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I don't know if anxiety can cause this

Let me first start by saying that I am 22 and I have always been anxious about my health I haven't been diagnosed by an anxiety disorder because I wasn't confident visiting a doctor. I have had episodes of health concern before this one but this one is really bothering me. I have had near constant dizziness even after I wake up from a sleep. My stomach is achy in a dull way. And yesterday what added to my concern was that I smelled rotten eggs twice  in two different timings given that I am sure its not my house's smell because no one else smelled it and also I got the sy

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What Exactly Causes Anxiety Chest Pain?

I once heard from a therapist. I inquired about some issues relating to my neck tension which I believed to come from the same cause as chest pain. He said daily stress and pressure can build up at vulnerable parts of our body. Once accumulated to a certain extent, physical pain is resulted. For me, I am suffering neck pain and my head stiffs all over when I create my own tension. So I suppose the vulnerable part of my body is my neck.!!  
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anxiety everyday

Hi there.  I can tell you that there is hope!  I started having anxiety because of too much stress on my life.  Not knowing what was happening made things worse.  I got to know what was making me feel bad and it mostly from being so tense that I was not breathing right and would hyperventilate.  So I learned how to do breathing exercises that I posted under advice.  The best thing that worked has been going outside and getting sun on my face.  It calms me down in 5 minutes.  When I saw that worked, I started going to parks and taking pictures of nature and walking and that almost completely took away my anxiety.  I still have relapses when I'm inside too much or when I'm on the pc or watching tv for too long but I'm alot more in control now than before knowing that the symptoms pass after a few.  I am doing it without meds because I had bad side effects to them and I learned that my symptoms were mostly from hyperventilation and learned to deal with that.  Another thing you can do is go to the place you want to go to for a few minutes and then leave before you feel bad.  Then you keep going back until you can stay later so that your mind can see that there is no danger there and then you will be able to go there with no more problems.  You are desensitizing yourself to those places.  Going to parks helped me so much that I didn't even have to do that anymore and I was able to go shopping without any problems.  Also as I have posted before I prayed alot and read my bible and that helped me not feel alone, and gave me peace.  I will pray for you if you would like.  I've been going through this for the last 6 years off and on but much better in the last 3 years.  In time you will get better, just make sure you get a full medical check up first to rule out any medical problems like thyroid, etc.  God bless you friend!
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anxiety and nausea

Hey, I suffer from anxiety. And I think its generalized? What does that mean? lol. Mine just comes out of nowhere for no apparent reason.. then I have a HARD time coming out of it. This 2 weeks I havnt been able to come out of it by just taking ativan (low xanax type med). It does chill me out though at night so I can sleep. I finally had to go to the Dr. yesterday, he put me back on the lexapro. My anxiety isnt caused from any certain type of "thing". It's not my marriage.. its not my boss.. ect. It just happens! And I'M SCARED CONSTANTLY WHEN I GO THROUGH IT~! IT *****! I know what you are going through. See, I've been anxiety free for 4 months! I didnt think it could come back! But it did. And it lasted for 2 weeks... still got it... but started the lexapro lastnight.. 5mg.. .he wants me to work my way up IF I NEED TOO. I took it last year and it seemed to help a month at a time... I took 5mg for a month... got back to my old self... then had another anxiety spell... took 10mg... got back to myself... then had another spell a month later... and then decided to get off the meds and see a psychologist... the anxiety left! As summer came I was anxiety free like I said for 4 months! My appetite isnt back yet... I still have a nervous stomach at times, Do you ever get the bad butterflies when you have your anxiety? Then start freaking yourself out more from the fear of fear? B/c you don't know why you have the anxiety.... I also get.. well I got this time.. the thought I was going CRAZY. Going off the deep end. I was very forgetful... I was pacing so much... couldnt sit still... it just sucked!!! Ever experience any of this? Ever think you have something terribly wrong with you? My real dad, which I DID NOT KNOW.... b/c he killed himself while my mom was pregnant with me.... suffered from manic depression also schitzophrenia I think? My mom doesnt even know a whole lot about it... she did say when he wasnt on his lythium is when he killed himself.. and he'd talk to people in the living room late at night who werent there... he thought he was God... Crazy crazy stuff... well... this scares me! I've had this thing in my mind.. .that I'm heading down that path! But I have to remember, its just ANXIETY! It's not schitophrenia... its anxiety. My dr. assured me of it.. and so did my pshycologist. Do you think we can beat this one day? I mean, I did go 4 months without having it! Take care. I'd like to know your whole story, when yours started. And I'd be interested if you had the pacy feeling?
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new here really need help

Hey hun sorry you going thru this.. All you really can do us breath relax and try to calm yourself.. I know its hard when feeling like this but you have to try. Have you seen your dr? Are you on any meds? Have you discussed this with a therapist.?? Chamomile tea with lavender and chamomile hubble baths with the same in candles to help relax and calm you helps alot.. I'm sorry I don't have more to help you with. But by you sounding the way you do you need to get into your dr office.. Hope you feel better soon hun.
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Anxiety without a cause?

Yep you can have anxiety and not be aware of the specific cause. Many of us don't discover what causes our anxiety until we have been to a therapist to help us sort it out. That's what makes GAD ( Generalized anxiety disorder) such a puzzle sometimes. It can be tough working through what makes us anxious but with work, therapy, medication if needed and some self understanding we usually get to the root of the problem.
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I have been on zoloft for years and when I have had to change doses I do not have any side effects as long I take my meds consistently, and step the meds up or down how my doctor says.  
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Does anyone else have anxiety symptoms and you don't know why?

I don't think many of us get it.  Mine came out of nowhere.  I had been through some stressful events, but why did it leave me with long term anxiety.  There was no rhyme or reason for the onset of my panic attacks.  I would be doing well for a couple of days and BAM!  We know where you are coming from.  I just treat mine since I can't seem to figure it out.  It's best to let the experts handle it.  Doctors really can help.
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Is anxiety causing my chest discomfort?

Have you actually been diagnosed by a DOCTOR with anxiety or are you playing Marcus Welby with yourself? You say: "I'm pretty sure I'm healthy, but who knows." Well, for starters, your doctor would, and that is who I strongly recommend you take this problem to. It could be anxiety, it could be an ulcer or it could be a hundred other things............which NONE of us on this forum is qualified to diagnose. Wish I could have given you the answer you were looking for, but I gave you the only answer need.........see your doctor. Peace Greenlydia    
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Vertigo - Caused by Anxiety ?

I have been diagnosed with severe vertigo, mine is as a result of a fall. Dizziness could be brought on by anxiety but, you should know if you were having an anxiety attack when it happened. My dizziness/spins come on with no warning, when they initially happened, anxiety naturally followed. I had no clue at the time, what was going on with my eyes, ears, or brain. Sometimes my eyes feel like they are pulling, other times they shake, When the spins happen I just look for the nearest safe thing to hold on to. My vision is overlapped but, used to be doubled. The concussion messed me up. I'm in the care of a good doctor, therapists, and a team of neuro-specialists. I would see a doctor about the vision problems, get diagnosed. ENT specialists may be in order but, many things could be causing the problem, don't rest until you find satisfying results. It could be the onset of vertigo and sometimes can clear with proper diagnosis & medication. Smiling on ahead! Daniel
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I've always heard anxiety can cause..

maybe i'm alone on this one... lol
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