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anxiety worse @ work

My doctor diagnosed me with anxiety about two years back,i work as an IT specialist and my symptoms are worse when im under pressure,i work at the airport and i think the noise and vibrations of flights when they take off and land make it worse,its funny beacuase when im at home im perfect,and sleep like a baby

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11 Things That Make Anxiety Worse - Calm Clinic

11 Things That Make Anxiety Worse. ... It may work extremely hard to force you to keep things on your mind, no matter how much you don't want them, ...
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anxiety worse at work? | DailyStrength

I notice that on the weekends I have a lot less anxiety and stress and as soon as I think about going back to work i get anxious! Does this happen to others to and....
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10 Behaviors That May Make Anxiety Worse -

Sep 30, 2015 · 10 Behaviors That May Make Your Anxiety Worse. ... which involves feelings of embarrassment or severe anxiety in public situations. SSRIs work by ...
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Beat the Anxiety Trick: How to Overcome chronic anxiety

The surprising truth about overcoming chronic anxiety. ... or even feel worse over time? ... This is the Anxiety Trick at work.
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Why is my anxiety worse on my day off from work when ... - Quora

Possibly because you’re in a safe place to experience it. Have you ever noticed how children can hold it together at school or elsewhere, then go off the rai...
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Anxiety at work getting worse | DailyStrength

For all of you who deal with anxiety and are in a work situation that you just can't get out of..... how do you deal with rude and mean coworkers...
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Anxious at Work: Is it Me or This Damn Job? | Psychology Today

High pressure jobs = anxiety at work. ... Anxious at Work: Is it Me or This ... actually causing anxiety or aggravating a milder anxiety problem into a worse ...
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5 Quick Ways to Calm Anxiety at Work | World of Psychology

If you struggle with anxiety, you may find it especially tough to get things done at work. "Anxiety can be debilitating on its own, but in the workplace, it can
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Anxiety at Work: A Career-Busting Condition - WebMD

Anxiety at Work: A Career-Busting Condition. Anxiety disorders have the potential to negatively affect job-performance and could ruin your career.
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Brain wave therapy + meds?

I have never tried this type of therapy, but for me, the most successful type was actually receiving counseling for my anxiety.  You said your anxiety was getting worse and in my opinion, the best way to deal with it is through confronting and learning about it.  Do you have access to counseling?
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anxiety worse @ work

Do the following --> Do Yoga / Meditation --> Eat Pumpkin Seeds , Walnuts , Almods --> Eat Turmeric --> Supplement with Aswagandha ---> Listen to positive affirmation You will fine in few weeks -Satish
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Anxiety or something worse?

also my pupils are smaller than they normally are
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Is this anxiety or something else?

This just shows you haven't absorbed the CBT training yet.  This is normal -- no form of therapy works all that great for any particular individual, and CBT takes an enormous amount of effort.  Attitude is everything.  I speak as someone who failed at it miserably.  But I encourage you to keep going at it.  When you say you literally can't, of course you know that's not true.  You literally can.  You know that because you've already done it.  Whether you really want to go back is another question that only you can answer, but if you do, then do it.  Don't avoid it.  That's the whole point of CBT -- facing, not avoiding.  I wish I had been better at it.  Don't worry about OCD -- the label isn't important.  Anxiety is anxiety.  It's all obsessive thinking.  You don't have rituals, so you don't have OCD, but if you did, CBT would approach it the same way -- you'd have to face it.  You're getting bogged down in the labels and they're only important for pharmaceutical company patents and insurance company reimbursement.  For you, if your current CBT isn't doing it for you, maybe you just need a different practitioner.  But if you want to, I'd definitely suggest you get back to work instead of sitting at home worrying all the time.
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bipolar and anxiety

Can you tell me how your bi-polar diagnosis was reached? Was it reached after detailed testing and observations by a registered pyschiatrist? Or was this a result of a diagnosis from a general or family physician, or yourself? Same with anxiety, we all suffer some anxiety when away from people we care about a great deal - so have you been "clinically" diagnosed for anxiety, and what was the exact diagnosis? What type of therapy did you undergo that helped? The fact that therapy helped seems to suggest it is not a "clinical" anxiety, but an individually based complex. Many on this Board can help, but we need details. A quick answer to your question is - Yes - anxiety and bi-polar have been common cousins in some we have met through the Foundation. Please give us the details if you can, and Best in Health
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Anxiety gets worse every year

I like that. I can see how that method would work. I think what happens is when you invite it and it doesn't show it gives you a sigh of relief and pride. You won the battle and then the attacks start to reside. It's like reverse psychology. I will definitely try that but first i think i need to find a better medication. Lexapro has been the most helpful for me so far but still not enough. I have tried Prozac but maybe i could try it again if it has been long enough. You know your hormones and brain development during adolescence can really influence how medications effect you over time.
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Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Drinking

I need advice!!!.PLEASE
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Propranolol for Severe Generalized Anxiety Disorder

I should also *** that I have seen that a potential side effect is increased depression.
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