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MS symptoms caused by anxiety - has anyone experienced this?

I have been bugged by this problem for years butit has recently flared up. I get wierd sensations over my body - the skin feels tight - like there is a rubber band on it or something but in patches. It can be anywhere in my body but sometimes there is a lot and sometimes a little.  have had all the neurological tests and they are negative so the diagnosis is that it is caused by my worry of an illness - in the beginning MS.This does make sense because it seems to get worse when I worry and spread over my body but it never fully goes even when I go for years without worry. Now I jut h

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Anxiety symptoms ?

Many of us with anxiety or panic issues feel these symptoms frequently, and there are undoubtably some who feel them every single day. All three are very classic for anxiety and all three can be caused by hyperventalation which is something we do without even being aware of. You did the right and the smart thing by seeing your doctor for a thorough check up and it looks like all your tests were negative for an underlying organic cause. In my humble and non-medical opinion, I think your doctor was right when he said it could be anxiety. I don't know if the answer is that you, or any of us, could have these symptoms due to a "sensitised nervous system," but I know for me, personally, I am extremely hyper-vigilant. That means any time I feel the slightest bit of pain or a twinge or tweak anywhere in my bdoy, but most especially in my chest, my anxiety goes into overdrive. Most people would just ignore it, but I continue to think about it, to worry that it means something horrible, that I'm having a heart attack or a stroke........and I'm sure that while I'm busy doing THAT, I have begun to hyperventalate............and then I feel lightheaded and like I'm not breathing right, (which I'm NOT) and if I don't "get a grip" on myself, I know I will talk myself into a panic attack. Your question was "is it possible to feel these symptoms even when we are not conciously feeling anxious," and I have to say that for those of us with anxiety disorders, it is absolutely possible. I believe, and this is totally my opinion, that my anxiety is so close to the surface, it takes almost nothing to make it flare up. I'm a little surprised that after ruling out so many physical reasons and telling you that it was probably just anxiety, that your doctor didn't didn't pursue that further. There is no specific test for anxiety, but when it's the only card left on the table, then it need to be addressed. I would suggest if you continue to have these symptoms, to get back with your doctor and discuss the anxiety angle in greater detail. There are options to help you with this, medications and therapy are my recommendation.............but some folks do really well with just some therapy. There is help so don't think you need to keep suffering with these symptoms. I wish you the very best Peace Greenlydia        
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Can heartburn be caused by anxiety?

You are probably bringing on your heartburn by worrying.  When you are stressed more acid builds in your stomach which then causes heartburn.  I feel the same way and pop a tums and that relieves my worry and the heartburn.  But if it keeps getting worse definitely  have some further testing.  I never had heartburn until a few months ago when I first started having panic/anxiety attacks so I'm sure it related.  I hope this helps....keep me posted
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Anxiety Symptoms w/o Feeling Anxious?

Funny I should be just reading this.  I just posted about pain in my legs with major muscle cramps and aches even when I'm not in the middle of a highly anxious state.  They tingle, burn, name it.........muscles as well as joints.  Like you, I've had every blood test imaginable and also have had a brain MRI for MS.  I got for an EMG/NCV on Tuesday to rule out anything else.  At this point, I'm afraid I have ALS because I also am experiencing weakness.  I feel your pain, literally!!!!!  Everyone keeps telling me, the medical professional's that is, that this is related directly to my anxiety.
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Can antibiotics cause anxiety and insomnia?

You can get panic attacks at any time, if something irritates you or frightens you. Or some people just get them for no reason, so unfortunately it is sometimes impossible to figure why they happen. Medical issues can be frightening because you might think about your own mortality in a different light or perhaps wonder if you will ever get well if it is prolonged illness. Try to relax instead of analyzing yourself looking for clues that something is wrong - it might just go away if you ignore it. Try reading a book when you wake up - many people have insomnia and do this to make their eyes tired and focus on the story so you can fall back to sleep.
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Can Anxiety Mimic MS?

You have been cleared for MS, so accept that wonderful news. Your symptoms can all be related to anxiety. I'm surprised you haven't been handed that dx after all the tests you've had done. Or perhaps you HAVE and just don't want to accept it? Many of us balked when told we didn't have our beloved brain tumor but instead garden variety anxiety. You've been dx'd with a thyroid problem which can produce symptoms of anxiety and depression. You should have been put on medication to help with that. Were you? If you were, I'd let my doctors know I'm STILL having anxiety issues. Your meds may need adjusting. TMJ can wreck havoc on nerves and muscles. I would assume that problem is being dealt with as well. (?) Your neuro also found no s/s of MS. I think it's possible you're having panic attacks, and I'm pretty sure you have health anxiety..........both of these issues need to be discussed with your doctor, and possibly a therapist. Let us know how you're doing, OK? Peace Greenlydia
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Does this sound like anxiety

Hey there!  I suffer from anxiety disorder myself (along with many other mental issues) but it sounds to be like a panic attack with your heart pounding and tingleing.  Happens to me alot.  When I am very stressed i am in the bathroom constantly tho i rarely have constipation.  I am on Klonopin and it helps but mostly doing deep breathing excercises and meditation helps more then anything.  Take time everyday to sit in a bath, listen to soothing music, write in a journal, and breathe!  I hope you feel better.
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Buzzing in legs/feet

I have those symptoms also. Mostly in my upper leg though. Doesn't hurt or anything just feels really weird. I keep thinking my cell is going off when it starts. Anxiety most probable cause.C Ya
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Can anxiety cause lower back pain

I have. Not only lover back but I had pain all over due to anxiety + stress.
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