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Can anxiety make things worse ?

Last Tuesday I started having the urge to pee alot Saturday I went to the clinic I had a uti they gave me cipro but I still had that urge so wedsnday I went to the walgreens clinic and I still had it they gave me a different med and since Wednesday I've been feeling great but today I'm just sitting home and thinking of peeing because I'm scared I might be dying from this so is this my anxiety making it worse or is it the uti?  Also I haven't had no pain with this uti at all just the urge to pee  no I don't have diabetes and I don't have a fever just

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Can anxiety make things worse ?

You are NOT dying from a UTI. That is definitely your anxiety working overtime! You have to give the medication time to treat the infection. Drink lots of water, take your meds and relax.
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I just dont know anymore

yes you should talk to your doctor about your symptoms! you are a customer, they are getting paid to listen to you! don't be embarassed or feel humiliated, you deserve answers. again, you are a customer and you need to act like one. these doctors need the truth from you in order to help, they can't read your mind. if some meds aren't working, tell your doc and ask for a change, that's why they get paid. you could see your family doctor first to see if they want to run any tests but you definitly need to see a psychiatrist too. sounds like you believe in god, me too. read some in your bible and pray and just talk to god like a normal person, sometimes he lets you know what is best for you to do. everything happens for a reason but it's not up to us to understand what the reason is when it comes to god. you need to really talk to your family about your mental issues, you need as many support people as you can get. buy a couple books and read up on stuff about your mental state or like you already do, the internet. i hope you at least have a friend or two to lean on and talk to, that does help. if no one is supportive, forget them, take care of you! if you need to talk i'm always here and so are others on this site. good luck and god bless.....velvetvenus
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Pill and Anxiety

The pill changes you hormones which can cause anxiety. I stopped taking the pill a few years ago after being put on it for an ovarian cyst and had no problems with painful periods. They only seem to be painful when I'm stressed out. My anxiety went away after I stopped the pill but came back in march after the death of my grandmother. The doc gave me a script for the pill again after having some pretty painful periods but I haven't taken it. I don't need anything else to add to my anxiety. If you have any real concerns about stopping it you should talk to your doc or pharmacist and if your anxiety still persists maybe try talking with a therapist. Good luck.
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Throat Anxiety?

If you prefer natural remedies, see a naturopath and go that route.  There a lot of natural remedies for allergies that might help.  A good start would be freeze dried nettles by Eclectic Institute and Bromelain Sinus Ease by Natures Life.  There are also many homeopathic remedies at you local health food store.  As for the anxiety, a book by Hyla Cass called Natural Highs might get you informed on what's available.  But you should be in therapy regardless to work on that anxiety!  Drugs aren't a necessity unless you become so crippled by your problems you can't function.
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Anyone have experience with Xanax?

Hey Alison. Xanax is a good fast acting medicine that can have different effects on different. Don't they all? To me this med shouldn't be considered a long term answer. As needed short term. I really can't get into does and advice on how to take. In my to vast experience this med can actually cause anxiety. I could never tell when I got dizzy or anxious if it was my anxiety or the blue pill. CBT classes and therapy are the way to go. Proceed with caution and take Care....ike   and post back
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anxiety and pregnant

Easy. :)  Lukewarm baths or showers, a healthy diet, going for short walks in the sun, reading fun relaxing books, listening to calming music or soundscapes, enjoying a peice of cake, seeing your favorite movie (again), Sitting quietly and clearing your mind so you can just BE.  No yelling or harsh people around you, having a pleasant nap, putting a 'do not disturb' sign on your door, the list goes on - I have had to become expert on being calm, as my anxiety is triggered by many forms of excitement.  I actually moved way out here to no-man's land for the quiet here - it's beautiful, and I hear only birds and the wind when I go outside.  I spend many whole days at a time in complete silence.  It relaxes my mind to have no noises around me.  I hope this helps - and congrats, new mom!  Another fun thing you can do is get online and browse the baby items in google. :)
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Exactly one week out

We don't know how long it will take you to feel normal but you might try some magnesium, B vitamins, and SamE...and be sure to read label directions. It might help... Congrats on one week! That's great!
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Yes, I have been on anti depressants for 16 years. Like you, I was terrified by the thought of being on meds. I still sometimes stress over it. These drugs are really miracles for some people. I'll ask you this question. If you had high blood pressure, what would you do if the doctor precribed medication? You would take it. If you were ill with a flu, you would take meds for that too. Anxiety is no different. It is a physical illness that needs to be treated. antidepressants will balance your brain chemistry to make you feel better. remember that anxiety and depression are different sides of the same coin. So, the meds will only help you. Believe me, I know how you feel with this. I've been there. Granted, drugs can be abused and people will get into trouble if not handled properly. Under a doctor's care, you will be ok.
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can't breathe , is it anxiety?

I have been in the same exact boat as you, same problem at times, feeling like I can't get a satisfying breath. From my own experience I can tie it in with anxiety and stress for certain, I wouldn't say it is an anxiety attack unless you are getting sudden feelings of doom and rapid heart rate, sweating, etc. The best thing to do is what you said, just learn to ignore it, easier said than done, but that's the way to combat it. Sometimes you may be overbreathing and not realizing since you are feeling like you cannot get that deep breath. When you are stressed, you don't always breath correctly, you breath with the top part of your lungs. When relaxed, you breath from the abdomen, allowing your lungs to expand fully. Hope this provides you with some information, all the best. :-)
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