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Feeling some hardcore cancer phobia at the moment

I've always been afraid of dying of some terminal illness, but I was always able to dismiss it without a problem.  The more rational thing has always been an irrational fear of heart disease as that runs in my family.  Lately, though, I've been feeling uncomfortable in my abdomen, and I'm afraid its some sort of cancer/tumor.  I initially chocked it up to having started working out recently, and that I was just feeling sore from working out my abs.  But now I'm starting to think it isn't that since I've not worked my abs out in th

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is it anxiety or am i really sick

Since your MVP is obviously being watched and treated, and your also being treated for your anxiety, my immediate thought is that your anxiety meds are not working for you and they should be reevaluated. I don't know how long you've been on the Xanax, but that would be the first one I discussed with the doctor. I also think you would most definitely benefit from some therapy. I don't think you are physically ill, the MVP is a "condition," not an "illness," but rectal bleeding and "severe sleep apnea" need to be looked into as soon as possible. The rectal bleeding could be simple hemorrhoids, but the sleep apnea, on top of Inderal, Zoloft and Xanax could be a deadly combination. I would suggest you get in for a very thorough physical and hook up with a good therapist to help you deal with your anxiety. Health (and death) anxiety are really common for those of us with this delightful disorder, but taking pills, while helping us deal with just the day to day slog, is only masking the symptoms. You need to find what is causing the anxiety and deal with that. I think you're caught up in the viscious medication/anxiety merry-go-round and you need to get off...........therapy will help you do that. Get a good physical. Find a good therapist. You WILL get your life back in order, but you have to be proactive. The help isn't going to knock on your door, you gotta go find it. You'll be fine. Take the first step. Peace Greenlydia
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I'm scard cuz i'm not yet 18

Hi, The chances that you are suffering from cancer are minimal. When were your last thyroid function tests done? What medications are you on? What symptoms do you have that make you think that you have cancer? You need to either see your family physician or talk to an elder member in the family and clear out your doubts. You should not panic or get anxious. Let us know if you have any doubts and post us on how you are doing. Regards.
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I feel like I'm dying.

You are definitely NOT alone!  I know I've felt exactly the same way many times (and I know I can speak for others in this community who've experienced the same thing).  I have always thought I had something terribly wrong with me and that the doctors were just missing it.  When I started taking anti-anxiety meds (ativan and prozac), my symptoms have practically disappeared.  Don't get me wrong; they still can rear their ugly heads now and then. I have good days and bad, but please know that you aren't alone in this.  The best thing to do is to to your doc and just have him/her make sure nothing is physically wrong with you.  If you get a clean bill of health, please don't be afraid or ashamed to ask them for something to take for the anxiety.  I hope you feel better soon, and please don't hesitate to post any questions or fears you might have!
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Day 9... Blah!!

Hey, great work on the 9 days!  You've got the right idea, all in time.  Soon you'll notice that the good feelings are longer and more frequent then the bad.  Keep kickin @ss! Hugs
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Do I have cancer of the esophagus?!

I think this is due to anxiety. Anxiety means you swallow more often and you are swallowing air leading to the burping. You are also getting a bit of heartburn from being wound up. If your doctor is unable to put your mind at rest and these worries are affecting your daily life, studies, relationships, sleeping or eating, then speak to your doctor about your anxiety. Self help measures to try are exercise, exercise, excercise (I can't stress that enough), listening to upbeat music, accept every social invitation you get, never sleep during the day, get up in the morning when you wake up, don't lay in bed. I'm only answering this because I have been in your shoes and I wish I had not wasted so much energy and worry when I was your age. Take care of yourself. It is no fun being worried and you are so young with such a lot of great life ahead of you to enjoy. But don't stress about that either. Life is a journey not a race.
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Cancer Phobia....

Annie, ask yourself this question, and really take some time to ponder it: will worrying about something prevent it from happening? Worry is a useless emotion. It's not helping you in any way whatsoever, and is only making you miserable. If you aren't seeing a therapist about this, I highly recommend it. By the way, I disagree with your friends who are saying if you worry about something, it's more likely to happen. That's not true either, so forget about that. But your friends mean well. Stop poking and prodding yourself, stop checking your bowel movements, and no googling symptoms either. Focus on living your life to its fullest potential. I hope that helps.
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What can I take?

Ah, Paxil. I had such a horrible exprience with taking just a half a pill one time that I did not continue (altough it did help me in realizing that I wanted to battle this as clean as possible). Anyhow, as with most SSRI's, things will feel worse before they get better. The good news is that you are probably almost past the initial anxiety caused by the introduction of the new med into your body. When I started taking effexor way back when (I am since off that too), this intial feeling lasted for bout 3.5-4 weeks. I would suggest talking with your doctor about alternates to Valium. For some reason, I have come to learn that Valium is not always the most effective with Moderate to Severe anxiety or panic. What I have ound works well is Xanax (alprazolam) and know that many many others are prescribed this same thing. While, as with many other benzo's, it can be habit forming, if you take it at the least amount necessary to alleviate your symptoms, you will be good. Plus, many people also say Xanax is not as "tiring" as Valium and does not make you feel as outof it. Xanax is the only thing I still take and that is very rarely. Ativan is also another choice, but I would not recommend it unless Xanax fails to do the trick - Ativan is very strong. Here is the way I did it with the xanax and it worked magic. My doctor prescribed me .5 mg Xanax. He told me to take one three times a day, but that soon did not do the trick. So I went back to him complaining of more anxiety. What he told me was this : (AGAIN- PLEASE TALK WITH YOU DR ABOUT THIS). It was safe for me to take up to 8 a day if I needed to (that is 4 mg, of course). I was to take one, not automatically upon waking, but when I started to feel anxiety and panic coming on. After I took the first one and if I did not feel any better at all, take another 1/2 a pill (that is .25 mg) 45 minutes later....wait another 30-45 minutes, same thing....and once more if can do this up to the point of where you would have taken no more than  in a single day. HOWEVER - this requires some very strict "record-keeping" of what you have taken and when.. When he told me this, I thought that I would be taking so many, but soon realized that after the 2nd 1/2 pill I was good to go. Finally, and many people in the forms have already heard me talk about this many times, but it is absolutely worth another mention - go to your library or bookstore right away and a book by Dr. Claire Weekes called Hope and Help for your Nerves. You can thank me later, as this book is wonderful :) Good Luck and let us know how it turns out! Mike
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Help i'm really scared

i also did a genetic test thing and it said my risk for heart disease was 0
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Health anxiety is driving my family crazy,

This is my first post, but I can SO relate to what you are saying.  I'm 34 and have been a hypochondriac for a long as I can remember, but the "cancer phobia" didn't really affect me until my sister in law was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 28.  Then at age 31, the cancer spread and she passed away.  As she was nearing death, my health anxiety became way out of control.  I'm so embarassed to say this, but I was just looking back at all the statements I've gotten from my health insurance for the past year and the stack is nearly 2 inches thick!  Shortly after her death, I began seeing a therapist at my poor husband's pleading and that's helped tremendously.  It got so bad that I was crying at the time and it was driving him crazy.  Oh, I also have a 2 year.  Every ache and pain used to automatically mean that I have so horrible disease and won't be around to see my little boy grow up.  After going to CBT, I've gotten so much better, and even without the help of medication (I was having anxiety over taking meds too!).  I still have my bad days and setbacks but definitely nothing like before.  Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone.
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