gastric acid . This alone would lead to a great number of issues. Easiest way to find out is by doing the Betaine HCL challenge. Follow the label instructions and if you feel better consistently after a few days, you know you have indeed low gastric acid. This is another causative factor in gallstone formation. Unfortunately you had your gallbladder removed, however my opinion is that once this happens, then essential oils and vitamins A,D,E and K are not absorbed properly and over time resulting in many health issues, associated with their deficiencies. One thing that you could do is look into  supplementing with bile salts. The RA markers are likely a consequence of the above. If some of the above sound a bit complicated, let me know and I can offer you simpler explanations and further details. Please note that my comments are not intended to replace medical advice. Best wishes, Niko
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Low blood pressure with chest pain and many more

I do some mistakes in my long post... For the heart test I ask to see the arterials near my heart the Cardio say no since its an invasive test and he think that since all the EKG I had in the last year was ok and same for the stress test with the echo , holter monitor test was ok and 2 weeks monitor events was ok also. I also drink enough, im not deshydrated and drink more than 1,5 liters of liquid a day. Also, actually the wound on my belly have only a small open hole of 1 cm long but dont heal cause of a mesh who was put in the belly to repair a hernia back in 2004.  The mesh make the heal process impossible so the wound dont close and leak. I have to take care by myself of the open wound, apply a special cream to avoid infection and put steril dressing on it with hypafix tape. They will remove the mesh and make sure the wound will heal for good, I do hope I will not have to stay 1 month at the hospital this time... Also had blood test 2 weeks ago. All my vitamins level are perfect, even have high Vit D and high Vit B12, no thyroid problem, protein c reactive test show no infection (its an indicator of heart problems)... I only have low prealbumin serum level who is an indicator of the bad nutrition state I have right now cause of the IBS and constipation and the fact that I cant eat a lot of foods. I make sure I eat enough protein first and add fresh fruits and some vegetables but not a lot cause its dangerous to have another intestinal obstruction if I eat some kind of vegetables and fruits with skin, always have to remove the skin and no corn, no cabbage and no nuts or dried fruits. I eat yogurt , milk and cereal but cant eat complete bread or grains bread... Sorry for the long post. Always write too much...
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Chronic Headache

Your posting with layman and there is an expert forum too, but having had a few family members with brain tumors I can tell you that headaches are not always a symptom. My cousin that is currently battling a cancerous tumor never got a headache. If the docs hear your lifestyle and your stress levels, it is pretty understandable that you would have a tension headache and if you look that up, it is pretty much described how you say it. As well, if you had a tumor that caused headaches, nothing is going to make it go away after a while to my thinking save taking away the mass effect issue - as in removing the tumor. The neuro is also looking for other symptoms in your reflexes, gait and other signs - you must not have those. You can go see an eye doc who can check your eyes and optic nerves too for a further check but if you look here - I think most posts are "I have a headache I think I have a brain tumor"...
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anxiety and headaches

yes i have migraines almost every day and i see a neurologist for them and so far she has been unable to free me of them, their really bad when my day is full of anxiety and panic. do you see a psych or neurologist/headache doctor. all the worrying we do we bring about headaches which in turn  can trigger tension headache just from the stress of worrying. my suggest would be to see both a psych and neurologist/headache doctor. which ever you can see the soonest.
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