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Head/brain feels tired, dizzy and feels like exploding

I have been feeling weird head sensations for a while and have been dizzy while at it. My brain feels like it's tired and feels like exploding. These are at their peak when I sit down. This is very hard to explain, I also visited the doctor but he doesn't see anything. All my vitals seem okay. It's been going on for over 2 weeks. I'm losing my concentration in class because of this. Please help me.

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Head feels like its going to ... head or my brain feels like it`s going to explode and I try to wake myself up but it takes me a little bit to wake up.And when I am ...
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Exploding head syndrome is a ... related to minor seizures in the brain's ... many sleep disturbances like exploding head syndrome are related to the use ...
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May 14, 2001 · Dizzy, heavy head, constantly tired. ... It seems particularly bad when I first wake up and my head feels very heavy with a sort of ... dizzy and brain fog:
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Exploding head syndrome is a parasomnia. A parasomnia involves undesired events that come along with sleep. Exploding head consists of a loud noise that you suddenly ...
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Anxiety Can Easily Cause Head Pressure. ... For some it feels like a tension headache. ... as head pressure can be caused by anything from anxiety to brain tumors.
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Head/brain feels tired, dizzy and feels like exploding

I would suggest you get a referral from your doctor to see a neurologist. If this has been going on for two weeks, it's time to get to the bottom of it. A doctor can NOT tell if something is happening inside your head simply by looking at you. The neuro will most likely order X-rays or possibly a CT scan. Keep us posted
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Can chiari symptoms come back after surgery? Or is it my sinuses?

Also forgot to add i get a horrible noise in my ears or head im not sure its kinda like tv static but higher pitch most the time but somtimes is kinda wooshy too if that makes sence.
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Anxiety can be really hard to understand, especially in the beginning.  In my opinion, it is scary, confusing, and causes us to lose our self identity. In my experience what you are describing is 'classic' health anxiety...we all experience it in our own way, but we become so hypersensitive to ANY feeling we deem outside the 'norm.'  For example, I used to worry about heart health and would feel every little palpatation, pain, twinge in my chest.  If it wasn't that then I would feel pain in my left arm, jaw, etc...did I have these pains before I was worried?  Probably, but I interpreted them differently when I was perpetually worried about them.  In my experience, we tend to become oversensitized to any and every feeling we have throughout our bodies.  For me, learning to confront it through talk therapy did wonders for understanding it.  You are definately not going crazy...anxiety can be really difficult to deal with.  
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Finally took Lexapro, feeling confused mind blank

It's not uncommon to have strange side effects when you first start a new med. I felt the same way when I started Lexapro but after a couple of days the side effects got so much better. What does were you started on? Sometimes it's better to start off small and work your way up.
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ADD and anxiety?

Hi, I'm not sure about ADD in adults who  have not been diagnosed at an earlier age, however this is something you could "google" and research. I would also mention this to your Dr. and see what he/she thinks. As far as the not sleeping at night, ok you said you were diagnosed with insomnia and anxiety? Was this diagnosed from a Dr ? If so then i would say that your tiredness through the day would be partly due to the lack of sleep your getting at night and anxiety. I have anxiety/panic disorder and that alone makes me very tired most days. As far as the motion feeling, I have that also and was told by my Dr that was one of the many many feelings anxiety can cause. To me it always feels like i'm sea sick. Are you on medications for your anxiety ? It wouldn't hurt to mention the tiredness and motion sickness to your Dr. and see if they think this is related to the anxiety or the meds if your on any. Hope this helps. God Bless, Ella
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That could all really mean anything. My periods STILL aren't regular, at 17. I get nauseous, headaches, tiredness and dizziness a lot. I'd really suggest seeing a doctor. Me, they can't find anything wrong. This is just the way I am. You may just be fine. I started getting fatigued and stuff like you around eleven, when puberty really started. I'm sorry I can't be more useful, but I say see a doctor and I'm here and know what you're going through.
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I would recommend seeing your Dr for a full checkup. To me, it sounds like anxiety but, I am not a Dr. Anxiety can be very draining.
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yes definately sounds like anxiety to me have you ever felt this before. maybe go see your doctor just to rule out anything else. I have these symtoms all the time and am in the process of having some scans and bloods done just to ease my mind. Im sure your not alone try not to worry but if this is the first time yourve experienced this go see your doctor and get some help.
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is anyone else as frustrated?

  I hate to say u r not alone in this, but u r not...we all get frustrated and feel just the is frustrating as there r not enuff Drs well informed or experienced to offer us help. But they r out there...Have u read the Poem by Dr Oro? Look at the top of the  page and look the Important Announcement drop down, and Click on the helps when we r frustrated to read about a Dr that understands as it helps to offer hope : )
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