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Struggling with life, please help

Hello, this is the first time I have posted. I have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and stress and I am really struggling to cope especially mornings. The doctors has given me antidepressants he says they will take a few weeks to start working. I need some advise please.on how to cope, I am physically sick every morning and I'm doing nothing but cry, I feel lost and in despair.  My husband is very supportive and cannot do enough to help me through this hard time in my life.  I have arranged to see a counsellor but there is a waiting list of 2 months also don'

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Please help me, Im a wreck

try to calm down. you've been tested many times, you not don't have hiv, it's your anxiety. the odds of someone with hiv sticking you with a needle are a billion to 1. i scape myself sometimes and think how did that happen? i put ointment on it with a bandaid and forget about it. again, it's your anxiety. maybe you scraped your hand on the car door or even at home and did'nt notice it until got to the club. try to hang in there and not be so upset. take care. remar
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Struggling with life, please help

my mom and grandmom had that depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain antidepressants  levels that  imbalance many people with depression  seek help from a counsellor and it does help dont worry thngs will get better take one step at a time in your life look more to the good things in your life and another thing that helps best of all is prayer
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Please help me get back on the horse.....really need your help!

"My head is just my own worst enemy. Prior to going to bed I will tell myself that no matter what I will not use tomorrow and than upon awakening the first thing my head says is to go get loaded." Aint that the truth! I have to say, it sounds like you are really cognitive of your situation and that you have a plan but cant get passed the first few days. You mentioned getting your pills from a dealer so Im just going to assume that your doctor has no clue of whats going on in your life. I will also assume that since you work in an office job you might possible have health insurance. If so...and if you have a decent relationship with your doc...make an appointment and ask for help. See if he/she will help you with a tapering plan. Do you have someone in your life that knows your situation or that you can come clean with and ask them for help? If so, they can be a part of your taper plan (if thats what you chose) 5-10 30MG oxycodone per day is a lot and I can completely understand why you cave in 36 hours into a cold turkey detox. Im not co-signing and saying that you should continue to use so you can avoid feeling like shhh...but rather maybe you should try a different approach this time. Im a big proponent of change and recognizing what didnt work once may very well fail a second time. Im also in California....down south though. We are fortunate in CA because there are soooo many recovery options....half the state is using while the other half is in recovery.... So to sum it up....if you dont already...get someone involved that you can trust who is NOT and addict that is willing to help you. Prayers your way. Always, ABN
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Please help me get off these things and get my life back!

Hi there, I too have been addicted to the hydro.  While it started for legit issues, which are still there, it became a use at night for relaxation thing for me.  While I was not at as high a usage as you, I would still recommend to go cold turkey unless you are absolutely sure you can taper.  I never had the ability to taper, could not control mysef.  Use the Thomas reciepe, hunker down like you have the flu, hit the Imodium and use the forum for support.  The regulars here are great.  You can do this!  Can you cut off supply?  For me that is ongoing big item for me that has finally helped me to not relapse so far, if I could get my hands on some, within limits, I would still use possibly.  You sound ready, cut off that supply and get going.  We wil help. Bryan
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Please help

Hi,.......there are two parts to this forum. Addiction Community (this one) And Addiction Forum . This one is for chit chat. If you post your comment in the other one, you will get more responses.You can click on Addiction on the left or near the top.
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8 Months today!

great job!! keep it up.I'm right behind you.
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I want to feel pain... Help me work this out, please?

I'm sorry you're going through this.  Are you talking to anyone for help about this (counselor, therapist, doctor, etc.)?  If not, please reach out and get help.  If you are wanting to hurt yourself, and acting upon that - like the punching yourself till you bruise - that's a dangerous place to be.   Is there a counselor at your school you can talk to?  If you go to a church or religious institution, maybe someone there?  What about your parents or another family member?  Please reach out and talk to someone.  
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Help, please read my story

  Hi so sorry you are going thru is easy for a Dr to not agree with test findings since it is possible each MRI was done on different settings and different results can can make the herniation appear to shrink or grow depending on which slice they look at... Not sure if the Drs you have been to are true Chiari specialists but that is where I would suggest you start or go to with or treat Chiari is not indicate a specialist. Did they test you for ALL related conditions? Most of the specialists can help regardless of the other issues you have so if it is too much for a Dr they are not well experienced with Chiari. JMHO Did they test your vitamin and mineral levels? Test for Syringomyelia ? EDS, ICP, POTS, CCI, sleep apnea?
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Help please for real im drowing

I guess the best way is to confront them.  The best way is for you to work with your T to understand your thoughts and feelings. There are rarely any easy answers with bpd.  You may like to check out dbt skills on the internet -working through those can sometimes help. Your bf sounds like a positive influence.  You should hold onto him. I think sex, like cutting or drugs or over-eating or speeding or spending, is a defense mechanism.  Often they are behaviors that mean we don't have to think or feel. You should talk to your T and let them know how bad you feel.  It's OK to ask for more help if you need it.  They can also help you work through some of the emotional issues, especially around the guilt if that is what you feel you need. Suicide is never the answer.  Please talk to someone about this.  It shows that you are feeling increasingly desperate and overwhelmed.  Issues can always be worked through.
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help please ... =]

i am on 60mg of prozac and i do okay on it. i have been on as much as 100mg but that sent me into a nervous breakdown. i don't think my doc knows much what he's doing. you need to talk to your doctor to see what they say, i know prozac can cause suicidal thoughts to intensify. the side effects, if that's what is happening, should wear off after 2 or 3 weeks. i don't really have the side effects even when i've gone off of it and started back, but some of what you're describing sounds like maybe some side effects. are you in therapy? it can help if you're not but make sure you contact your doctor as soon as you can to ask about these things. i've had pretty bad bouts with depression so i can relate to how you feel. this too will pass but do what you can to help it along, it takes persistance to get better, you have to fight it. i have a 7 year old son and i have been bipolar since a young age so i know how it is to deal with a baby while you're depressed, or anxious, or even manic. but we love our child and will do what it takes to get through the episode so we can be good parents. good luck and people are always here to listen and respond on this site.
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