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I feel like I'm suffocating, please help

I've been having this feeling like I csnt breathe for the past 2 months. I've been to my primary, a pulmonologist, and a cardiologist and they all say my tests look perfect and nothing wrong is going on in my body. I constantly feel like I'm suffocating and I don't know what to do. If all my tests are good than it has to be anxiety doing this to me but I don't know how to stop it. Sometimes it's better, sometimes I literally feel like I'm going to die because I can't breath . I'm out of ideas and I don't know what to do

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Need help PLEASE!!

its all because of your stress...go for a walk early morning it will help alot...fresh o2 will clean your lungs and will feel better
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anxiety feeling like im in a dreamy daze

Hey man I'm 19 years old and I kinda feel the same way. Do u kinda feel like ur not in complete control of ur thoughts or things like that and a lot of ur anxiety can be coming from the fact u feel like this. I mean I played football in high school and was pretty healthy and now I'm like how could this be happening to me but give me some more feed back on how u feel man...
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i feel like im loosing my mind. i BEG of you to reply. HELP!

also... the zoloft or seroquel (not sure which one ) makes me so irritable. i snap at my girlfriend and family and feel like just screaming into a pillow or punching holes in the walls because im so frustrated im not getting better. i heard that you should wake 1-2 weeks before feeling "normal" again but i dont know if maybe my body is just weird. i feel like when i was off the meds i had a better sense of life.. and now my brain just feels DEAD to emotions... i cant even cry when i want to... please im just so scared....
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Something weird is happening to me please help!!

Did these symptoms start as a result of new medication? If so call your doctor right away. If not it maybe anxiety. Talk to your doctor don't fool around with this 9 months is a long time. Get some real help God bless you.
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Anxiety from physical activities

Hi there.  Well I'm very sorry to hear this!  And anxiety stinks because it is a vicious cycle.  The first thing I want to say is that you did a great job by checking out your heart and making sure that is fine and I'm glad it is!  But just as you check out your heart, you have to think of your emotional health almost as if it were another organ.  It also can be out of whack and need the aid of a professional to make sure all is okay.  A psychologist is someone you talk to to explain your feelings and reactions and they have various talk therapies they use to help you learn to cope and feel better.  Is there any way you can see a psychologist to talk about this?   And a psychiatrist can often provide that type of therapy too but also can prescribe antidepressant medicine that works on anxiety.  You may not be at the point in which you need medicine but it is good to work with someone to help determine that.  When anxiety disrupts us from doing normal things on a regular basis (everyone has anxiety once in a while)---  that is when I think action needs to be taken.  And just like if the doctor told you that your heart wasn't okay, you need to take medicine and do a specific therapy to make it better-----  that's how you have to look at your emotional and mental health. :>)  People are sometimes reluctant to look at it that way and then they suffer when they don't need to.   So, if you aren't ready to see a doctor, you can also work on some things on your own.  There are anxiety work books and reading books that help with the subject.  I've known a technique that works a bit with my son who has anxiety.  If you think of anxiety as an IT rather than part of you--- a  separate thing, you can then see IT as intruding.  And work with what you have to stop IT.  You can put IT in its place.  Tell IT to simmer down, you need to walk to the store and IT is not going to make this so hard.  Visualize that.  With my son, we also talk about WHAT IF.  What if the worst thing happened?  What if, for example if he is afraid of greeting a group of kids, they DID make fun of him and make him feel like a jerk?  He pictures it.  Then realizes --  well, it would stink but I'd be okay.  So then he is less afraid.  That's just an example.  But think through what your worst fear is of walking somewhere.  Is it health anxiety?  Is it that someone will hurt you?  Think of the fear and then go from there.  Often, the what if is not REALLY going to hurt you and that realization gives peace.  At least it does for my son.   also, you can do the simple things that really help overall to keep stress and anxiety in check--  get plenty of rest, eat well and exercise (bodies natural sress relievers are released from this as well as it has a general lasting calming affect on our nervous system).  Good luck and stay in touch!
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Please read and help me out of this situation

I forgot to mention I have had tests such as xray,mri and ct scan of brain and nose where everything is normal.Blood test such as cbc is normal.ECG of heart is normal and EEG test is normal.Heart is also with in normal range.So all of these of my reports are normal.
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Help!!!! Is something wrong?!

Please help!!!!
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Please help feel like I'm dying and losing my mind

Hey mate. ***** that your having such a hard time taking a pill that should be helping you. When I was first put on a medication called LYRICA (for chronic nerve pain and anxiety) I was a mess!! couldn't get up without my head spinning. Ide just fall back down. Lost about 15 kilos. lost my appetite completely. I slept all day and night. Basically for about 4 weeks I was a weak, sick, dying human being who took the medication to feel better in the first place. The DR'S just kept saying, it takes a while for the body to adjust to new medication and some people cop it worse than others. It was har to trust what they were saying because I was just about ready to bang my head against the wall ( lucky I didn't have the energy) It took me a while for the bad effects to go away but they did. I have no side effects anymore. It may just take time but if your suffering from anxiety, depression or another mood disorder, sometimes you just need help and medication can be that help. even if its just temporary.
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Sugar will make you worse. I had what you are talking about. The worse thing you can do is freak out. If you feel like you are going to pass out, what is the worse thing that can happen? You'll wake up after 10 seconds. You just have to deal with it. It's a crazy expierence that made me think I was dieing, freaked out about it and I just dealt with it. Once you can deal with it, it'll fade away because it's a mind sympton that will f*ck with you untill you can learn to ignore it. You have anxiety. It will never go away. But once you can cope with it, symptons = gone. It has to do with a area of your brain that get's alerted during the fight-flight. It's a flight sympton. It's like if your dad was gasping for air, and your freaking out, except your dad is not gasping for air so your mind is chemically imbalanced putting you in that falso situation. So instead of running to get help, because it's not really happeneing, you are instead dwelling on it and freaking out about it making it worse.
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im confused. you posed on april were trying to get pregnant while you were on the depo and then you questioned about what being the best type of birth control to use. then two weeks ago  you said you had been on the dep for a year and only three months and now two weeks later you have been on the depo for a year and 7 months. are you still trying to get pregnant? because if i said are going about it the wrong way
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