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New to this site, not to anxiety.

Hello, I have suffered from gereralized anxiety and panic disorder for since I was 17 year old. When I was in my late teens, my triggers were large crowds, tight spaces, etc. Now that I'm in my early 30's, I still panic in large crowds and tight spaces, but now I've developed chronic panic attacks that happen around the time I am ready to fall asleep. I'm also someone who catastrophizes the littlest situation. I regularly see a psychiatrist & therapist who I love. It took me forever to find a group I was comfortabale with, and they have me on a new daily regime of Seroquel,

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trying to connect the dots

welcome to this forum. i've been visiting here off and on since last august and i can't put into words how helpful this forum has been for me. i hope it will be the same experience for you. the reason a place like this is so helpful is because it's easy to think you're crazy. it's easy to start believing the weird thoughts that go through your mind and to think the anxiety will never get better. it's easy to get so lost in yourself and the pain of true anxiety that it feels like hell is very real and it exists in your own mind. but a forum like this, at the very least, provides a reminder that you aren't alone. there are so incredibly many variations and extremes to anxiety, but you're certainly to find people here with similar experiences. i'm sometimes a recovering addict. i'm also sometimes an addict. i don't have bi-polar, but i do have major depression and ocd. i've had severe rounds of anxiety that i thought for sure would kill me. my cousin is bi-polar, so even though i don't have it myself, i do know it's not something anyone wants to have in their life. that all being said, i think the best use you can get out of this forum is to read others posts and try to relate to them when you can. thats what helped me. it reminded me that i'm a person, not a disorder. also i think it's good that you're looking for ways to improve yourself. thats the best attitude to have. at my worst, i went 2 or 3 straight weeks with anxiety so severe that it was like having a full blown panic attack constantly. i thought i'd die, and i thought that if i didn't die i wouldn't want to allow myself to live if that was the kind of hell i'd have to suffer. but what got me through was that i kept hope and i kept my family close. also there came a time where a few hours would pass where i started to feel somewhat normal again. i made sure i appreciated those hours and when the anxiety would return, i'd remind myself that it's worth living even if only for the few short hours where it would subside and i'd feel semi-normal. those brief windows of normality eventually grew into days, but it wasn't a quick process. now i feel very lucky that my anxiety is something that no longer completely consumes me. anyway...don't know that any of that helped. like i said, for me it was reading the experiences of others in this forum that helped me the most.
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Hi,    You are so right that we are not alone. I have been dealing with my anxiety for about a year now and have felt so alone for so long, but finding a community like this where people understand what it is like to live everyday in fear is comforting. It is hard knowing how you used to live prior to anxiety and now what we call "living" is struggling to get through the day. I would recommend giving meditation a try.. I have downloaded an entire meditation CD called: The Soul of Healing Meditations by Deepak Chopra.. it has different elements that focus on breathing and heart health and I find that is really does help calm you down. I am always available if you need someone to talk to so dont hesitate to contact me via my page :)
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new here. anxiety and hypochondriac help

I'm going through this now last 3 years I swear I've have have a serious heart problem it seems like these last 2 years new symptoms have came.. Now Im having bad chest pain and pressure etc.. I went to a cardio dr abt 2 weeks ago and they did a echo and  i did the 24 he holtier .. I was suppose to go back in for my test results but I didnt  have a ride .. I Keep thinking if it was serious they would have called me in .. I did have one ekg come abnormal once but I've had others over the years and they have all came out normal I'm praying nothing  is wrong with my heart I've been dealing with this going on 3 years.. I just hope that dr didn't find anything on that Echo .. Do you ever get chest pain and pressure? Mine is constant
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Mental Illness & Opiates

Hi there, Oxycodone can increase the amount of Dopamine and Serotonin in your brain because it is an opiate and takes away your physical pain!  It can also interact with your Depakote. I have a similar problem:  I had a neck fusion 4 years ago and still live with chronic neck pain.  The only medication that works for that is Norufen plus, but my Docs and Chemist refuse to issue it to me, as I am on Lithium and Norufen brings Lithium to toxic levels! I still get hold of it through my husband and I take it and I do feel on a high when I have taken it, which proofs that it is interacting with my Lithium (Bipolar 1)!  but it get rids of my neck pain and I live with it. Your Doctor should know that it can interact and look for something safer for you to use for chronic pain.  Oxycodone is addictive and very potent!  It makes me itch and very constipated! Hope it helps mate.
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New to this site

Good to meet you and thanks for responding to my post.
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Feeling like i'm losing it...

Hello. I to am actually pretty new here and what you are saying is exactly what I and many people have or had. I ESPECIALLY hate the chest and head feelings. Although I think it's getting better there was a point where I felt like I was just dying. To be honest I don't even know if you can feel that, but that's how I felt. I also felt like every little thing I thought meant I was becoming crazy or every little feeling meant I may have heart or brain problems. Just try and keep on reassuring yourself that the Doc. said everything is ok and that you've already had these feelings before and your still alive. Also remember as bad as it feels a panic attack cannot cause any real harm. It may take a while but we gotta keep on fighting. Also you are not the only one going through this. Hang in there and stay strong.
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Hey Hun. It's ok we got ya. So glad your anxiety is lessening. That is such wonderful news. You are doing great on your taper. We are so glad you found us and that we can walk this road with you. There is freedom from the chains and bondAge of addiction lins And you are walking the road called recovery. I am very proud of you. And So happy for you. Hugs
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All this anxiety as a teen?

I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this when your life should be carefree.  One thing I would do (since you like your current therapist) is be completely honest with them.  None of them are going to be able to help you if they don't know the whole truth, and never worry about what they will think.  This is their specialty and they hear it all, every day and are not there to judge you, but to help you.  It sounds like you have "social anxiety" and we hear from a lot of teens with this. You need to contact the doctor that prescribed your Zoloft and let him know how you're feeling. With these types of medications we can build up a tolerance to them and they become less effective in helping us, and this is very common. But if it didn't help much with your shyness at school let him know this as well, there may be a better medication for you. Once you are being completely honest with your therapist she can help with this a lot. You sound so sweet, and I think if you just go to school and put yourself out there, you will be very popular.  It's all about just being yourself.  Smile at people, say hi, and even if you don't get a "hi" back don't let it bother you.  Some people are just as shy as you are and after passing you will wish they had responded.  A smile let's people know that you noticed them and gave them a smile which may carry them thru their day.  There are a lot of teens struggling with things and this is way for you to reach out to them.  Do your best to be as you are at home, that's all you can do, is be YOU!  Being shy has gotten you no where, so try the reverse, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!!  If you have something to say, just say it and go from there.  It's tough being a teen but now is the time to learn how not to worry so much about others, and be yourself.  Just start with baby steps and say something to someone when you normally wouldn't, and the more you do this, the easier it will get. I think you'll be surprised at how many people respond. If they don't, it's okay because they may have their own problems, but they will not forget that you "noticed" them at a time when they may have felt alone and invisable. People like to be around those who are upbeat and happy. and you will give this impression with your smiling and then just try to be like you are at home.  I was very shy at your age and I learned that people thought I was a snob!!!  I couldn't believe it!  I was just scared, but realized that it was I who had to show them that I wasn't a snob at all.  People often perceive shynes as us not wanting to talk, or be friendly, when it is just the opposite.  Talk with your doctor so he can tweak or change your medication, and start preparing yourself now by practicing on people when you are out.  Just say "hi, how are you?" and go from there. I promise it will become second nature to you.  When you get a conversation going be a good listener as well, and if you know the person's name, use it often while speaking to them.  I know you can do this, and start high school with a whole new attitude.  I wish you all the best and got get em!!!!
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Wanna know if anyone feels like I do from anxiety

Hi, and welcome to Medhelp. I think you'll find this to be a great site. It sounds to me like you not only have anxiety but depression going on too. Of course I'm not a Dr and can not diagnose you. I'm glad to hear you're in therapy. I do have to wonder why your Dr started you off on Prozac. It does help many people but it's not always the first choice for try. Almost all of the antidepressants can cause side effects the first few days. Nausea, feeling strange, headaches. You really need to give them a chance though if you can tolerate the side effects for a few days.I would recommend starting on a low dose and working your way up if you feel like you're sensitive to them. I hope you continue to keep posting here because this site is great and the members are so wonderful and caring.  
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