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Klonopin, Abilify and Prozac Cold Turkey

Hello all, I have a question, I have stopped these three meds a week ago after taking them for a year or so. I'm feeling fine so far, and after reading so much horror about these meds got me thinking. I decided to go off the meds without my doctor's approval, but I decided that these drugs weren't going to rule my life anymore, and that I am sure that I can get through my major depression, anxiety and ocd without them. But like I mentioned, besides feeling drowsy more than usual, I'm really not having any withdrawal symptoms up to this point, though it's only been a week

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Do not go cold turkey. ... Lexapro, Prozac, Pristiq and lately Celexa. All of them, either make me sick, ... Have klonopin but doc only lets me have 2 a day of low dose.
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Panic Disorder

ive never taken it personally but you hear bad things about all medication unfortanitly no doctor is a miracle and you have to find your fit by trial and error. id do exactly as your doctor states and see what happins. good luck and i hope the transferworks out for you.
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What can I expect going cold-turkey off of Lexapro, Abilify and Klonopin?

A really crappy week. If you're gonna come off you should talk to your doc and ask to be weaned off gradually. Trust me I know from experience coming off cold turkey is a BAD idea. I wanted to kill myself all over again.
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xanax not helping

Perhaps if you were able to decrease, or better yet, discontinue the Adderall (a preparation similar to other CNS stimulants), you would require less Xanax, but still feel the desired calming effect.  
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zyprexa withdrawal

Find out ways that you could potentially be covered for the medications. There is the Patient Assistance Program where they are provided free through the company. There is Medicaid or if you are working (in most states) the Medicaid Buy in for Working People with Disabilities. You could find out more at your local independent living center:
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Klonopin, Abilify and Prozac Cold Turkey

Thanks for checking in. You are not alone in just taking yourself off meds without your doctor knowing about it. I knew better, and I did it more than once  (I am afraid I was a bit stubborn and thought I knew better than what I knew and others.Don't ask why, I can't even answer that question myself. ) Anyway, it is done, and the best thing you can do is call up your doctor and tell him, not later, but now. Leave a message wth his answering service that it is a priority. It needs to be addressed. As someone else said, it really isn't a certainty that you will go through withdrawal or have any bad effects from just cutting yourself off. You know, just to let you in on something, I felt the same way you did, that I wasn't going to have medications rule my life. When I realized that I really needed the meds to keep me from ruining my life or lose things like myself, people and things like a job, I stayed on. I was on a lot of meds at one time, I just thought it was going to be for always until some breakthrough came through that would not require me to be on meds. The frequent analogy people use is comparing certain psych disorders and meds to diabetes and insulin. It really depends on the person, that is what I found. My condition was very resistant, severe and close to hopeless and very frustrating for years. I had worked on it too very proactively and changed things with me and in my life with practical things, because I knew that it wasn't just the drugs that were going to make me better. It was a concerted effort with me, doctors, therapists, friends, and people who just cared and knew me, plus a few dogs, cats and backyard animal visitors who gave me "animal therapy." I was surprised when my psychiatrist said he didn't think I needed all the meds I was on, so he started to take them off one by one. I wasn't sure if it was a good idea because a few of them i have considered my "basic absolute that helped me", but, sure, if he felt that way and because he proved to have my best interest and he really wanted me well, I went along with it. I knew him pretty well by that time in how he treated with me, and got a sense of his values. Anyway, I am only on one med. It doesn't feel like it rules my life or my mind. Who knows if I will get off even that one med. I make short, mid and long term plans and goals, but I learned not to predict future with certainty. I was often proved that my future predictions did not prove to be absolute. Things change. I didn't experience much of the horrorible things other people went through with devastating effects. Only a couple of times, but I generally survived them well, and I hardly get reminded of it these days. They were dealt with swiftly and dilgently. I have had a lot of practice surviving things. That's my advice and a little bit of what I experienced.
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Klonopin help!!!

First, you have a very good malpractice lawsuit on your hands, since abrupt discontinuation of benzos can cause seizures.  Second, you could have paid for the RX yourself until you found another psychiatrist who took your insurance.  If you threaten disciplinary action and a lawsuit against your doc you should be back on the med at once, and then I'd report him or her to the local disciplinary organization.  As benzos are addictive drugs, you should never go off them cold turkey.  Go get this monster!
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How long withdrawal lasts?

Dear Bosinanworrier, I would urge you to NOT quit cold turkey any of the two drugs mentioned. Especially not the Klonopin as it in worst case could bring about seizures, which you do not want to happen. Tapering will take some time, and that you already knew when you started these kind of meds. The best thing you can do is telling your doctor about this. Klonopin can, to my knowledge, induce depression in some people and that's why you need to speak to a doctor. The two drugs may have an untoward interaction and you need to tell him. Effexor did NOTHING for me when I tried it years ago. I didn't feel a thing. Honestly. I quit cold turkey after several weeks, didn't know at the time it might have been wise to taper,and nobody told me anyway, but I didn't experience any problems what so ever. But I can't reccomend this route, especially as you're taking several meds at a time. Please talk to your doctor as soon as possible. Best, Nora
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Doctor Switching My Meds!!

Well, actually, your doc may be on the right track.  If you were taking the Xanax regularly three times a day, you would have built up a tolerance to the med, making it not work as well without occasional dosage increases. If that was the case, the switch to Klonopin was a smart one.  If he is directing you to take it 1-2 times a day, every day, the Klonopin will build up in your plasma, causing a more "steady" state of calm, versus the ups and downs you may have with a shorter acting benzo, like Xanax.  If that's the case, you need to just give it a few days, and you should be feeling better. There should be no issue with w/d if your doc has prescribed a comparable dose of the Klonopin, which, actually, the dose of Klonopin, comparably is higher, as the approx equivalency is Xanax 0.5mg = Klonopin 0.5 mg. If you could just clarify how you were taking the Xanax (ie "as needed", or every day, three times a day), and how the Klonopin is Rx'd (ie 1mg daily, or 1mg 3 times a day as needed, etc), I can probably ease your mind a bit.
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cold turkey

If you were in withdrawals the whole time, then you were not being tapered correctly. Find a doctor who understands psycotropic meds and how to w/d. Most GPs are too stupid. Cold turkey off Klonopin? REALLY bad idea and possibly dangerous. Don't do it. Peace Greenlydia
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im having severe allergic reaction to klonopin FDA website

hi, if your dr. has advised you to stop taking them, i dont see what else you can do, they do cause a severe reaction in some folks ,if it as you say poisons you , and you are very sick on it, surely you dont want to take it, perhaps you can post some more and tell us what we can help with, best wishes,
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