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Fellow Cardiophists, question for you...

Greetings MedHelp Community, I'm new here.  I've been a lurker for some time.  I wanted to get your opinions and input on the best way to overcome/manage/cure/deal with cardiophobia or health anxiety of the heart. I'm cleared of heart issues by my general practitioner doc, a cardiologist and a family physician.  I've seen the results myself and they're fine and I'm 31 and in relatively good shape with excellent tests.  However, I can't seem to get out of my head that there is still something wrong.  If I go running

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Fellow Cardiophists, question for you...

Hi. You say you have phobia. Have you heard of the nosebo effect? People can affect their hormones and heart rythm just by thought. They can think themselves ill and vice versa. When you have these pains check if its your brain tricking you by imagine these paines somewhere else, like in the right arm instead of left and in your back or stomach instead of chest. I got rid of restless leg syndrom like this. I lacked magnesium and Zink and found out because of other symptoms like painful muscle in my thights after walking 30min and white spots on fingernails. I had anxiety problems bc of high copper count and got worse with coffee. Still a blood test to check micronutriants sounds responsible.
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Hello and I feel the same way about this forum and everyone here.  I was pretty much a mess, scared, and confused when I found this place.  I am so thankful for the help and support we find here.   Now, what I do and have done is sit the night before and make a list of what I feel I have questions about.  Since you have a brain tumor seems more than likely surgery will be recommended.   I would definitely want to know if he will be able to decompress the CM and take care of the brain tumor at the same time?  Also, if he plans to do the decompression how many has he done and what technique he uses.  I would also ask about pain control after the procedure.  I hope this at least gets you started.   Best of luck to you, Pam
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if you dont mind May I ask

You are very polite.... I can tell you I have not only been frustrated at times, I have been pissed, sad, scared.... etc. I could list many emotions. I have reached what I thought was my breaking point more than once. But we go on, because we have to..... Hang in there, you're obviously a sweet and kind person :-) Lisa
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couple questions for my fellow anxiety sufferers

Yes first of all STAY AWAY FROM GOOGLE!!! It is the worst thing for people like us. I actually had to uninstall the google tool bar so I wouldn't be tempted lol. As far as your symptoms, I haven't noticed any change in bowel movements with my anxiety..thats pretty much the only symptoms I don't have. But I'm sure others will tell you they do. Driving around, or doing anything for that matter gives me relief for the most part. When I was younger I use to take long drives to think and reflect, so it is only natural for that to be helpful to me now. (as long as it doesn't involve being stuck in traffic, cause thats a whole other story) And yes my anxiety in the beginning seemed to not be as bad at night. Now however, its just the opposite. Its different for everyone, and a long uphill battle. But you aren't alone. We are all floating in the same little boat with you. Good Luck Crystal
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In a past life I was both as well! has one of these been re-activated?
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This particular forum is a patient to patient type forum where fellow sufferers can come and find advice, friendship, ask questions, lend advice, etc. however, there is an "Ask A Doctor" Arthritis forum where you can ask a doctor a question (not sure if it costs any money - I do know some of teh ask a doctor forums do here).  To find the Ask a Doctor forum, go to the top of the homepage and click on Forums - this will bring up a listing of both the patient to patient forums (like this one), as well as a listing of the Ask A Doctor forums (they are listed on the right side of that page) - then you would continue on as you did here to post your question. While we are not doctors, you be may surprised at what wonderful advice you can receive from some of the fellow arthritis sufferers here, so please also feel free to ask whatever question/s you have on this forum. I hope thi shelped answer your question.
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disturbed thinking

Well, actually, this is one of those fears that is kind of justified.  Who wouldn't be worried about that in that situation?  What you have to do, is keep reassuring yourself.  For one, even in a small town, the likelihood isn't that great that you'll run into her any time soon, and if you do, it won't be very often. Also, remember that we always dream up far worse scenarios in our heads compared to the reality.  So, what if you DID run into your sister?  What's going to happen?  You'll feel that quick surge of anxiety, feel a little shaky, and then it's over.  It's not like the two of you are going to get into a fist fight (or at least I hope not!).  She probably feels the exact same way, and will probably avoid the places she knows you go (as I'm sure you do the same).  If you see her, you can just ignore her, and move on with the task at hand.  If you feel uncomfortable, go to a different section of the store/building, or last resort, leave.  In these situations, it's almost better to get the experience out of the way, so you stop fearing it.  I think you'd be surprised at how much you've built this up in your mind. Lastly, I'm not sure what the falling out was about (and you don't have to share), but life is awfully short to lose contact with people who are important in our lives, let alone our family.  Maybe it's time to extemd an olive branch and try to repair your relationship?  That would be a win-win for you, because, you get your sister back, you can feel at peace that you're no longer fueding, and you don't have to worry any longer about bumping into her somewhere.  Just something to think about. Best of luck!
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any other possible diagnosis?

My heart goes out to you. I think the one thing that would cause me to get concerned is the need to put her in the hospital for further tests.  Hospitals just aren;t used unless absolutely needed.  I know a persons response to cancer or any serious illness depends alot on their overall physical well being.  Is there a family hx?  I will keep you and family in prayer.
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Day 21 off Methadone!!!

Congrats on 21 days!!!  I've not been on methodone, just sub, so I can't give advice as to the ears, but I know the anxiety is pretty normal.  Again, congrats on 21 days :)
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