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what could be wrong with me

I am 22 and I have this pain from my left shoulder down to my legs..  the pain feels like something is being compressed on my left side of the body, it also affects my breast, the left breast and it hurts alot..  seen doctors and they call it neurologic pain but the medicines don't help... the pain come and goes... can't say what triggers it.

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Pain in both breast

Hi, Your losing weight is a cause of concern. You need to see a physician for that if you do not start to eat properly in the next few days. Try wearing lose clothes and breast massage for the pain. Any muscle pull/strain, or tight clothing, or recent weight gain could cause a similar pain. It could be due to breast infection due to bacterial causes or due to a breast abscess. Even OCP's can cause breast discomfort and pain. Do a proper breast self exam, wear lose clothing, apply a soothing lotion at the site, take some OTC painkillers for a couple of days to see if the pain subsides. You could also try local application of diclofenac gel at the site. Try some hot compressus, a breast massage and see if it helps. If it still persists then schedule an appointment with your physician for a clinical evaluation. Goodluck.
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Scary Night

WOW that is scary!! i would have to say, with my experience that the position could have contributed to what happened along with your sinus infection. When I have sinus problems I always get more over all head pain, not just around my sinus area! Thank goodness you are fine and pray it wont happen again! I always have to have pillows around me making sure I dont roll flat on my back and/or stomach, i lay on my side most of the time. Sorry this happened, glad your husband with there to help you out. prayers are with you that this wast just a one time incident.
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Am I a lesbian/bi in denial? Help me plz!!!!!

You're a teenager. You'd be surprised how many teenagers seem confused at some point in their life. I always knew I was straight. Around 15 I had gay thoughts, wondered, etc. I never paid too much attention to it though. Everything that you listed above seems you are straight. You're just a teenager with hormones going through you. I hope you can move past this. One thing that will help you is stop paying so much attention to the situation, don't take online quizzes, don't go on the Internet about it.   All the gay people I know KNEW they were gay. They didn't pick it later on in life, or become attracted to the same sex sexually later on in life. (I know everybody is different, but just my experience) As far as the porn goes, man, I haven't watched porn since I was a teenager, but heck I was always interested in looking at the guy too.... Yes I'm straight, what I'm trying to get at is don't read too much into the porn situation either. It seems you're having anxiety over this, as other have different types of anxiety.  Try not to give so much thought into this, and let your sexual feelings natural develop. I didn't choose to be straight, but happened. Idk if I'm much help here. I usually only chime in on health anxiety, but hopefully I was some kind of help.
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Am I really bipolar?

Missdiagnosis is not that uncommon as alot of symptoms over lap other disorders. I was misdiagnosed for years. I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder until I had a major manic episode then it changed to bipolar. Do you know all the symptoms of bipolar? If your symptoms match those of bipolar disorder then I would say maybe the medication is not the right one for you. It sometimes takes years to find the right combination of medications. I have tried so many diffrent kinds of medications over the years and I am still not sure if I am on the right ones. I have been on a few medications that didn't seem to do anything as well.
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How to cope with health anxiety?

     Well, I'll start by saying I know how frustrating it can be to have legitimate symptoms that go by without being diagnosed. I've been in the same boat many times, and with some past experiences, it has weakened my trust in doctors. I know it's easy to continue coming up with diagnoses as more symptoms pop up. The first thing you should do is try to pinpoint which symptoms, if any, are chronic/reoccurring. If there are constant symptoms you should go to your GP if possible (as long as they aren't urgent-- in which case you should go to the hospital). Remember, if there are chronic symptoms, going to the doctor's is not going to create or affirm a serious illness. Either there's something wrong or there isn't, going to a doctor just (hopefully) reveals if you do have something or not. If you think you need to go, don't avoid it because you're afraid of a diagnosis.      If your symptoms seem to come up one after another without any overlap or repetition, this very well could be anxiety based. You could still go to your GP, but they might just dismiss it as hypochondriacal anxiety. There's never anything in the slightest wrong with seeing a therapist or just talking to someone if this is just a case of anxiety. Just remember, looking at the internet can be educational, but never serves as a diagnosis. (I myself often fall prey to webmd) If possible you might even be able to call your GP when you're concerned with a symptom, and they can judge whether or not you should come in. I hope this helped a little, and feel free to message me if needed. I actually experience your problem a lot!!
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Hypochondria or is something wrong?

Hi.  Sorry you are having this sleep difficulty.  Waking up anxious is not uncommon when stressed, worried or suffering true anxiety.  Are you worried about anything right now?  I can't tell you that your health is fine---  perhaps a physical would alleviate your worry about that.  Most likely though, it is.  And when we are hyper focused on it, we can feel all sorts of things like a cold chest.  Try some deep breathing, breath in for four, out for four and hold two.  Repeat.  This really helps.  Focus on the breathing.  Try some visualization as well---  basically thinking happy thoughts. I think of a vacation house I'd love to go to on the beach (no plan to really go there, LOL)  I don't know if you are male or female but I have this cyclically related to my hormones and cycle.  It's a pain.  Talk to your doctor if this persists, okay?  Oh, and eat well, get exercise. This helps.  good luck
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