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Bed wetting at 47

A few times in the last few months I have woken up with a strange buzzing in my ears and a feeling of paralysis for a few seconds then I wet the bed.  This morning it happened again and my husband witnessed it he said I was stiff as a board, eyes wide open and not blinking and making a choking sound, he talked to me and i answered but he says my face never moved. Next thing I know I was wetting the bed again.

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Adult bed-wetting: A concern? - Mayo Clinic

Adult bed-wetting is uncommon and requires evaluation by a doctor.
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Bed-wetting: What Causes Your Child to Wet the Bed? - WebMD

Understanding bed-wetting's causes is the first step to dealing with this common childhood problem. ... WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
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Bed wetting adults - Embarrassing Problems

Useful contacts for Bed-wetting in teenagers and adults. Click to see all the contacts that you may find useful in relation to bed wetting adults
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Nocturnal enuresis - Wikipedia

Nocturnal enuresis, also called bedwetting, is involuntary urination while asleep after the age at which bladder control usually occurs. Nocturnal enuresis is ...
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Ask an Expert: Adult bed wetting -

Bed wetting during sleep, also known as sleep enuresis, often has a variety of underlying causes. Sleep enuresis is quite common in children but begins to decrease ...
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Bed-wetting Causes - Mayo Clinic

Bed-wetting — Learn about causes and treatments, including moisture alarms, bladder training and medications.
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Bed-wetting blues: Millions of adults suffer, too - Health ...

Bed-wetting blues: Millions of adults suffer, too Many of those with urinary incontinence are too ashamed to seek help Below:
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Adult bedwetting - NetDoctor

Adult bedwetting I am 45 years old and wet the bed once or twice every two or three months. This has been happening for the last five years. It can happen for two or t...
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Bed-Wetting Solutions for Kids - WebMD

Continued. He adds that bed-wetting is "a developmental issue and therefore the treatment is time, so for kids age 6 or under, they will most likely grow out of it."
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Bedwetting and Accidents

Bedwetting and Accidents offers support for childhood potty problems, including enuresis, encopresis, and urinary tract infections.
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9 year old bed wetting

You say when he is watching TV or playing a game and he 'wont 'go, you swich off the TV and the game until he goes, in fact you take away these privileges until he stops this behavior as it sounds willful.Maybe take him back to the Doctor to find out why he wants to behave like that.Does he do this at school what do they say , has he friends ?
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really upset help! no nasty comments plz

Hi there! Bedwetting or enuresis often results in individuals due to emotional stress or psychological injury. At a primary level I would suggest you to limit the intake of fluid you take at night and make it a habit to void urine before you go to bed. It might also help to set up alarms in the middle of the night and empty the bladder frequently. If these do not seem to help, I would suggest seeing a primary care physician/ internist to rule out organic causes such as infections and endocrine issues and depending on the cause, if identified, specialist care may be sought. It may also be beneficial to see a doctor in case you may need behavioral or psychotherapy. Hope this helps. Take care!
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4 year old issues :(

Talk to the pediatrician and for heaven's sake, put him into pullups or diapers at night.  If you can't afford disposables, use cloth ones with a wrap or cover.  There is no point in being at your wit's end.  LOTS of kids can't control their bladders when sleeping at age 4.  Go to the library and get a good book on potty training, and try to remove the tension, anger and punishment from something as unable to be controlled as a 4-year-old as his peeing when sleeping.  
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4 year old peeing in the house

Hm.  Well, first let me say that it is actually very common for kids to have trouble staying dry during the night at 4.  In fact, 12% of kids are not able to stay dry at night until age 9!!  Something to do with deep sleeping and not getting a strong enough signal to wake and go.  That is why they make those under jams in such large sizes (up to 90 pounds!!).  I'd put them in pull ups at night for a bit longer just to save yourself the aggravation.  also, if you or their other parent were bed wetters, it is hereditary sometimes.   Anyway, the peeing on the carpet----  did you ask him why?  Was he trying to make it to the bathroom but couldn't??  Or was this deliberate.  My son did this one time when we were on vacation at about that age.  he was all keyed up and thinking he was hysterically funny dancing around naked and then just peed!  Yeesh.  The fun quickly ended and I say "no way are we doing that."  My younger son was shown how to 'go' outside and for a while would just go outside no matter where we were or what we were doing.  I had to break him of that like I would anything else he did that I didn't like.   so, how do you handle it?  
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My 6 year old is peeing all over the house.

child psychologist should be consulted- don't delay- this will probably have to be recommended by your pediatrician- sounds like a huge control struggle here- good luck- we are here if you need to chat more mom
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HELP - 15 year old still wetting his bed

This is not Uncommon now a days. Especially with the change in food and diet over the past few years ( GMO, high fructose corn syrup, etc.) it should  end. I had a family member who went to age 15 and completely stopped before age 16. Allergies can also cause a condition, that sends a signal to the brain that the bladder is full. And that can cause nocturnal Enuresis.
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Sudden Bedwetting in a 5 (almost 6) year old female

Hi there.  Has anything changed at all for her?  I have a boy who just turned 7 and when he started the first grade which was his first all day school experience, he wet the bed for a week straight.  He'd not wet at night for eons and it is really out of character for him.  He was very serious about doing well in school and liked it very much.  But it was different and stressful in a way for him.  I tried putting him to bed a little earlier and being very supportive and encouraging to him.  As I said, it lasted one week and then he hasn't repeated since last Fall.   So, I'm just curious if anything is going on in her life right now.  
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My 13 year old son still wets the bed

  He should be using what ever makes him feel the most comfortable.  However, if this is somewhat of a recent occurrence, this should be checked out medically.     And, there are the common things to do.  Restrict liquids during and after dinner.  Set an alarm to wake up about half way through the night to hit the head.      But since this sounds recent.  I would have this checked out.  It could be a UTI and easily treated.  Its a simple pee test to find out.
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