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My depression is getting worst.What should I do?

Just this morning,my mom and I were quarreling about my work and my studies.I agree to find a job so that I can help my mom.But my kept on saying she can't just stop her life just because she have children.She told me that I'm a useless daughter and I don't have a brain.I was suppose to go to find a job.But it did not happened because were quarreling already.Because I can't take her words anymore,I slash my hand with a knife.I was suppose end my life,but a friend of mine just get in to our house and stop me.After that she clean my wound and talk to me.My question is why that I

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am in very bad position ... what should i do ? i dont know.. i have lot of fear about my career ... just know this, yours is not the worst situation.
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depression & mania then big fall

Hope you are having your meds correctly.If so then maybe you may need the dose of your meds to be changed.Talk tou your Pdoc right away.
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quitting anti-depressants

If you quit the meds cold it can have all kinds of nasty side affects from the with drawl.  You should NEVER do this!!  Can make things really bad.  Sounds like you need to be on them permanently, your body probably does not make enough seratonin on it's own and needs the extra.  A simple blood test can check this. It really not a big deal to be on them.  Think of it as any other disease that you would have to take meds for like diabetes b/c your body doesn't produce enough chemicals on it's own.  It's not a bad thing, just a medical condition.  I have been on antidepressants for 10 years now and I will NEVER be without them again.   Don't know if you have bipolar disorder or not, nothing you said sounds like it, but it does sound like you have a problem with depression so you should treat this problem. Good luck. Dac
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Hyperprolactinaemia - depression? Do antidepressants help?

Having been in the situation where I had prolactin induced depression (but mine was a pituitary tumor), the only way mine went away was to treat the prolactin. In my case, I took parlodel. They have parlodel or another medication which has less side effects today. I would speak to your doctor and do what you can to change medications to get off the one that is causing the prolactin, and I think you will find that you will feel much better. Of course, my doctors did not want to treat my pituitary tumor (I was told it was an incidentaloma) and instead I was put in anti-depressants. I do not remember however, if I took the medications to dry me up and the anti-depressants at the same time. In the end, the doctors were wrong. I had two pituitary tumors - one was the prolactinoma and the other Cushing's - both valid reasons for hormonal imbalance and both can cause depression.
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help me understand my new negative depressed attitude

This is a tough question. I am only at 8 months, and your last comment, "I just trudge along" shook me because sometimes that is me. I also changed jobs, and yes, different stress now, but stress nonetheless. I switch up activities with a little success: sit outside and try to just watch without thinking, play iPad games for hours, have heart to heart talks with my wife, do some major cleanup job that takes all day and leaves me exhausted. On and on. Does it all make me happy? Honestly no, but I know deep down I would never do all these things on pills and that thought comforts me. My 18 daughter is going through a rough time and I am actually looking forward to helping out. I have accepted trudging along because my only alternative is way worse. I take amino acids twice daily and try to have a healthy lifestyle. Just like I had faith that detox would end I have faith that natural happiness will return. Just be patient I tell myself. I think one day the two of us will look back on this with a happy smile.
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how to get tested?

There is no genetic test yet but what you are describing does sound like bipolar but only a psychiatrist can make a diagnosis and so its best to speak to a psychiatrist to get a diagnosis and find out more.
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ADD or bipolar? What about my marriage?

(Continuation)  Never had kids or had an urge to get pregnant.  Few interests in life.  Just waiting to die, really.   Thought I should try the new meds, but found Prozac increased apathy.  I'd be wading through laundry and didn't care.  DH is a pack rat and only cleans up occasionally.  Cleaning is tough with clutter.  Boring too.  Don't let people come over.  Decided to get off Prozac and try something else.  Thought I was getting MS because of brain zaps.  Went through a very depressing time with a favorite dog dying at 6 of a brain tumor, and needed more help.  PMD gave me Effexor, and after a while the apathy was evident with that too.  Getting off that made me realize the brain zaps were from tapering these new drugs.  I was truly miserable with depression and hopelessness.  Saw a psychiatrist, who said it was ADD with depression, and started the antidep that starts with a C.  Much like Effexor, and it was little help.  I just wanted my dog back, and instead I was dealing with two other sick beloved dogs, which also died in middle age.  By this time I was back to working at home with no people interaction, and I couldn't work FT.  Lost my health benefits and went PT.  I slept a lot.  Tried to go back to school and conquer one difficult subject at a time, but couldn't focus.  Finally found a very different job working outside.  I was staying off meds.  It was great, except I fell hard for a young coworker and had an affair.  It was the happiest I've ever been and he was all I thought about, but of course it ended after 6 weeks because he was much too young for me.  By the end I could tell I was hyperventilating, but at least no ADD sleepiness.  I feel no regret except that it had to end.   So was that mania and does that mean I'm bipolar, or is this depression and ADD?  My psychiatrist left town, and I hate to waste money on yet more medical bills.  A very smart friend thinks I'm bipolar and wanted to put me in the hospital on the weekend.  But who wants a dx of bipolar haunting them?  
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Need some encouragement please - doctor really scared me

Are you in therapy?  Medication just treats symptoms, not the underlying illness.  
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how to get out of a really bad depressive episode

Have you ever considered ECT (electroconvulsive therapy)? I have had it once a month for the past year although I am currently have six treatments in two weeks because I started having trouble. I will go back to once every 2 weeks for awhile, then 3 weeks and then finally back to once every 4 weeks. ECT works for 80% of the people who try it. Last year 100,000 people approx. had ECT. The side effects include some memory loss and head ache on the day of treatment. I am very lucky and have minimal memory loss and Tylenol takes care of my headache.
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