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How to stop anxiety ?

I have been suffering with anxiety and extreme worrying for so long,  lately if there's something that is really worrying me I find its worse in the morning ? I then try and keep sleeping hopeing it will go away , I don't want to worry all the time it really upsets me , any advice will be great x

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why doesn't anxiety go away

Chronic anxiety is perpetuated by the way we think.  There is no known cause and no known cure other than those who spontaneously get better and those who learn to change the way they think.  Most do this in therapy, with a therapist who specializes in anxiety treatment.  You don't mention if you've done therapy, you only mention a drug.  Drugs don't cure anxiety, they just suppress it by changing the way the brain works naturally.  If you want to treat the disorder solely with drugs, then the fact one bit of stress put you back into chronic anxiety suggests you aren't ready to be off the Zoloft.  Or you can try therapy and see if you can learn to get rid of it for good.  In your case, you say you know what triggered the original anxiety -- most of us don't -- and so that's what you should have worked on in therapy, probably instead of going on medication, but you chose the medication route.  I'd suggest at least trying to fix the problem through therapy, but of course it's your choice.  Now, as for damage to your neurotransmitters, if there were, you would have noticed it as soon as you stopped the Zoloft.  The fact it only started up again when you faced stress again suggests it's just the same old same old.  Taking meds can alter the brain's ability to function without drugs -- sometimes the brain just can't re-adapt to functioning without medication.  But again, you'd have noticed that upon stopping 8 months ago, so I don't think that's what's happening with you.
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Anxiety/panic after stopping Birth Control

Hello, Symptoms of anxiety and panic attack due to stoppage of birth control pills cannot stay for one year. Causes may include hyperthyroidism,hypoglycemia, Wilson's disease, mitral valve prolapse, pheochromocytoma and inner ear disturbances (labyrinthitis). Vitamin B deficiency  can also cause panic attack. Consult a psychiatrist and after ruling out all these conditions, start with the treatment of panic attacks. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
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Please respond, I'm sick of this.

The good news is that its very possible to get your old life back, firstly by understanding what is happening to you when you have an anxiety attack and secondly believing that you can control it.  All of the symptoms you list above are a combination of anxiety trigger based body functions, one leads to another and the more you fear your anxiety the more power it has over you. Have you spoken to your doctor or are you on any prescribed medication to relieve the symptoms?  It would be helpful if you could get into some counselling to learn the techniques for overcoming your anxiety, simply starting with breathing and focusing on the feeling and giving it a score out of 10.  The very act of looking inwardly at your anxiety as a watcher empowers you over the symptoms.  I know this all sounds so simplistic,  but next time you find yourself heading into an attack, focus on your body part and concentrate on breathing exercises.
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HELP!! How can I stop anticipatory Anxiety?

In my opinion this is what makes anxiety so hard to overcome sometimes.  It is kind of ironic that we are actually anxious about another panic attack. To get out of this loop one must acquire the long term knowledge to confront and beat it in my experience.  Long term knowledge of the cycle really helps....there is a reason that they say, 'knowledge is power....'   I am a big proponent of SSRIs like Zoloft, but remember they are only a part of the equation.  While they are a useful tool, they will not cure you of anything, but combined with talk therapy it can be a huge advantage....keep us posted!
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Someone managed to quit smoking with a severe panic disorder and a lot of anxiety?

I have to be honest, I was a fairly heavy smoker. I got pregnant and my doctor advised that I dont quit but that I cut back. I already had to get off xanax and they didnt feel that it was a good idea to overload me I guess. So I smoked my whole pregnancy. Not alot but still. I went into the hospital to have her and afterwards my blood pressure spiked up really high and I had to stay in longer than expected. I dont know what it was but the whole experience scared me enough that I knew I had to quit. It was going to be hard because my boyfriend at the time smoked around me all the time. But I got home from the hospital and I just never had another cigarette. It was very hard at times and I almost gave up but it did not make my anxiety worse. My mood yes but anxiety not at all. Within a week, whenever my boyfriend smoked around me I realized how horrible it smelled and he smelled. Within 2 weeks, I had taste back and the smell made me sick. That was it, I just quit. Now mind you there was once or twice over the past 13 years that I have gotten drunk and smoked while drunk, but other than that I have not craved it or anything. I think replacing smoking with eating healthy snacks like almonds, fruit etc and getting up and doing something when you feel the urge is your best bet. I dont know how well patches etc work to be honest. If you do panic from not having a smoke just realize that you are lowering your blood pressure by not having it, clearing your lungs and just being healthier. Smoking that cigarette wont stop a panic attack. Good Luck and good for you for wanting to quit. Stick with it!
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Anxiety Managment

Welcome to the Anxiety Forum!  Sorry you're going through this.  We'll try to help you. Quick question...why did your doctor recommend stopping the Klonopin?  Because of your alcoholism history?  Was there any abuse of this med, were you taking more than Rx'd, for example?  What did she say?  Was she the same doc that put you on the Klonopin from the beginning? If you took the med as prescribed and it (obviously) worked for you...then my advice to you is FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR.  For starters, even if your doc DID feel that you needed to d/c the Klonopin, she tapered you WAY too fast...which is why you feel horribly.  Also, there is quite a bit of rebound anxiety after one stops these meds, which is what you're experiencing.  She should have addressed that with you...especially if she knows that your alcoholism history revolves around self-medication (with alcohol) to ease anxiety. Of COURSE Klonopin can be used long term.  Many people take it that way and have had great success.  I understand that a benzo isn't always an optimal choice of med for someone with a history of substance abuse...but every situation varies.  There is no standard "cookie cutter" approach that applies in all situations. Find yourself a new doctor, one who is willing to address ALL of your issues and look at the benefits of the Klonopin for you despite your history.  Especially since keeping your anxiety under control is a HUGE component in maintaining your sobriety.  Even if it is determined that Klonopin IS indeed contraindicated for must be given other options to help you manage your anxiety. Let us know how you're doing!  Hang in there!
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car passenger anxiety, need advice to calm my anxiety down while i'm in the car please help

Hello, You are not alone! I never been able to drive a car because of anxiety and panic, and I can only ride in a car with certain people. I have to keep myself busy playing with my cell phone or something else just to keep my mind off the fact that I am in a car. Listening to music on my iphone also helps me. Sometime I repeat helpful mantras over and over again! Using calming breathing is also helpful! Busy highway are the worse for me! I hope that you can fine something that helps you! Best wishes to you! Please keep me posted!
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Need Some Help With a Question

I've certainly experienced what you're going through many times. I guess you have to try and be honest with yourself. What are you still trying to learn about panic attacks? There's only so much information out there. I would assume that you continue to look online or on here to make yourself feel better about something. Try coming on here with the sincere purpose to share some of what you've learned with others. You'll find that you already know enough to help yourself and all you need to do is implement. Or - avoid the internet and get a hobby. When  was going through my bad stages video games saved me. They completely took my mind off of my concerns and I was miraculously cured!
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