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Taking Xanax drug even i didn't overcome from the anxiety?

I have some doubt.....past few years I took the xanax drug to overcome the anxiety........but i didn;t releive from that may i took.....any different pills.........

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Taking Xanax drug even i didn't overcome from the anxiety?

I can only refer to the guidelines in my country, but here, Xanax is the strongest medication you can possibly take for anxiety. It's also considered the worst (most addictive) option, which is why doctors almost never prescribe it. It's reserved for severe, treatment-resistant panic disorder, where disability or self harm would be the alternatives. First line treatment is cognitive behavioural therapy for OCD or panic disorder, and metacognitive therapy for GAD and social anxiety disorder. If medications are to be used, it would be SSRI or SNRI, and in some cases a small dose of atypical antipsychotics. Benzos are avoided in the treatment of anxiety disorders (they are almost only used for situational anxiety like stage fright or fear of flying). If they are used, weaker variants like Oxazepam or Diazepam is preferred instead of the stronger ones like Xanax and Clonopin. Have you tried some of these options, or did your doctor just give you Xanax and sent you home?
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Drastic reduction in Xanax prescription

I think your shrink is playing with your life. Doctors are shockingly ignorant about benzo WD and detox, and just as indifferent to the suffering of their benzo patients. The overwhelming symptom of Xanax WD, ironically, is anxiety and unfocused fear -- just what you started taking it for. I tried to stop Xananx in complete ignorance of the consequences and suffered three seizures as a result. Preceding the seizures were days and days of immobilizing terror. I thought I was going to go insane, then die. I wasn't far wrong. If you've been taking Xanax daily for that many years, believe me, you're going to get WD symptoms that duplicate your original anxiety disorder, possibly worse. However, there is a solution -- a surprizingly easy one, at that. Xanax is a fast-acting, short half-life benzo that leaves your body so rapidly you're brain can't adjust. You need to convince your doctor to switch you to one of the slow-acting, long half-life benzos: Valium is best, Klonopin is good enough. Between the two, Valium leaves the body much more slowly than Klonopin. Both are much easier to detox from than Xanax or Ativan. Klonopin has a reputation for causing less euphoria than Valium, so your doc might go for Klonopin over Valium. I'd try for the Valium, though. Cheap as dirt and, compared to Xanax, safe as houses. The crucial point is that your doc put you on a dose of Valium or Klonopin equal (equimolar) to 2MG Xanax. After you've stabalized on the Valium or Klonopin, you can then start a very gradual taper down to the dosage he'll support. That taper should take a few months, BTW. I can't believe that an MD would slash an Anxiety Disorder patient's Xanax like that. Believe me, if you reduce your Xanax that way, and then start having intense feelings of fear and anxiety combined with extreme muscle tension and rigidity, it's Xanax WD, nothing less. It's important that you know that now, because benzo WD symptoms are so often manifested as psychological states -- very hard to figure out what's happening to you when you're in the middle of one. Also, don't go for tapering with Xanax. Many find that all but impossible. You need to swith to Valium or Klonopin, then taper to a dosage your doc will support. I don't care which medical school he went to. It will help you to go into your doctor with some documentation backing up your request. Go to, find and print out Dr Heather Ashton's papers on safe benzo reduction and withdrawal. She is the preeminent authority in the world on the subject. It sometimes makes a difference when a doctor sees that his patient has proactively aquired this information and is not making an unreasonable or medically unsound request. is also a great place to talk to other people going through your same ordeal. On this forum we constantly read about how bad opiate wd is. After 30 years of opiate addiction, I certainly agree. But opiate wd is NOTHING compared to acute benzo withdrawal. The key is to understand that you cannot make sudden changes in dosing when it comes to benzos. The slower, the better. Write me if you have any questions or can't find the Ashton info (it's all over the web). I'm at ***@**** The risk of seizure from acute benzo withdrawal, especially from Xanax or Ativan, BTW is generally higher if one goes cold turkey off of a very high dosage. Your Xanax dosage is not that high and you're not going cold turkey. It's just that you've been on it for so long. Be careful. Thomas
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Does xanax (alphaprozam) interact with doxycycline hyclate?

Also, I would call the pharmacist but I am currently at work and do not want the noseys around me to hear me talking about my anxiety meds. Please help! :D
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what to expect with the hi end of manic in bipolar

James, I'm on pretty much the same meds, my doc just added Geodon about a month ago because, I was manic and the seroquil that I take at night I couldn't take during the day. He said the Geodon was the same as seroquil but it doesn't make you sluggish and sleepy so I take that during the day and it's working great for me.I found that with this I didn't have to take the xanax. Linda :)
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xanax and other benzo's

It is a good website, I came across it around 2 years ago when I had severe side effects from short term use of Xanax. If you are interested you should perhaps read The Antidepressant Fact Book by Peter Breggin. I have just read a review on this book and I found it very enlightening. There is another interesting book Selling Sickness - highlights interesting points about the marketing ploys used in sale of medicines.  I personally think that part of the problem with many anxiety sufferers is that we feel obliged to get rid of it somehow. So we go through the merry go round of medication, doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, searching endlessly for miracle cures. But what if we just don't do anything and accept that some of us are just highly anxious in nature and just accept it. This strategy might be less tiring than going through the merry go round.  Any thoughts on this?
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Anyone overcome anxiety without meds?

Many people have, but this site is almost all people who use medication.  Some on here will have some experience, but this is a site mostly for people on medication.  I don't know why, it just seems to be that way.  Obviously there are people who have used CBT and other therapy to get better, and people who have made lifestyle changes to get better, but you might find more of these stories on other sites than this one.  Still, maybe you'll get some good feedback.
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2 Vicodin 5/500 per day..OK???

Be very careful. You might honestly feel you have it under sontrol and when you least expect it it can bite you in the boo boo!!! If you are honestly basically asking if it is ok to take a low dose of vicodin every day for the rest of your life for your anxiety than right there is a problem!  Your immune to the hydrocodone will increase(for sure) and when it does it can get out of control very fast..  What right now might get your anxiety under control, 2 year from now you could have extremem anxiety from a death in the family, horrible tradgedy or anything that triggers it to get horrible and it is just too easy to abuse them when they are available and you are using a narcotic pain killer to kill metal anxiety!  NOT A SMART MOVE IN MY OPINION!
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Dose anyone know any good ways to self help with anxiety?

I find metitation, quiet, watching TV, reading a book and prayer just makes me think more and increses my anxiety.  Best thing is to "do something".  I turn up my music and sing, dance or clean my house or go for a drive.  Sounds stupid but just doing anything physical tends to help take away that jittery, hard to breath feeling.  I also take Prozac with the xanex once a day to stay on top of things.  This can happen to anyone so dont ever feel bad that you have anxiety.  I own 2 business, am a mom and help my in many fashions in my community and it took me years to get help becauase i did not want anyone to think I was weak.  You can't help you feel this way.    
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Try natural medicine.  See a homeopath or naturopath.  If therapy hasn't worked and you're allergic to meds, what else is there?  You didn't say if you tried the tricyclics.  I'm assuming you have, but just wondering.
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