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Taking over my life

Hi I'm a 31 year old woman & I've suffered with anxiety for nearly 10 years now. I've had a run of bad luck over the last 7 years which has only increased my anxiousness. I've had counselling & CBT which I found to be very useful & last year I was finally at a point where I could say to people "I can't remember the last time I had a panic attack!" But late last year I took a step back & now I am the worst I have ever been with it all. I've visited A&E a few times during my panic attacks & was put on Propranolol Jan this year. I found i

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Forums / Anxiety / Anxiety is taking over my life. Topic: Anxiety is taking over my life 5 posts, 0 answered Cancel I'm ... I just want my old life back.
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Anxiety and panic disorder taking over my life, ... I have suffered from this all my life and have never had such irrational thoughts.
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I personally can't comment on the benefits of doing this....but are you under a Dr.'s care.  I'm assuming not as this sounds like a home detox situation and my advice would be not to take the subs.  I was on subs for a long time and the wds are worse in my opinion than just quitting percs or whatever else you are on. I will keep an eye on you and let me know what else is going on.
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GETTING off vicodin HELP!!

Look at the bottom right and there is a link to the Thomas Recipe...that helped my husband a lot while he was withdrawing...lots of hot hot baths. It might be hell and it might not...for my husband it wasn't horribly bad, and he had been taking 20-30 (at LEAST) yellow hydrocodones a day...but before this time he was taking less and tried to stop and it was very bad for him.  I think it depends on your mindset.  You can do this :)   Good Luck!
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Kicking Norco out of my life!

Hi sunshine, and welcome to the forum! You will find lots of advice and support here. Please don't be embarrassed or ashamed. We have all been where you are in one way shape or form. What kind of pain are you taking the Norco for? Congratulations on making the decision to quit and take back your life. The next step is to figure out how. Make a detailed plan. I suggest writing it down, and then carry it out. Basically, there are 2 ways you can quit. You can either taper down slowly or quit cold turkey. If you taper down, it would be best to talk to your doctor and get his assistance with a taper schedule. Tapering should be slow and steady drops in dosage. Tapering is easier on your body, as the withdrawal symptoms are not as severe, although you will still have them. Most of us have tried to taper, including me, but were unsuccessful. For me, it was way to difficult to control my dosage. If I had pills! I took them. For me, cold turkey was best. It feels like you have a bad case of the flu for about a week, and then you slowly get better each day. It's not easy by any means, but totally do able. There are things you can do and take, such as vitamins and supplements, that will ease the symptoms.   Please consider confiding in someone like your family or friends. I know it's scary, but it will be much easier with someone giving you support. You may just be surprised at how much they know or suspect, and how much support they can give. Also getting some counseling, group therapy, or attending NA or AA meetings will help give your courage and strength. You won't feel so alone. I am so glad that you decided to post. You will get more replies, just be a bit patient, as it is a holiday weekend and late. Take care, and please keep posting with any questions you may have or if you need support. I know I've given you a lot of information to consider. I wish you all the best. You can do this! Life is much better off the pills!
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Craving but persevering

Congrats on 5 days!  Hang in there and stay strong, you are doing great :)
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Any advice would be appreciated

I forgot to mention I have been on them for about 5 years.
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Return to the Land of the Living

HEY CUDOS TO YOU glad to have you back among the living tomorrow you will feel even better once your threw the acute withdrawals then starts the mental part be ready for a fight we highly recamend aftercare...both A/A and N/A are free and will help you threw the next stage of getting and more so staying clean its always great to here someone made it out congrats this will be one of the best moves of your life time to start your new clean and sober lifestyle good luck and God bless.......Gnarly
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I was at one time on oxycontin and norco for over a year, I then had back surgery and my doctor a pain management specialist put me in suboxone 8mg every 6hrs and lyrica 300mg every 8hrs, This has controlled my pain for the most part. But everyone is different when it comes to managing pain. Not realy knowing your reason for pain management it is rather hard to recommend if suboxone would be the right choice for you, I can tell you this suboxone may not be suitable because of your depression, But depression is very common with people who are physically dependant on opiates. The condition is called post acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) you should realy check the website called a professional organization that will provide you with an information kit at no charge. I hope you have insurance that covers the drug as it is expensive. Good Luck -----NOAH
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Xanax has made me Suicidal and I need help getting off of it the safe way.

Mixing opiates(vicodine) and benzodiazepines(Xanax) is a very bad idea. I have seen many ER visits of "friends" from that combo. Seizures and death happen quit a bit as well. The last person I knew to die was on my one year clean week, about . He had too much morphine(opiate) and Klonopine(benzodiazepine) one night. He was cold next to his wife in bed by morning. If you are not addicted or dependent on vicodine and are not in severe pain, please just forget about that option of opiates. Protocol is slow taper with the Xanax. You can buy the amino acid, GABA, as a supplement in a health food store. Use nutrition and healthy living to replace the desire for drugs to calm you down. Exercise and good food work to balance true moods. Fake moods, like the anxiety created by Xanax withdrawal, it suppresses anxiety, so withdrawal creates anxiety. Painkillers kill pain, a major symptom of withdrawal is pain. "Opiate Induced Hyperalgesia," they even have a word for it. Whatever a drug "helps" you with, it intensifies the original symptoms we took it for, if the cause of symptoms(anxiety), has not been corrected. So try to remember it's the detox causing it. What is the cause of your anxiety, if you don't mind my asking? How fast have you dropped the Xanax dose? Have your replaced your old allegedly prescribing doctor? How's your over-all health, diet, life aside from the Xanax? Tell us more about yourself and hang around, it's easy to make friends in this place. Folks with more personal Xanax experience will be along before too long, but wanted you to know you are being heard. Welcome to the medhelp community. I couldn't will myself to overcome drugs, I don't know if I would have made it without my friends here, a lot of knowledge and support here. Hang in there, we'll help you work it out as best we can.
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45 lessons life taught me by REGINA BRETT

LOVE IT! I turn 50 next month and have be having a little problem saying "50"...I start stuttering....I'mmmm gooonaaa bbbeee fifififfiftfiftyyyy..LOL
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Will Life Ever Be Happy Again?

Boy, where do I start. Almost everyone on this site knows exactly how meds add color to life; nothing is boring or usual on the drugs. And nothing is real...You cheat yourself out of enjoying the simple things because your head is in a cloud. Eventually, you will start planning every aspect of your daily life around the drugs - trips, family visits, holidays - nothing can happen unless the meds are available. And the longer you use, the more you will need, and the process of getting the drugs will take over every waking moment. I used about 10 Norco 10's for well over a year. I know what I'm talking about. Family, friends, work, life all became secondary to the meds and chasing the meds. Read the posts on this site. You're questions will be answered over and over again. You made it here - first step. Now you should read and learn. Good luck.
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