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I'm a bit worried.

Before I begin, let me give you a bit of background. I'm currently 13 years old. I was rushed to the hospital a month ago due to an anxiety attack. I had 200 beats per minute, which was alarming at the time. The next morning, I was diagnosed with hypokalemia. They hooked me up to an IV (with oral potassium chloride), which eventually brought my potassium levels back to normal, and I was released. Afterwards, I had a series of anxiety attacks. About an average of three a day for about two weeks. From then on, I began to worry about things like heart attack, stroke, and even heart arrhythm

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You need to first go to the Dentist and then if he thinks it is cancer, he will send you to an oral surgeon    luck  jo
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Hey Everyone

Health anxiety can manifest itself in many ways but you will usually see a similar pattern if you go through the archives here on this forum.  I would say that after 11 tests that conclude that you are fine, and doctors think you are fine then chances are medically you are good to go.  I am glad that you have decided to see a psychiatrist about you talk this over in talk therapy?  I know, for me, that these meds work great but will not 'cure' you of anything unless you learn about this pattern of thinking.  This combined treatment regimen is VERY effective in my experience...please keep us posted!
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Do I need to be worried?

Hi, Well,if you feel that this problem is getting worse,you should have this swelling in your armpit checked out by your Doctor and probably have an Ultrasound to find out if it’s a swollen lymph node or some other benign breast lump such as a cyst or a fibroadenoma.The Ultrasound could also show if this bulge could be “Axillary-tail of the breast” which is just breast tissue that extends into the armpit. In some women it might be bulky,painful and giving a feeling of a 'lump'. So please make an appointment with your doctor so this lump could be evaluated okay?. Best wishes…
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Big Red Lump on Side of Neck - Cancer??

Hi. How are you doing? It is possible that the big red lump on the side of your neck is a localized infection like a beginning abscess.  It is very important not to manipulate the lump by squeezing as it will just worsen the condition.  You should consult your doctor for proper evaluation and management. Good luck.
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Is it jaw cancer?

I have the same thing. My dentist told me I had a tumor growing on my jaw bone. I had ear aches my mouth started hurting and my mouth was numb. I'm going for a pet scan then I have to get surgery. The weird part is I don't smoke or drink so I don't know how I get it. But everything should be okay. Just go for X-rays
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am a bit worried

Hi, You could be having an infection, and need to see your doctor.Don't worry though,this doesn't sound like breast cancer,but infections have to be treated with antibiotics. From the symptoms,it could be a boil or inflammation of the hair follicles. keep the area clean and apply some topical antiseptics,until you see your doctor. Also wear loose-fitting cotton clothing and use an antibacterial soap or mild soap like dove.  You could also consult a dermatologist who might lance the boil and drain it. Take care and best wishes.
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My right hand is shaky (especially my index finger)

Only a doctor can diagnose you about what you perceive to be a physical issue, because he will have to see you in person. Anxiety makes people over-analyze their body looking for symptoms that don't exist though, so it could just be that. Here are some questions that I hope you will answer. 1. Is there a counselor at your school that you can talk some of these things over with? 2. Has anyone else agreed with your opinion that the shaking exists? 3. Do you have a medical professional's diagnosis of depression and anxiety or is it only your suspicion like the ADHD?
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Tiny bit worried about my eyesight

Do u have blurry vision too and do you realize getting dizzy when concentrating on objects?i have a perfect eyesight...but do have a jumpy vision which is blurred too and this is leading me to believe my eyes are bad...just a thought
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