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Beta Blocker

My daughter was put on a beta blocker one month ago for test anxiety to be taken as needed. She is in college, 19 yrs old. We have noticed her behavior has changed from fairly nice to obnoxious this past month. It could be boyfriend issue (he is done with college and leaving for home). I started wondering if this could be a side effect from the medication. I am not familiar with beta blockers, have done searches but I want to ask medhelp is anyone else has experienced a side effect similar to this. ~El

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Beta-blockers are medications that slow the heartbeat. They can be used to treat heart problems, high blood pressure, glaucoma, migraine, and anxiety.
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Beta blocker, also written β-blocker, is a class of medications that are particularly used to manage cardiac arrhythmias, and to protect the heart from a second ...
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asthma and beta blockers

Unfortunately, there really is no easy answer to your question.  There are some asthmatics that are able to tolerate beta blockers, while there are others that are not.  I am a severe-persistent asthmatic, and I take a cardio-selective beta blocker called Toprol XL.  Though I was not able to tolerate another cardio-selective beta blocker called Atenolol.  Other asthma patients may have similar, or opposite experiences.  Still others may have no negative responses at all to beta blockers, or be entirely intolerant of them.  It really depends on the patient. If you do need a beta blocker to control your tachycardia, I'd recommend asking about a cardio-selective beta blocker.  These are somewhat less likely to trigger asthma symptoms.  Also, you may want to set up an appointment with your Pulmonary Specialist to be certain he/she is happy with the level of control you have over your asthma symptoms.
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beta blockers

Welcome!  WHICH beta blocker your doctor puts you on will depend on a number of factors, the diagnosis leading to the med, including any concurrent issues (blood pressure issues, other meds, etc).  There is no ONE bb that is specifically for anxiety.  While they all have a slightly different mechanism of action, they should all serve to help reduce anxiety while treating the initial symptoms/condition it was Rxd for. Perhaps talk with your doc about your symptoms, and just ask if there is a different med that would be appropriate for YOU to take that would possibly help more with the anxiety symptoms?  That would really be your best bet!  Let us know how you're doing!
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Beta Blocker

I have had unfortunate experiences with beta blockers... they actually may my heart beats and skips, flip flops etx doctor put me on a calcium channel blocker and that worked wonderfully.  I know when one takes an SSRI containing norepinephrine agent it can make the anxiety worsen...such as Zoloft, Prozac, Paxil etc...I take Lexapro and that seems to be the only one that works for me regarding additional anxiety.
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tachycardia probs

I have exactly the same thing happening with my heart rate.  When I am sitting, it is normal, between 70-90 but as soon as I stand up and move around it shoots up into the 120-140s and then when I sit down it immediately drops back to normal????  I am worried and scared but my cardiologist says that it is due to anxiety.  I dont understand this because it happens all day every day and has been doing this for about a month now.  If you have gotten any other information from your doctor could you please share it with me.  Thanks   : )
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Questions about Beta Blockers

I take propranolol - it really helps to calm me, make my heart beat slower and helps with the heart palpitations I also have.  I also haven't had a shaking episode since I started taking it.  Maybe you could try this - my doctor said propranolol is really good for calming you.
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beta blockers for anxiety

Beta Blockers are mainly used to reduce blood pressure by slowing down your heart rate. If you have low blood pressure your doctor probably won't think it's a good idea to prescribe a beta blocker. Have you checked with your doctor ?
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Beta blocker (Propanolol)

Some beta blockers can cause unwanted personality changes but it was usually depression which did happen to me at higher doses of Atenolol and why I couldn't take Inderal but I tended to believe that was connected with the fact that they were lowering blood pressure which can make a person feel depressed. Either way speak to your psychiatrist about it and they can inform you what you should do and what are other options.
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High Blood Pressure

Hello. As I'm not a medical professional, I cannot give you any specific advice about medications or blood pressure limits for your age. But I can share my experiences. I'm not even 30 years old, and during stressful times of the day (I have 70 employees so there are quite a few stressful moments) my blood pressure can easily hit 145/80. When I'm half sleeping in the morning, it's 105/60. My "normal" blood pressure (monitored at rest when not sleeping) is 120/70. Our blood pressure during stress (unless you stress almost all the day) is not so much of a concern. An example, I really hate EKG's (because I've somehow learned to interpret them). My blood pressure when the doctor connected me was almost 170/105. At max workload with stress EKG it was 215/90. I think (my opinion) your blood pressure at rest is beautiful, especially if you are 67 years old. My father is 67 and he has high blood pressure. His doctor aims to keep him below 140/80 at rest. Bystolic (beta blocker) has a negative chronotopic effect; it reduces your heart rate. It also reduces how hard your heart beats. Other blood pressure medications essentially works by dilating blood vessels or reducing excess water in your body, and does not affect the heart.
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Bystolic for Anxiety

Medication definitely affects us all in different ways, but there are side effects to any medication that we take.  The question that I ask myself is do the benefits I get from something outweigh negatives?  If they do, I tend to stay on it.  However, if you are not comfortable with it there are different classes of medicaitons that are prescribed specifically for anxiety.  Also, we are already nervous and can tend to focus on the potential side effects much more intently, in my experience with anxiety.  Keep us posted!
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