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What is Wrong WIth Me? When Will This ENd?

I'm a 19 years old male. At age 16 I met this girl who at the time was older than me. I really got used to her and thought that she is the only person on earth that can make me happy. After a year she cheated on me and because of that i got really depressed and i started doing drugs. I did ecstasy few times and smoked marijuana for over a year. Almost a year ago i had this panic attack while on ecstasy thinking i might die and thats where i got my first panic attack. After a month one day i was with friends and we were smoking a joint and i started feeling extremely weird. i started feelin

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Most men say they like or love me but end up marrying someone else. What is wrong with me? ... money are the ones who are the rudest and end up ghosting me most often ...
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10 Ways I Know There's Nothing Wrong with You (or Me)

There's nothing wrong with you. If you're not sure you're making a difference, know that you are. ... End of conversation. 7. You feel emotions and respond to them.
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What is wrong with "me"? The Anonymous Feedback Service!

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Anxiety - what's wrong with me? | Depression | Patient

Anxiety - what's wrong with me? ... I try and push myself to go out but I'd really rather just be alone so nobody can judge me. I can't see an end to this feeling, ...
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Symptom/Diagnosis List - What's Wrong With Me

Written by two mystery malady patients Whats Wrong with Me? centers ... Symptom/Diagnosis ... Edema may be present either at the beginning or the end ...
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OMG whats wrong with me!! -

Apr 16, 2009 · ... like this before when I had a crown fitted I just got on with it but now I am so obsessed and paranoid that I will end up ... OMG whats wrong with me ...
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Health Anxiety- will it ever end?

You seem to be on the right track by going to a therapist. It can be hard to stop your mind from racing when it starts but we can avoid things that may do it. Avoid looking up symptoms and try not to overthink either. Things you can do to help yourself would be reading a book and drinking some tea. Hang in there because it does get better.
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really scared this time

my anxiety was MESSED UP the 2 weeks comin up to the quit day just be calm i was told why worry about somthing thats commin up when you will be dealin with it then? just forget about it until the day come its better to go through it once instead twice right? ok i sooooo didnt explain that the way it was told to me lol but i hope u understand what im sayin, i have became a big air head since 10 days ago when i quit :P
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What is wrong with me?

Depends whether the loss of concentration is from depression or other psychiatric disabilities or a medication side effect or a combination of both. Try to think about if it comes and goes or is there all the time and then you could discuss with the psychiatrist as to what could help it.
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Help... have a lot of spare time to think about all that fuss...engage your self in healthy activities...come on lady you can't end  your life on small house and school problems...there is so much that can get just be happy...Say Thanks to your creator for giving you the strength to breath ,see,hear,eat,and live
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Day 1 Cold Turkey....

Congrats to you for making the decision to quit. Keep on posting and know we are here for you. I am rushing to watch intervention. God Bless, Tim
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what a waste

Hey Dane, Why the surgery? Sorry, haven't followed your story. 5 months is huge.....more please.
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Years if Oxy and Percs

hi and welcome, i am sorry about your problems , with narcotics, they certainly dont help any stomache issues, i am pretty sure your stomache is better off without them, i got an ulcer with them, but better now, i think you would really have to ask your dr. for further answers, its a bit quiet here at weekends, but you will get more advice and replies, i really wish you well, god bless.    sudie
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its prob some more ;

Hang in there! Life is hard for everyone - Remember that you're not crazy and everyone feels sad, depressed, nervous and hopeless. Everyone has problems and makes mistakes, and we learn from them - We are only human. Never compare yourself to others, it will only make you feel worse.  Remember everyone has problems.  We all have different problems to different degrees with different challenges.  If everyone else seems happy and content all the time, it's just an illusion.  Someone with a smiling face  may have really difficult issues in there life, but we all wear masks at sometime in our lives to cover up from the public.  No one is happy ALL the time - no one. No one's life if perfect, even though it may appear so. Things that make you feel hopeless today, will be water under the bridge, tomorrow, next week, month or next year. As you get older you will see that things that seem overwhelming today, will seem like small silly things in the future. Try to think of a difficult time that you didn't think you could make it through, but you did. You will make it through again! If you're really feeling bad you really need to talk to someone, a doctor, counselor, family member or friend. Don't be embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help. Just remember you're not alone :)
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Can't shake this horrible feeling

There are many parallels between your experiences and mine. For example, you wrote "I have this intense feeling that something is drastically wrong with me or going to be wrong with me." I struggled with this *exact* same thing several years ago. Long story short, one evening I had a sudden out-of-the-blue series of panic attacks. Like you, I went to the ER convinced I was having a heart attack. Like you, I had lots of heart tests which showed I was physically fine, which was reassuring. But I was never quite the same psychologically. Basically I developed generalized anxiety/panic disorder. The good news is I have come a LONG way since then, but it took a time and there were plenty of setbacks along the way. Anxiety isn't 100% out of my life, but it's maybe 95%. If I did it, you can too. You need to know that the symptoms you describe are classic anxiety symptoms. Accept that what you're experiencing is anxiety and not something more nefarious like a heart issue. That will help a great deal. Some other advice... * Get Reid Wilson's "Don't Panic." It's one of the best self-help books out there. * Google the anxiety guru. More good stuff there. * Don't fight your anxiety. Acknowledge it and then roll with it. When anxiety hits like a wave, simply float on top of the wave rather than struggle against it. * You might ask your doc for some Ativan or Xanax for those times when the anxiety is overwhelming and you need a "lifeline." *Don't hyper focus on your symptoms or become vigilant about them. Just move on with your regular activities. Get/stay involved in things that require all of your focus and keep your mind off your anxiety. Eventually it will become less of an issue. Feel free to PM me if I can help further.
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